Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is a Microgaming powered video slot that has five reels, 243 ways to win and 3 rows of vampire themed symbols. The 243 ways to win format offers player a multitude of high paying bonuses, from the adrenaline rushing Wild Desire feature to the unlockable free games that are buried deep in the Chamber of Spins.

The game takes players deep into the world of vampires, but instead of the gore and the blood, it takes players into the romantic lives of these vampires and their relationships with humans. It is quite a popular theme that has plenty of games themed around it, especially after the great success of vampire movies and TV shows like Twilight, True Blood and Underworld. So get ready for a once in a lifetime experience as you roll deep into the vampire world in the search for great rewards. The game creates the wonderful theme of the game through its great animations, visuals and sound effects. Immortal Romance also has a storyline that players can follow as each main character has its own story that can be viewed at the payouts table.

These great rewards include the ways to win payouts, the wild payouts, scatter payouts and the Chamber of Spins bonuses.

How to play Immortal Romance

The Spin button is how players will initiate the game. They will click on it so the reels and the symbols on them will start spinning.

Players who click spin without specifying a bet will place the default bet which is equal to 3 credits. They can specify how much they want to place in bets by going through the two different betting options.

The ways to win are activated by a minimum of 30 coins. So the minimum bet is placed when players choose 0.10 as the coin value, it is equal 0.3 credits. Players can place higher bets by choosing up to 10 coins (on top of the 30 original ones needed to activate the game) and up to 0.2 in coin value. The maximum bet that can be placed is equal 6 credits.

The Max Bet button allows players to place the highest possible bet without having to select the number of coins and the coin value.

The wild symbol that will substitute for all other symbols, except the ” Golden Lion Door Knob” scatter symbol is the Logo of the game “Immortal Romance”. When this symbol appears on the reels, it will substitute for any symbol in order to form the highest combo. It will also double any payouts that it helps in creating. Only the highest paying combo with the help of the wild symbol will be paid. The wild symbol will not act wild during the Wild Desire feature.

All pays are formed by matching symbols from the left to the right on adjacent reels with the exception of the scatter symbol which pays in any direction and on any position.

The “View Pays” button allows players to view all of the different awards that they can earn through the game’s ways to win as well as the special symbols and features that the game offers.

Players can win up to 3,645,000 through the 243 ways to win and with the help of the wild logo of the game

Immortal Romance Free Spins

Free Spins are given to players after they enter the Chamber of Spins. They can enter that chamber when they get three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The scatter symbol is the Golden Lion shaped door knob symbol. Players will earn scatter rewards when they get three scatters. Multiple entries into the chamber of spins will give players the chance to trigger further bonus games with more free spins.

The number of the free spins depends on the number of entries to the Chamber of Spins. The first trigger of the bonus will give players 10 free spins during which all winnings are multiplied by 5.

On the 5th trigger of the bonus, players will earn 15 free spins with the Vampire Bats feature. The vampire bats will turn random symbols into multipliers (from 3x to 5x). On the 10th entry to the chamber of spins, players will earn twenty free spins with the Rolling Reels feature. During this feature, any consecutive wins will trigger a multiplier that varies between 2x and 5x. On the 15th entry to the chamber of spins, players will earn 25 free spins that come with the Wild Vine feature. The Wild vine symbol will land on the 3rd reel and when that happens, it will start turning symbols into substitutes.

The Wild Desire Feature

This feature can be activated randomly during the regular game play. When the feature is activated, it can turn reels into wild reels. It can do that to all 5 reels. During the Wild Desire feature, no free spins can be triggered.

The Wild Vine and the Vampire Bats Bonus

These two bonus rounds are activated along the free spins rounds through the Chamber of Spins bonuses. The Wild Vine turns reels into wild ones when the Wild vine symbol appears. As for the Vampire Bats feature, they will turn random symbols into multipliers that vary between 2 and 5x. Up to 6x multipliers can be awarded.

Immortal Romance Advanced Auto Play Options

The auto Play feature is only available for players who choose the Expert Mode. They can do that by clicking on Expert at the bottom

Players can choose a fixed number of spins, either 25x spins or 50x spins after they specify the wager.

If they click on AutoPlay itself, they will open the advanced auto play options.

They can specify a number of spins that includes 5, 10, 15, 25, 100, 250 and 500.

