Yggdrasil Tree of Life

Yggdrasil Tree of Life

Yggdrasil is a slot machine that has 250 coin slots and comes in a tree of life design that is five reels. This means that there are permanently 243 different ways in which to play the slot machine.

How to Play Yggdrasil Tree of Life

The main objective of the game is to spin all of the reels and matchup the symbols into a combination that wins and gives a pay out to the player. This winning payout is dependent on a combination within the reels which is winning.

Features of Yggdrasil Tree of Life

The wild symbol

This is a symbol of a man and it represents a wild symbol
This will not substitute for another symbol and is the scatter symbol. It also will not be able to create a winning combination of its own in a pay way

What is the scatter symbol?

The Yggdrasil is the scatter symbol and is a logo which depicts the tree of life
This symbol will allow a combination to be one which is a winning scatter and will be achieved when the real shows three or more of the image. This then activates a bonus game.
Scatter wins are also available and are determined by multiplying the scatter symbols and their combination of payout to the maximum number of coins that are regularly bet.

What is The Yggdrasil bonus game?

If there are three or more Yggdrasil then the tree of life symbols which are scattered upon the reels will allow for activation of the Yggdrasil bonus game
You can then reveal random win amounts in a bonus game, and there are three different levels to play
Level one is the Yggdrasil roots
Level two is the trunk of the Yggdrasil
Level three is the branches of the Yggdrasil
You will find that there are 10 different objects on each level which are displayed and behind each object there is a different route
One of them is a bonus win, which is a random amount
The other is a symbol which allows you to move onto the next level
The other is a symbol which is a collection box and will end the game
Within the bonus game there will be displayed win amounts and these will have already been multiplied by the players total bets amount.

Rules of the Game

In order to play the game you must first take a bet. This is achieved by clicking spin and will begin the rails. When you’re playing you can get a winning combination and this will be highlighted. You will then be paid out the win amount and this will be displayed in the winning box.
If you do not win, the game is over but you can still play again.
You also have the ability of spinning a set of different numbers a selection of times by using the auto play method or the auto spin. However, these modes are only available in expert mode on some games.
Each game has a selection of different options concerning auto play and not all of these are available in all the different games
How is expert mode turned on
In order to gain access to expert mode one needs to click on expert and will then be able to actively open up auto play
How to use auto play
This is done by selecting an amount that you wish to bet. You can then begin the auto play session and play with the best value. If you have the ability to play expert mode then click expert. You can then click on auto play and in some games you will not be able to see the amount of spins that you have access to.

Witches Wealth

Witches Wealth

Witches Wealth is a slot machine game in which you are spinning five reels for a chance to win your own lump of the greedy Witches Wealth.
Match symbols on the reels to win. Get a wild symbol or scatter symbol and increase your chances to win! Special symbols unlock special bonus levels!

How to Play Witches Wealth

Select how many of the 9 paylines you would like to bet on. Place your bet and then spin the reels. Any bet placed on a payline showing three matching symbols is a winner. Payouts are dependent on the combination of symbols and initial payline bet. No matching symbols mean no payout. Only the highest winning combination is awarded.

Features of Witches Wealth

Special symbols in the game give you great bonuses!

A Wild Witch symbol acts as a wild card and can be used for any other regular symbol. The Scatter Bat is another special symbol that helps makes scatter combinations.
A Mr. Twinkles symbol can also pop up on the board. Find these symbols on an enabled payline and enjoy the Spinning Wand and Flying Rescue bonus games.

Rules of the Game

Witches Wealth has nine paylines each of which has a max bet of twenty coins, for a total bet of one hundred and eighty coins per pull. Payout tables are displayed on the board.

A Wild Witch Symbol can be used to complete any winning combinations. Three or more Scatter Bat symbols anywhere on the board is a scatter combination. This payout is multiplied by the number of regular coins bet. The Wild Witch symbol can be substituted for a Scatter Bat symbol but, not a Mr. Twinkles symbol.

If three or more Mr. Twinkles symbols show up on the board you activate a bonus game. The Spinning Wand is a bonus game where you spin a wheel to win random prize amounts. You may also activate another bonus game in this mode. The Flying rescue game can be activated through the Spinning Wand bonus game or getting five or more Mr. Twinkles on the enabled paylines.

The Flying Rescue bonus game starts by uncovering your random bonus win amount. You fly across a city skyline avoiding falling debris. If you fail you are paid out the random win amount. If you reach Mr. Twinkles your bonus win amount is doubled. Reach Mr. Twinkles and make it back across then the payout is tripled!

