Money Bee

Money Bee Mobile Slots

If you are a slots enthusiast, you are sure to enjoy Money Bee, a five reel five pay line video mobile slot that features many winning opportunities. Money Bee has all the features that slot enthusiast enjoy such as Free Spins, Scatter Symbols and Wild Symbols, creating lots of winning opportunities for players. Players can play as little as ten cent per spin and the maximum payout is £50. Some casinos offer the up bonuses, up to £200 in free no deposit bonuses. Your deposit is also matched by many casinos. It developer, iGaming2go is cutting its niche by creating products for smartphones and tablets.

Players are required to sign up for a membership from the casino of choice to get the free download of Money Bee Slot machine. Once downloaded, the slot can be played for fun or for money. Money Bee mobile slot is provided through iGaming2Go software and requires no download because the browser based program is in HTML5.

Money Bee slot’s best feature is that it pays out 94.2% of the times. The gamble feature allows returns 3 or 4 times your bet and with the free spins feature, you can get a return as large as 1000 times your bet because of the Money Bee Wild symbol. What brings many players back to Money Bee are the 20, 80 and even 200 times the bet amount wins.

When you get three or more of the musical notes from left to right on the reel, you win 10 free spins. If you spin the lady bug during your free spins, your winnings are doubled. The gamble feature requires you to guess the colour of a card to double your wins and increases your wins above your starting bet. Other symbols included on the five reels and 5 pay lines are: a snail, a caterpillar, and the ace, King, Queen and Jack card symbols.

Getting busy with Money Bee offers many winning opportunities and the chance that your bet can be multiplied as much as 1000 times. Slot enthusiasts are offered the gaming features that make slots interesting and fun to play and great opportunities to win. Since it is a mobile game, it can be played anytime, anywhere. Money Bee is a slot game that can entertain you at home and away and offer many winning opportunities.



Voila! It’s an expression only given to players who have experienced to best in online gaming!

This French-themed casino slot game is growing in popularity because the symbols are easy to recognize, and the payouts are extremely generous. Even the reels are laissez-faire, so winning is a luxuriant experience. Food and culture are this game’s main attractions.

This standard casino slot has five reels showing three symbols in the French theme. Soft landing rolls display all manner of exquisite foods and Parisian icons. With a maximum bet placed on these reels, over 200 unique winning lines are initiated. This allows the gamer to wager comfortable bets, but always have access to the game’s unique winning icons.

Voila! Is much different than most online games because of its soft pay-outs, huge jackpots and chances to win a trip to Paris. That trip is worth a huge amount of casino credits. Along the way, up to 60,000 credits are offered as a jackpot for playing this exciting game.

The key to winning huge pay-outs on Voila! is the Eiffel Tower symbol. Amongst the lobster, baguette, street lovers and other neutral symbols, this one is Wild. The Eiffel Tower Wild symbol turns its reel into a multiple conduit for winning on multiple layers of pay-out lines.

It is always advisable to bet the maximum of 20 credits on each pay-out line to receive the incredible bonuses that the Eiffel Tower symbol initiates. Many players choose a familiar bet, but the key to winning Parisian-style is a full 20 on every line. Voila is famous for consistent low money pay-outs, but the occasional Wild, or line block jackpot is always possible. This is why it is important to always bet the max line and credit amounts. One knockout win with a max bet, puts every player into prime contention for the ultimate Parisian prize.

If Paris is a player’s idea of the most romantic and fun city, Voila offers the most fun and attractive online opportunity to win. Every spin has a French flair, and each symbol is a familiar gateway to a huge prize.

Treasure of the Pyramids

Treasure of the Pyramids Video Slots Game

The Treasure of the Pyramids Video Slots Game is a five reel, 25 pay line game that is going to take you back to the time of ancient Egypt. Everything in the game is Egyptian based, so if you are a fan of this style, the game might be perfect for you. Of course, understanding a bit more about the actual gameplay is always important as well as there are some variables associated with the game that are going to be different from what you might normally experience.

With the game, you are able to bet a wide variety of money every single time you play it. This tarts out with a one cent bet. This is a penny slot game, so if you want to bet a penny, you have this capability of doing so. Of course, you can max out your coin bet at $5 per pay line, so this is not a game where you are going to bet hundreds of dollars per hand. In fact, as the max is only $125 in order to bet for every single pay line, it is going to keep you price down on the lower end of the spectrum. Depending on what you are looking for in the Treasure of the Pyramids Video Slots Game, this might be good or you might want to look for something else, depending on the value of the game.