The Auto play will stop once a special feature or a bonus game is triggered during the game.

There is an option to stop the free spins when the set number of spins is played.

Players can also set a certain amount of payout, if it is exceeded, the auto play will stop.

Game Settings Options

By clicking on Options, players will see the different game settings:

Quickplay during the normal play mode to allow for faster spins.

Quickplay for the free spins round only

Displaying the stakes in the form of credits or in the form of coins.

Switching of all audio.

Switching off sounds of the game.

Switching off the sound that is played when players win a payout.

Switching off the music in the background.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Immortal Romance is 96%.

Additional Information about Immortal Romance

There is the statistics button that shows players how many spins they played, how long have they been playing and their three highest winnings so far.

Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II is the sequel of the highly successful and high paying slot machine that was released back in 2003, Thunderstruck. After the great success of the game and its Northern mythology theme, Microgaming was encouraged to follow it up with this amazing sequel that is higher paying, more fun and more innovative. It simply takes the gaming experiences to a whole new level of fun and excitement. It has enhanced visuals, high quality audio effects and a great set of outstanding features and larger than life game characters.

The game has three symbols’ rows that form the five thunderous reels of the game on which 243 ways to win are spread. This means that the payouts are no longer constricted to a small number of paylines. This means that the symbols will simply need to appear aligned from the left to the right anywhere on the spinning reels in order to form a payout, there are up to 243 different winning combos that would allow players to earn great awards.

The game has an unmatched set of bonuses including the thunderous and high paying Wild Storm bonus feature as well as Thor, the god of thunder who can turn the entire reels into WILD symbols in order to form amazing payouts.

How to play Thunderstruck II

The game has the format and the interface of most new and innovative slot machines. There are two game modes, the Normal mode and the Expert mode. The difference between the two modes is the existence of the Auto Play settings.

Whether players are on the Normal mode or the Expert Mode, they will use the same button to begin the game, which is the “Spin button” which is located at the far right under the reels in the control panel.

Spinning the game without going through the different betting options will mean that players have placed the default bet which is equal 0.3 credits.

If players win a payout, its amount will appear on top of the Spin button.

The betting options that players can go through to specify their wager include the coin value, where players will click on the + and the – signs to specify the value they want. These values are 0.01, 0.02 and 0.05. They will then go through the other betting option, the number of coins which varies between 1 and 10 coins.

The minimum number of coins needed to activate the 243 ways is 30 coins, so the minimum bet is 0.3 and the biggest bet is equal 15 credits. Players wishing to place the biggest bet can simply click on Max Bet.

Symbols that are a part of a winning combo will flash on and off on the reels, the amount of the pays can be viewed at the paytable of the game. The paytable can be opened by clicking on the “View Pays” button on the left bottom side of the reels. The paytable will also reveal to players all of the secrets of the game, the special symbols, the bonus rounds and everything they need to know about the game and its ways to win.

The Wild icon of the game is the thunderous logo of the game “Thunderstruck II”. This symbol will not only substitute for other non-bonus symbols as it will also double any payouts it creates by filling in for other symbols.

The game has plenty of free spin bonus rounds that are available to players through the Chamber of Spins bonus as well as the Wild Storm feature.

Free Spins in Thunderstruck II

There isn’t one single free spins bonus round like most video slots, there are multiple ones. They are all found at the Chamber of Spins, and judging from its name, there are a lot of free spins waiting for players.

Players can enter the chamber upon getting three Thor Hammer symbols anywhere on the game’s reels. This will give players entry into the lucrative chamber. Players will unlock more features that are named after the main characters of the game, with every character, players will earn more spins with high paying features. Once players trigger the bonus round and earn the first entry, they will earn 10 free spins on the slot with a multiplier of 5x. Free spins can be re-triggered during this bonus round. Once players trigger the Chamber of Secrets for the 5th time, they will be able to choose Loki who can give them 15 spins that come with the Wild Magic. Players who earn 10 entries will be able to choose the Odin bonus round which will give them 20 spins with the Wild Raven feature. Lastly, when players trigger the Chamber of Spins 15 times, they will earn 25 spins with the Rolling Reels feature that come with an increasing multiplier.