Winning Wizards

Winning Wizards

The regular video slots machine game winning wizards is a five coin slot machine game, with a total number of 5 reels and a total number of 5 pay lines. In the regular video slots machine game winning wizards there are no wild symbols and the maximum payout will end at ten thousands total coins in your account.

How to Play Winning Wizards

In order to win this game, the symbols must match up in an order of either right going toward left or left going toward right on the slot pay line. If an in game malfunction were to occur during slot play, than the game is considered to be not active. One coin is able to be bet for each pay line giving a maximum bet of five coins if all pay lines were to be bet on. The number of coins an individual will win from the winning wizards video slots machine game is completely dependent on the number of coins this individual is willing to be each round.

Features of Winning Wizards

Coins are the normal payout in Winning Wizards for every win. The scatter feature is available in the winning wizard’s video slot. If you feel like you are ready to play as an expert mode, than the winning wizards slot can be changed to the expert version of the game by simply clicking on the expert button on the game interface. The automatic play feature is also available for experienced slot machine players which gives people the ability to set the spin controls to meet their slot specifications.

If you feel some of the settings in the game are not the way they are meant to be than you can change the settings by opening up the options tab on the game interface and then navigating your way to the required settings field.

Winning wizards does have the gamble feature which some users enjoy playing with, however, if you rather play without the gamble feature than this can be turned off in the options and required settings group located on the game interface.

You also have the option to upload your own avatar image directly onto the slots game in order to be more easily recognizable and add a bit of personal touch to your winning wizards’ slot machine experience!

Wild Catch

Wild Catch

Wild Catch plays with a five reels and a 300 coin slot machine play with added benefits that will give you numerous chances of earning money through play. The game will offer 243 playable ways that you will be able to earn money during your game play. Along with the different ways of earning money you will have two main features from the wild free spins, scatter symbol and scatter free spins bonus games which give out free spins. Each bonus will give out its own pay out depending on the combination received while playing Wild Catch.

How to Play Wild Catch

The main object of the game is to spin the reels in hope of getting a winning combination with the symbols on the reels. Different combinations of symbols will win you different amounts according to the value of the symbols shown. Before spinning you will need to place your bet first to determine how much you will win after you have spun the reels.
The instructions for playing are as followed:
Make your bet using the plus or minus symbols to increase or decrease your bet
Make the maximum bet if you want before spinning the reels
After placing the bet click on the spin button to start the reel spinning
Once you have spun you can either win or not, if you win the number of coins won will be highlighted on the reels
If your spin does not win then you will need to spin once again for another chance of winning

Features of Wild Catch

There are three features that the game will offer to give the player more coins during play:

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol will be displayed as a fish this will help to activate the wild free spins then three appear of the reels during a spin. This will not increase the payout but it will set you up to getting to the bonus free spin round.

Wild Free Spins Bonus Game

After getting the bonus game you will then be given five free spins to make a winning combination. All wins made can be tripled during the additional spins in the bonus round.

Scattered Free Spins Bonus Game

When spinning and gaining 3 man symbols the user will then get twenty free spins. The coins won will give the user the ability to win ten times the amount won during the spins in the round.

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

Looking for a fun casino slot machine that you have the ability to win a bonus round, then look no further than the Wheel of Wealth special edition. This is a five reel slot machine that you play online with up to 25 lines to give you a better chance to win.

How to Play Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

This game is easy to play, all you have to do is select the number of lines that you wish to bet. When that is done all you have to do is spin the reels and match the symbols in threes or more to win at that pay line. If you have ever played a slot machine before, you know that the pays are depending on the amount and types of symbols that are matched on each pay line.

Features of Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

Some of the main bonus features that this game offers is the wild multiplier symbol. This symbol is a wild card and will match any pair of any symbols. This will also give you a multiplier of the earnings whether it is 2 times or 3 times. Another feature is the Wheel bonus game symbols. When you have 3 of these symbols on a pay line you will go into the bonus round where you could earn up to 2000 coins.

Rules of the Game

You first must select the number of lines you wish to bet, in this game you can select up to ten lines. Then you will have to spin the reels and match the symbols on each pay line. The symbols that are in each pay line that match in three or more are what will decide your winnings. When you are able to get free spins on the bonus round you will be able to earn multipliers and wilds as well.