The total jackpot is 1,000 coins, so if you bet $5 per pay line, you are able to max out your winnings at $5,000. As for the game play, there is no progressive jackpot that builds while you play it and there is no bonus game either. With the Treasure of the Pyramids Video Slots Game, you are able to win free spins when the wild symbol appears at least three times on the game board (this is the bird wearing the Egyptian Pharaoh’s headpiece. There is also a scatter symbol as well, which can be helpful. But as there is no bonus game you are not going to have the chance of increasing your winnings with this. There is a 3x multiple for the free spins though, and these bonuses pay out three times what you bet. So, it is possible to receive a payout as if you bet $15, and then there are other times where you might just receive 3 cents.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye

ROAR! Shake in your seat with anticipation as you load up this treat to the eye spin game. Graphics that engage you, odds that entice you, and over all fluid like game play. In this tiger based spin game, your success is almost assure if you watch your bet and have luck on your side.

Start your adventure off by adjusting your reel setting, found on the lower left hand side of the game box next to the coin raise bubble. Where you want it to read is very important, as that is where your points and money derive from. Now turn your focus to the bubble with 0.01 in it. That is your betting scale which can be set anywhere between 0.01 to 0.05 per line. The max bet is $10.00 which can rocket the jackpot to 10,000 or 100,000 with free spins. Plus with a 10x multiplier there’s a chance to take your winnings even further.

Keep an eye out for the Tigers Eye logo as it can replace as standard spin icon but the scatter and bolster your points. A rather usual and rare icon. Though not as rare as the Golden idol scatter spin icon. This rare and somewhat elusive icon stacked up to three of more of itself will win you 10 free spins! When you get the chance to gamble, take it! if you choose the right color and suit of a hidden card you can earn 2 – 4 times the amount of what you won!

With strategy and luck you can earn big through the gamble system, the chance of big a big winner is completely dependent on planning, watching and acting. If you play your cards right you just might walk away with a golden idol in your hand and the respect on indian tigers. And with those in hand you just might be able to find the exotic treasure that awaits you deep within the dark and gloomy lush jungles of the adventurous game.

Over all, the beauty and grace of this game is just the tip of the tiger’s tail. Play hard to win big adventurers.

Reel Thunder

Reel Thunder

Reel Thunder is a 5 reel and 9 payline game that is based on the road. This game is designed to attract slot game players and slot lovers. The game boasts a very high jackpot of 10,000 coins. The symbols that line up the reels are the road hog, bike wheel, cruisin symbol, speedometer, bike in fire, roadhouse, hot dog, egg, chili, and pancakes.

This game also features wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol, which is the wild heart appears on reels 2-4. It can create a winning combo with any symbol. The scatter symbols maximize the chances of winning. All that is needed is three scatter symbols on any of the reels in order to get paid according to how much money is bet. When the scatter combo is accompanied by another winning combo, then the player will be awarded for both of them.

Among the highest paying symbols are the hogs. If five of them are on the reels then that will give the player a chance for the ultimate jackpot of 10,000 coins. There are many other unique extras and bonuses that add to the experience. The maximum betting amount is 9 coins.

Reel Thunder is a simple and yet attractive game for slot players. There is no software needed in order to be able to play the game. Reel Thunder can be accessed online. The game can be played with the flash software when accessed from the Internet. There is also the option to download the game if the user would prefer.

Reel Thunder is powered by Microgaming. Microgaming software is known for providing high quality visual and audio presentation. The bike engines sound incredibly realistic and the background music genre is rock. This provides the user with a fun and tough environment that he could enjoy for hours. The user can either play for free or fund his account as it depends on the payment processing method that is allowed. Reel Thunder is one of those slot games that is a lot of fun to play no matter how much one wins or loses.

Lion’s Pride Slot Game

Lion’s Pride Slot Game

About Lion’s Pride

This slot machine game is a fantastic web-based experience. It is available for online play and for downloading. Lion’s Pride is an interactive adventure! Players will engage in a web-based game that includes 5 columns, and each time they pull the handle they’ll be greeted with exotic wildlife. The pictures on the slots feature some of Africa’s most exotic creatures.