The Wild Storm Feature

Apart from the lucrative wild symbol, there is a special wild feature that is called the Wild Storm. The wild storm will hit the reels hard and fast, and most importantly of all, at random. When the Wild Storm hits the reels, it will start striking lightening on certain reels turning them into wild ones, which will certainly help players form combos right and left.

The Wild Magic and the Wild Raven Bonus Features

These two bonus features are activated alongside the free spins that players can earn from the Chamber of Spins. The Wild Magic feature is earned with the Loki free spins. The Wild Magic symbol will only land on the middle reel during these free spins, when that happens, it will start magically changing symbols wild.

The other bonus feature, the wild raven is triggered through the Odin bonus round. Odin’s ravens will randomly turn symbols into 2x and 3x multipliers. Players can earn a 6x multiplier if two of Odin’s ravens land on the reels.

Advanced Autoplay Features

The Auto Play options enables players to choose the amount of spins and a wager so they can kick back while they watch the reels spin. They can pick from 5 up to 500 spins. They can also choose to stop the spins when the wins reach a certain amount or just make the reels spin until they decide to stop it.

Game Settings Options

The game has a few game setting that control the ambience and the gaming experience. These options including the speed of the game by ticking on the Quickspin, the choice to show the bets and the payouts in credits or coins and lastly, switching off and on all sounds.

Additional Information About Thunderstruck II

The game has the Player Achievement feature. Any wins that are earned during the game play are saved and tracked and can be shown to players in the paytable, it appears in the form of gold highlights. This way, players can enjoy the challenge as they try to complete the entire payout table to turn it all to gold.

The game has a payout rate of 96.65%.

Avalon II

Avalon II

Avalon II is a 150 coin slot game that has 5 reels, wild, scattered and expanding wild symbols as well as three additional features, called merlin, grail and paytable achievements. The aim is to get the winning string on one of 243 pay ways which cannot be (de)selected. How much a player wins is directly linked to the combo type he gets.

How to Play Avalon II

-and+ keys next to the coin size field adjust the coin size.
-and+ keys next to the coins field adjust the betting amount.
Spins starts the game.
Win box shows the payouts per winning combo.
The winning combos are highlighted.
The highest winning combos are set as achievements and are not cleared after exiting the game.
Some casinos are equipped with expert mode, which has an Autoplay option. This option allows the player to play a set of games without interacting with the software.

Features of Avalon II

Avalon II

As a wild symbol, it is used to replace all the others. The symbols that it cannot replace are Lady Lake and grail. It forms a stack of symbols. It also forms a winning combo on its own, provided several of them are displayed.
It is not counted as achievement when it is used as a wild symbol.


This symbol is displayed randomly. It also provides the player with a multiplier which can be used on the wager of that spin or on the whole amount wagered.

Bonus games

This feature is triggered when three grails are scattered across the reels. The player can then play eight games free of charge. The player goes on a quest to find grail and return it to Avalon. He needs to select paths, with every path bringing a new game. Eight games are: Avalon Isle (the player can earn a multiplier by spinning four wheels), hall of shadows ( the player fights with the knight and gets a multiplier), Morgana’s keep (the player is awarded with twenty spins free of charge , throughout which rolling reel feature is activated), dusky moors ( this a matching game where a player can earn as much as a x8 multiplier), forest falls (a player is rewarded with twenty spins free of charge throughout which Avalon II acts as a trailing wild), woods that whisper ( the player uncovers multipliers that are hidden randomly), misty vale ( fifteen free spins are provided throughout which the player has the right to select an additional wild, multiplier symbol) and lake legend ( the player rolls the dice to win multipliers).
The betting/pay way rules of the triggering spin apply here as well.

Lake Lady

This is a wild, expanding symbol which can be found only on the 3rd reel.
It does not form a winning combo by itself.
It is not counted as achievement.
It cannot replace the grail.


It forms a winning combo provided at least two of them are displayed.
It also triggers a bonus game when three of grails are displayed.
The wild and expanding wild symbols cannot replace it.