If you are looking for a casino slot machine that is simple and will give you the best chances to multiply earnings, then the Wheel of wealth slot machine is the best choice for you. With the ability to multiply and double winnings with an easy game you can see why this game is a one of a kind casino slot game.


What on Earth

What on Earth

Free slot machine games featuring outer space as a theme aren’t as common as they might otherwise be, but one of the stand outs is What On Earth. This 5 reel game with nine separate paylines is also a 45 coin slot machine. For those who are willing to take a risk, this game is certainly a stand out on the market.

How to Play What on Earth

This game is a little more complex than some slot machines, but it is still fairly simple to get a handle on. First a player selects the number of paylines that he or she wants to bet on (anywhere from 1-9). Once the paylines have been selected the next step is to select the bet. Once the bet has been chosen and the player is satisfied with what he or she has going, the only thing left to do is to pull the handle. Once the reels start spinning there’s nothing left to do, and when they stop any winning combination will show up brightly along with animations and lines to show where the win came from. Once the round is over players select a new set of paylines and a new bet, then pull the arm for the next round.

Features of What on Earth

In addition to being a simple game, What on Earth comes with a number of features that make it more appealing to players looking for a stand out slot machine. The planetary theme is enough for some, but all of the animations and eye-catching effects draw players in and make them want to see more possible combinations. Sometimes this draw is even more than the desire to win big. In addition to the great visual effects this game offers though there are bonus rounds that will help players walk away as winner, with a lot more coins to their name than when they started the game.

Rules of the Game

Since What on Earth is a slot machine the rules are fairly simple; pick a payline, place a bet, and pull the lever. While there are rules that determine when someone enters a bonus round, or which combinations come up as winning on a reel, all players need to know are the odds that the reels will come down in their favor. Everything that happens after the lever gets pulled is pure chance, and there’s nothing that can be planned for by even the most clever gambler.

What a Hoot

What a Hoot

What A Hoot is a casino slot machine game. It is uniquely adventurous due to its outdoor, forest theme. In this five reel, nine coin slot machine game, you must choose and utilize wild tree symbols and scatter jar symbols to your advantage. As a special feature; you may earn free games based on your earnings throughout this game.

How to Play What a Hoot

Choose how many paylines you want to play, then place a bet and click on the ‘spin’ button. A winning combination will be shown in a row on the payline. In the case of a winning combination, the player will receive their winnings in the ‘win’ box and will be paid accordingly. In the case of a loss (or losing combination), the player can simply play again.

Features of What a Hoot

This game offers ‘regular payouts’ and scatter jar symbol payouts. These are slot machine incentives for playing the game. Utilize your skills to amass more winnings and payouts.

Rules of the Game

You may only bet with the use of one coin per any payline. If you experience any malfunctions then any plays or pays will be voided. You will notice the wild tree symbol on reels number two, number three and number four; attempt to take advantage of these. Wild tree symbols may not be replaced with scatter jar symbols, and vice versa.

Also, a wild tree symbol is not a ‘winning combination’ when more than one of these symbols is shown in a row within a payline. The player will receive a payout for a single winning combination per payline.

However if more than one winning combination is possible per payline; the player will only receive a payout for the highest valued combination. Three or more scatter jars per reel will complete a scatter jar combination for a win. You may add additional scatter jar combination winnings to regular winnings.

Scatter jar combinations may be displayed in any manner on the reel if it is a winning scatter jar combination. The player will multiply the amount of coins played per line times the amount of coins won to calculate regular winnings. Payouts will be made in coins.

Wasabi San

Wasabi San

If you are looking for a new twist on online gaming slots, then you should try Wasabi San. Playing this particular online slot game, you will feel as if you are sitting in a restaurant in Japan being served famous sushi dishes such as Maki and Salon Roe that is presented to the players playing the game. Wasabi San is a 5 reel with 15 playlines with many special features that other online slots don’t offer.

How to Play Wasabi San

Wasabi San is fairly easy to catch on to with it’s easy to follow rules. Sushi Chef will put out the different sushi symbols including: Maki, Sake, Bonsai Trees, and Salmon Roe. If you are to get either a 2, 3, 4 or 5 icons on the 5 reels, then it will multiply the total by 2, 4, 50 or 400. Players can select from the different coin selections of .01, .02, .05, .1, .2, .25, .50, or 1.00. The minimum bet is .15 and the maximum bet is $75. If the player bets $75. When players bet $75 on each spin, $30,000 will be earned.