The game has several exceptional features for a web-based slot machine game. The developers have packed it full of treats for players! Microgaming developed the game with the appeal of additional features in mind. Lion’s Pride is full of extra Wild symbols, Multipliers, more Free Spins and more pay lines. Lion’s Pride is a great online casino game for all types of players. New players and old players will enjoy this game and this winning experience. Lion’s pride is available for online playing as a Flash based game. It is also available for downloads in the online casino.

How to Play Lion’s Pride

As with most online slots games, Lion’s Pride is easy to play and very enjoyable as a gaming experience. The slot game has many features that make it exceptionally entertaining. It has extra Wild symbols, Multipliers, more Free Spins and more paylines. In actuality the game has 100 paylines! All types of players will have a great time taking part in this casino game.

This game follows many traditional rules of slot games. There are, however, a few additional rules that will help a player know what is happening in this exciting African adventure game.

Players will notice the game logo appearing on some spins. This logo acts as a Wild, so it can assist players in winning games. There is an interesting addition to this game where players can guess what color the suit of cards will be, and they have an opportunity to multiply winnings. This feature is called a Gamble Feature. Lion’s Pride allows players to bet up to five coins on each betting line. This means there is a possibility for quite a high payout of 6,250 coins in the regular spins game. Then there is an opportunity to win a total of 62,500 in the free spins game. With this exceptional payout and bonus features players are sure to have a winning experience with this fun, adventurous casino game!

Jacks or Better Video

Jacks or Better Video

How to Play Jacks Or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker is very similar to any other version of video poker. It is designed by Microgaming which is the best software within the online casino game industry. The game is very easy so whether someone is an expert at poker or just getting started will be able to succeed and have fun at Jacks or Better Video Poker.

Jacks or Better Video Poker pays off on a pair if it is Jacks or better, hence the name of the game. Besides this small game change, Jacks or Better Video Poker is basically like any other poker game. It does not use any wild cards, jokers, or bonus payouts that are abnormal. Jacks or Better Video Poker offers a maximum jackpot of 4000 coins. This will result from a Royal Flush which is a combination of 10, J, K, Q, and Ace, all of the same suit.

Jacks or Better Video Poker is probably the easiest of all of the video pokers out there. This makes this online casino game the perfect one for beginners at video poker. They can learn the basics of the game quickly without all of the themed versions of video poker out there which can be overwhelming for a beginner. They create tons of nonsense that has nothing to do with video poker in the first place. Beginners should play the easiest basic version of the game before they move on to all of that nonsense.

The card ranks for Jacks or Better Video Poker include a single card ranking from highest to lowest, from the card Ace all the way down to the card Two.

• Ace
• King
• Queen
• Jack
• Ten
• Eight
• Seven
• Six
• Five
• Four
• Three
• Two

The winnings of Jacks or Better Video Poker payouts go as follows:

• Royal Straight Flush – 800:1
• Royal Flush – 50:1
• 4 Of A Kind – 40:1
• Full House – 10:1
• Flush – 7:1
• Straight – 5:1
• 3 Of A Kind – 3:1
• 2 Pairs – 2:1
• 1 Pair Jacks or Better – 1:1

Isis Slot Game

Isis Slot Game

The Isis mobile slot game is an exciting game of chance in which players can feel like high rollers betting big in hopes of winning one of the big jackpots, all from the convenient platform of their own mobile devices. The risk is high, as most spins will not yield a profitable win, but the potential wins make the game appealing to those unafraid of investing time and money seeking the thrill of one of the larger payouts.

The Ancient Egyptian themed Isis game screen gives players the option of playing up to 25 individual pay lines. The minimum bet is $0.01, while the maximum is $100, per line played. Each additional line chosen after the first, up to the full 25, increases the chances of one of the played lines winning on the spin. At the bottom of the play screen the current player’s credits, the bet being placed and, at the end of the spin, the amount of the win. After selecting the number of pay lines to be played and the amount to be bet, players simply tap the “spin” button and hope for the jackpot.

The thirteen unique symbols that fill the five reels of the Isis mobile slot game (10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Urn, Statue, Flower, Eye, Dome, Cleopatra, and Kestrel bird) stand out in crisp detail on the well rendered play screen graphics.