Rules of the Game

If malfunction occurs, the games are cancelled.
5 coins at most can be staked.
243 pay ways cannot be (de)selected.
Every coin staked gets multiplied with 30.
Scattered payouts are decided by multiplying the type of the winning string symbols with the entire amount that a player has placed as his regular bet. Scattered winnings and bonus winnings are combined with the regular winnings.
Multiplying an amount that the player wins with how much he wagers on each pay way determines the pay way winnings.
How much a player has in credits is calculated by using the amount of coins multiplied by their size. Coins turn into credits: Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.
All symbols pay from left to right, i.e. from 1st reel, on a payline in a regular mode, except for the scattered symbol.
The player receives payouts from multiple winning combos from every pay way. In case the same symbol is used for multiple winning combos, then he gets money only from the most valuable one.

Cannonball Bay

Cannonball Bay

Cannonball Bay has 500 coin slots, wild and scattered symbols as well as one extra feature called free spins. The aim of this five-reel game is to win that lucky string on one of 25 available pay ways that will result in the payout, which is proportional to the symbols found in the winning string.

How to Play Cannonball Bay

Down and up keys set the size of the coins.
Spin starts the game.
Coin button sets the amount of coins.
Lines button sets the amount of pay ways.
Max bet sets the bet amount to its maximum.
Statistics show data that’s relevant to the current game.
Settings can be adjusted.
Autoplay sets a number of games to be played automatically. The option is solely available in expert mode.

Features of Cannonball Bay


It is a wild symbol, used to replace the others to create the winning combo. It can also create the winning combo by itself, when multiple of them are found across the reels.
It cannot replace the scattered symbol.

Free games

This feature is triggered when at least three pirates are displayed across the reels. The player is then rewarded with five spins free of charge, throughout which symbols are transformed into wild randomly.
If three pirates are displayed while in the free spin mode, the player wins another 5 spins free of charge, which are grouped together with the ones that remained.
The betting and pay way rules of the triggering spin apply here as well.


This symbol can form the winning combo when at least three of them are scattered across the reels. It also serves as a free spin activator, unlocking the bonus game when three of them are displayed.
The wild symbol cannot replace it.

Rules of the Game

20 coins can be wagered at most on each pay way.
The player is paid out only the most valuable string on every pay way.
The symbols follow the left-right rule. This rule does not apply to the scattered one.
Scattered wins and bonus wins are grouped together with the pay way winnings.
Pay way wins are determined by multiplying the amount staked on each pay way by the amount won.
Scattered wins are determined by multiplying the whole amount staked by the value of the winning scattered string.
Coins are turned into credits through a multiplication of the coin amount by the selected size of the coins.
If the site experiences problems, the plays are declared void.

Scary Friends

Scary Friends

Scary Friends is a video slot machine offering players up to 25 pay lines in a 5reel slot style. The game has a 25coin structure and contains quite a few different features. Among the primary features are the usual scatters and wilds. Accompanying these icons are a Scary Friends bonus game, free spins bonus, and a standard gamble feature.

How to Play Scary Friends

Pay lines are selected by clicking arrow buttons in the win lines section of the interface. Players wanting to bet on the maximum number of lines should click max bet. Choosing the coin amount is done by using the arrows accompanying the bet section on the screen. The max bet button can also be used to increase the con amount to its limit. The game starts with the spin button being clicked. Winning combos are highlighted on the screen and the payouts combine to show up in the player’s win box. No winning combinations will mean that the current game is over and the player will have to start again.

Features of Scary Friends

The exclusive bonus game is started by three scatter icons being shown. The game is pickandwin style. Four monsters are displayed and the player chooses the monster they think will stay seated on the spinning wheel. The placement of the monster chosen determines the bonus win amount. During free spins bonuses, players are awarded up to 14 spins. Bets as well as pay lines from the normal game carry over into this bonus game. More free spins are able to be activated during this feature. The scatter icons in the game only serve to enable the bonus games that are featured. The wild icon completes winning combos and will also create its own unique combo by appearing multiple times on a pay line.

Rules of the Game

Only the highest wins from each pay line are awarded to the player. Scatter icons can appear in any position and still count. Regular winning combos pay out in a lefttoright fashion. Winning icons must be right next to each other. All winnings are canceled when the game malfunctions.

High Society

High Society

Are you ready to indulge yourself in the extravagant life style of the rich and the wealthy? You better be, this is because this game is all about the high life, therefore, it is conveniently named High Society. This is also why all of the symbols and the visuals of the game are inspired by the lifestyle of the rich. These symbols include stacks of cash, a diamond ring, a private jet, a yacht, stacks of coins and Euros, a golden watch, golden bars and much more. These symbols spin on the game’s 5 reels and scattered across the twenty-five betting lines that the game has.