Features of Wasabi San

If the bet is 5 coins on each line, the size of the coin is automatically $1.00. If players receive 2 Wasabi on the reel, then a payout can be performed. Three or more Wasabi pieces gets the player a free spin and players can get free spins on this game.

A Jackpot can be scored with a free spin. Higher Jackpots are scored: 7,500 or the equivalent of $37,500 for 5 chefs, 2,000 or the equivalent of $10,000 for 4 chefs, 500 or the equivalent of $2,500 for 5 Bonsai Trees.

Any Jackpots that are scored in the game indicates that the player has tripled. Bonsai Trees help the chef decide what pieces to use.

When a Sushi Chef is seen on the game, it means that the player has a wild piece, which means it can be used as substitute for any other piece but a Scatter or a Bonus Game.

If a Fish Market appears, it means that the player has scored a Bonus Game. Three or more Puffer Fish scored means that you can play the Bonus Game at the Fish Market. Payouts for Fish Markets are as follows: 3 Fish= 36-1,500 coins, 4 Fish= 48-2,000, and 5 Fish = 60-2,500.

Wasabi San can be played as Free Play or Real Play.

Vinyl Countdown

Vinyl Countdown

Vinyl Countdown is a nine coin slot machine. It has a nine payline, and a five reel to it. Vinyl Countdown has scatter symbols, and wild symbols in it.

How to Play Vinyl Countdown

The player decides how many paylines that they want to play. The player then places a bet. The player spins the reel by clicking spin. If the player gets a winning combination when the reel stops it will be shown to them in the win box. If the player does not get a winning combination the game will be over for them.

In Vinyl Countdown there are regular game payouts. There are also scatter symbol payouts. When the reel comes to a stop, the player wins because of the symbols shown in the payline. What the player wins depends on which symbols are in the payline.

Features of Vinyl Countdown

The wild symbol in Vinyl Countdown is a wild jukebox. The wild jukebox symbol can only show up on the reel, 2, 3, or 4 times. The wild symbol cannot substitute for the scatter symbol in Vinyl Countdown.

When more than one wild symbol shows up on an enabled payline, it does not create a winning combination for the player. The scatter symbol in Vinyl Countdown is a scatter glitter ball.
When three, or more scatter symbols show up on the reel it makes a winning scatter combination. Scatter symbol combinations are multiplied by the total number of coins that are bet by the player, which is how scatter wins are determined.

Rules of the Game

When playing Vinyl Countdown the player is only allowed to bet one coin per payline.

Malfunctions can happen, and when they do, they void the player’s plays, and payouts. It is a very easy game to understand. The player gets paid for the highest combination that they get on each enabled payline. Scatter wins do not work the same way.


Victorian Villain

Victorian Villain

Victorian Villain is the alliterative slot machine game that evokes the feeling of Penny Dreadful mysteries. Men in black coats and top hats with waxed mustaches and evil plots lurking in back alleys is what you expect, and it’s what the game provides. This five-reel, 125 coin slot machine might look like many of its brethren, but a closer look reveals a game that has its own quirks and unique draws for players who want to have fun while trying to win big.

How to Play Victorian Villain

The first step in playing Victorian Villain is to place a bet. Either increase or decrease the number of coins you’re betting, or click the “max bet” button to just wager the biggest number of coins. Once a bet has been placed the next step is to click spin. The reels will start spinning and when they stop players will be informed if they have a winning combination or not. Winning combinations are paid out, and losing combinations get nothing. Once the spin has resolved the only question is whether or not players want to go for another round.

Features of Victorian Villain

While Victorian Villain might seem fairly standard for a five reel slot machine game, it does have special features that make it stand out from other games that offer very similar features. The appearance of the game, as well as the videos that come with winning spins, are things that draw many players in. It’s about winning, but it’s also about seeing the full spectrum of effects and clips that the game offers. There are bonus spins for certain combinations (namely those that involve the Victorian Villain logo when it comes up in the reels), and these spins can help players stay ahead of the curve in terms of earnings and payouts.

Rules of the Game

Being a slot machine game the rules are fairly simple for Victorian Villain; you place your bet, pull the handle, and wait to see if you won. The winning combinations never change, and all reels are active all the time. There’s no need to specially select a given pattern, and players can bet as much or as little as they want to when playing Victorian Villain. It is, in fact, one of the easiest games to play in terms of rules. That’s one reason that the game maintains the level of popularity it enjoys, even among other slot machine games.