The Cleopatra image is the wild symbol and stands for the most beneficial symbol possible when it appears on a line being played. For example, the highest possible winning spin is a line with five Cleopatra symbols. That spin would trigger a jackpot win.
The Kestrel bird symbol, however, cannot be represented by a wild Cleopatra. This symbol is the trigger for the “scatter” feature of the game, which rewards players with free spins. Three, four, and five Kestrels present on a line wins 20, 25, and 30 free spins respectively. Players also have the chance to win multipliers on their spin which increase the amount of money or free spins won.

Players should keep in mind that the Isis mobile slot game is a big bet, big risk, big reward style game. There is a very small chance of winning several small spins for a profit, however, players can bet big and take a risk in the hopes of spinning one of the game’s incredibly exciting jackpot wins.

Hot Fruits

Hot Fruits

How to Play Red Hot Fruits
Red Hot Fruits is a classic 5 reel, 10 line spinning slots game with a fun fruit theme!

Choose your bet by pressing the – or + buttons on the screen. You can see the payout possible for each line by pressing the PAYTABLE button. When you’re satisfied with your bet, go ahead and spin!

When the reels stop at random, you have multiple chances of winning. The wins will form a line of 2 to 5 matching symbols, which will start from the left. The highlighted lines are the lines you have won! You can also win by having 3 or more scatter stars displayed on your reels. This creates a scatter win. Red Hot Fruits keeps the excitement going with payouts that are variable depending on how much you bet, what the match is and how many matches you hit during your spin! Please see our table below to see maximum wins per roll depending on your currency type.

Autoplay is another great option for playing the game. Just sit back and watch the winnings roll in! You can set this for any number of rolls you wish, up to 50, and can stop Autoplay at any time.

Red Hot Fruits also saves your betting history, so you can follow your bets placed and your gains and losses. You can access this feature by going to the OPTIONS menu and selecting BETTING HISTORY.

Red Hot Fruits will also accommodate your sound preferences, by enabling you to turn the background music on and off. You can also access this feature in the OPTIONS menu. Simply select BACKGROUND MUSIC ON/OFF. The game sounds are also adjustable here, by switching the SOUND ON/OFF button. You can also mute the entire game by pressing the MUTE button at the top of the screen at any time during your game play.

HELP! Still not entirely clear on how to play the game? Select the HELP button from the OPTIONS menu at the top of the screen to see instructions on game play.

Red Hot Fruits is a fun, classic, game that will bring you hours of pleasure! Enjoy your game!

Frog Princess

How To Play Frog Princess

Frog Princess is an online slot machine game where the theme is inspired by a very famous princess fairytale. The great thing about Frog Princess is even while the player is playing to make money, it does not feel like they are gambling. It simply feels like a fun game to play without the hectic casino environment. There are amazing bonus rounds and fun symbols throughout Frog Princess to bring out the excitement of the game. Whoever plays Frog Princess is guaranteed a fun, convenient, and comfortable environment the entire time.

Frog Princess is based on a favorite movie called, The Frog Prince. Most people know what this fairytale is about and even tell it to their children. Well, Frog Princess is a great way to bring out the child in the adults that play until they have to get back to the real world.

The graphics and visual quality of Frog Princess is extremely high making the experience even better than The Frog Prince. The use of colors brighten up the game without distracting the player. Most of the time, brilliant shades of green and blue are on the player’s screen.


• The Frog Princess involves symbols that are themed around animals including frogs, snails, and fish. Other symbols around the game fall in line with the animals very well including mushrooms, crystal balls, magic books, lily pads, and pink flowers. These lively symbols are what makes the game interesting.

• The feature that makes Frog Princess better than any other slot machine is that it does not use the common boring symbols including 10, J, Q, K, and Ace. The game spices things up with fun and entertaining symbols.

• The “wild” icon in this game is the Frog Princess herself. She is a female frog that wears a princess crown. This specific symbol increases the player’s odds of winning significantly because it can be substituted for any other symbol

• Another fun feature of Frog Princess is that when a player receives a winning combination, the symbols turn animated which produces special effects for the win. An example of this is the fish puckering up their lips for the player if they win.

• Even though the game of Frog Princess has many reels for slots, the display screen is not at all cluttered because of the gorgeous design