The bling bling visuals of the game will excite players instantly as it will let them view the life that they can have when they hit it big and win the great payouts that the game can offer them. This is why all symbols represent a lavish and an over the top statement of rich and wealth. The payouts that players will earn can be won through the line payouts by forming payable combos on the lines that they have activated. There are also plenty of other ways through which players can earn more payouts such as the Free Spins round, the wilds and the scatters.

This small intro shows that this game is a great addition to the already rich and varied gaming portfolio of 5-reeled slots of Microgaming and that it has the ability to offer players the experience of a lifetime that only a few slots can offer.

How to play High Society

Microgaming is known for its user-friendly games that provide players with a smooth and a simple gaming experience. The games achieve that by providing players with a slot interface where everything is easily laid out so they can easily place bets, control the gaming options and most importantly spin the reels.

The control panel of this slot is located under the reels, like most Microgaming slots. This panel contains all of the buttons and the options that players will need to engage in the excitement of the High Society video slot. These are the buttons that are found at the control panel and their functions:

Red Spin button: It is located on the right side of the control panel, this is how players will begin the game so the fun can start. Once they click on it, the symbols on the reels will start spinning to form different combinations of symbols.

The Win Cell: It shows players the amount of credits/coins that players have earned after every single spin, whether by forming payable symbols’ combinations on the bet lines or the special features.

The Bet Cell: It will show them how much they have placed in coins/credits on the upcoming spin. Players who do not change the bets will place the default bet that comes with the game which is equal 5 credits. Clicking on the cell will open up the options through which online players can change that default bet and place their own. These options are:

Lines: Pick the number of lines they want to place coins on (from 1 to 25)

Coin Value: Choose the value of the coins they wish to use (from 0.01 to 0.50)

Coin Number: The number of coins that players wish to place on each line they activated (from 1 to 20).

All of this results in a betting range that varies greatly between 0.01 credits up to 250 credits on each single spin. This is why the game is appealing to both, low rollers and high rollers.

Auto Play: It is where players can set a number of spins alongside a bet so they can kick back, relax and watch the reels as they spin so they can earn the great pays that the game has to offer.

View Pays: It is where players can view all of the different payouts that the game has alongside the special symbol and features.

Free Spins in High Society

The special scatter Euro symbol is the one that is capable of triggering the Free Spins round, players just need at least three of these symbols. When that happens, players will get to choose one of two free spins Bonus rounds.

The first one is the “Free Spins with the Super Wild Reels”. Players will earn 10, 15 and 20 when they get 3, 4 and 5 scatters on the reels. During this free spins bonus round, one of three reels (2nd. 3rd and 4th) will turn entirely into a wild reel. Also, when the scatter symbol lands on the 1st or the 5th reel, it will also turn the whole reel wild.

The second one is the “Free Spins with the Super Multiplier”. Players will earn ten free spins with up to 10x multiplier. The amount of the multiplier depends on how many scatters activated the bonus round and how many of them land on the 1st and the 5th reels during the round.

The Wild High Society Logo

The logo of High Society is also its wild icon, it only appears on the first and the last reel to substitute for any of the other symbols, except the scatter icon.

Advanced Autoplay Options

The auto play options can be viewed upon clicking on the Auto Play button. Players can choose from 10 to 100 spins or they can click on Custom to view more options. These include more number of spins, up to 500 and the ability to stop the spins when the payouts exceed a set limit.

Game Settings Options

Options are found at the bottom and they enable players to control their time on the slot machine by turning on or off the sounds, controlling the visual quality and controlling the speed of the spins through the Quickspin settings.

Additional Information About High Society

Players can win up to 107,100 coins by placing the highest wager on all coins during the free spins round. As for the base game, by placing maximum wagers, players can earn up to 33,000 coins.

High Society has a return to player percentage, also referred to as RTP, which varies between 96 and 97 percent.

Girls with guns

Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn

Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn is the sequel of the highly popular video slot, Girls with Guns. This means that the girls are back once again but this time, they have bigger guns, meaner attitudes and offer players much bigger payouts.

The first game showed us how a girly commando team handles itself in the heat of the jungle. This time, Girls with Guns are thrown into a whole new environment, the frozen arctic where their skills and resilience will be put to the test as they have to go through the blistering cold of the arctic as they search for their new villainous enemy, the twisted Saskia. She has big plans and they all serve one goal, world domination.

Just like its prequel, the game comes packed with greatly rewarding special symbols and great regular rewards. For example, there are the wild symbols, the Group Shot symbol and a free spins round. The base game of the slot also has a pretty innovative and a high paying feature which is the Shootout Bonus.

The visuals of Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn are themed around the Arctic Tundra with icicles, snowy mountains and snow drifts. All of this sets the mood for a truly cool experience. The girls made their debut in great visuals in the previous game but in this game, they appear in impressive visuals that are rendered in crisp and crystal clear 3D graphics.

The game has a high paying format of 243 ways to win through which players can earn great amount of coins in rewards. These ways to win will be found scattered across the 5 reels and the 3 rows of symbols that the game. These symbols include evil female ninjas, the different members of the girly commando team, and the logo of the game and poker card symbols. All of these symbols come covered with snow to fit the theme of the game.

How to play Girls with Guns 2

In order for players to start the game, placing bets has to be done. If players decide to start the game and spin its reels before doing that, the game will automatically place the default bet which is equal 1.5 credits.

Players who do not want to place the default stake will have to place their own wagers by clicking on the “Bet” Cell. The cell will expand vertically to show players the two betting options that they can toggle between to specify their final wager.

The first option is the “coins”. Players will click on the two opposite arrows in order to pick the number of coins they wish to place in bets. They can place from one coin up to fifteen coins. The other option is the value of these coins as players can choose a value that ranges between 0.01 and 0.25. Like any 243 ways to win Microgaming video slot, the game needs 0.3 credits to activate the ways to win, so this means that the wagering range will vary between 0.3 and 112.5 credits. There is also the Max Bet button that gives players the ability to automatically place the biggest bet without having to specify the number of coins or their value.

The payouts table of the game is where players can check out their possible winnings and the combos they will have to get to earn such payouts. They can view the table by clicking on “View Pays”.

The game’s wild symbol is represented by its logo. So when players get a logo of the game anywhere, they know they have higher chances of achieving a win as it will replace for all other non-bonus symbols.

The Magnetic Wilds and the Frozen Wilds Free Spins Round

The scatter symbol, which is represented by the Satellite, is the one responsible for activating the free spins round. When players get at least three scatter satellites on the reels of the game in any position, the free spins bonus round will be triggered.

Players will earn 12 free spins on the slot machine and during these spins, one of two features can be triggered randomly. These two features are the Frozen Wilds and the Magnetic Wilds.

During the Frozen Wilds, the freezing wild symbols will remain in their location for 3 spins before they melt away helping players earn great pays along the way. After a freeing wild lands on the reel, its frozen state will start to deteriorate with every passing spin. If the Freezing wilds cover a reel, the entire reel will stay frozen and wild till the free spins are over.

As for the Magnetic Wilds, they only appear on the 5th reel. When that happens, the wild will be pulled to the foremost left reel to help players achieve another payout.

The Expanding Special Wild Feature

The Special Wild symbol is the team’s silhouette photo in the arctic. When that symbol lands on the middle reel, the whole reel will become wild giving players more chances of creating winning combos.

The Shootout Bonus

This is a high paying bonus through which players can earn up to 9000 coins. This game can only be triggered during the base game and not during the free spins round.

The bonus round is activated randomly when players get at least 3 royal symbols on the reels. When that happens, one of the girls will enter the screen and they will be presented with 3 to 5 targets. They will choose which target they want to hit and when they choose, the target will be shot at to explode – revealing an instant cash prize.

Advanced Autoplay Options

Players can choose from 10 to 100x spins through the Auto play feature’s main options, they can also choose the until stop function. If players click on Custom, they will view the advanced options which include more number of spins and 2 options (stop when wins exceed a certain limit or until players click on stop).

Game Settings Options

Upon clicking on Options, players will find plenty of options to control the gaming experience. This includes the quality of the visuals, turning off and on the sounds and choosing how they view bets and payouts, whether in the shape of coins or credits.

The game has an RTP of 97%.

Additional information

The game is one of the highest paying games as players can earn up to 109350 credits through the main game and 450 through the bonus features.

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