Dress up in your racer’s avatar for the most amazing Drive ever! Jackpot Paradise brings to you a video slot that is all about cars and junk food – all in the darkness! This power packed slot will become your favourite in no time if you are fond of racing games, because it is no less than a racing track! There is suspense, thrill and power – and to experience it all you have to be a part of the race.

Let the race begin with Drive!

You will see everything here that comes to your mind when you think about cars and racing. This super cool slot consists of 5 reels and nine paylines. The graphics are beyond your expectations and has everything from cars to accessories to leather jackets and a pit stop diner. The music that supports the slot for the entire gameplay is perfect, it is fast and catchy. Grab your aviators, pull on that leather jacket and buckle up as you sit behind the wheel to reach your destination.

Drive has a gameplay that is easy to understand. Like all other slot machines, here too you will have to start by placing your bets and choosing the coin value from the given range. The range is such that it suits every player’s interests. Whether you are a low stake player or the brave one who is ready to risk it all with high coin value, there is scope for everyone. Hit the spin button when you are done placing your bets and let the race begin! When you get three to five identical symbols on the active paylines, it calls for a win.

You will find basically two kinds of symbols. One is where the symbols are related to cars and the road – there are road signs, trucker, pink and yellow cars, a giant wheel on fire, mirror dice. The other one is the pit stop diner’s symbols – fast food like the hamburgers, sodas, and so on. Both have their own share of perks, and the symbols related to cars are obviously high paying. But the most important one is the wheel on fire, because it is your ticket to the jackpot.

The wild symbol is a road sign which substitutes all symbols. The scatter symbol is a police car, which brings in multipliers. Three of them gets you a 5x, four of them gets you a 20x and 5 of them gets you a 50x multiplier.

If you love speed and action, it is time to be fast and furious with Drive and claim huge rewards on the go!

Fantasini: Master of Mystery

NetEnt does not fail to amaze everyone with their creation of slot machines every, and so is the case with Fantasini: Master of Mystery. This slot machine is full of elements of surprise, and is entertaining at all times with a perfect dose of thrill and mystery. If someone has inclination towards a theme with Mystery and Thrill, they must be a part of the adventures of Fantasini.

Fantasini: Master of Mystery is a good change from the fruity affair of slot machines!

It is a five reels and 3 rows slot machine that has 243 ways of winning. The theme is very addictive in itself and when the element of 243 paylines is added, the fun is taken to the next level altogether. The probability of winning is high too and every player walks out with something for sure! The game is designed to be flexible for all types of budgets by keeping the range of coin value from 0.01 to 0.50. And the wiser and experienced gamblers know that the higher they bet, the better are the chances to win big.

The theme – Mystery – is reflected well in the symbols too. You will find treasures, handcuffs, crystal balls, and other related symbols ruling the reels. The protagonist – Fantasini – is the wild symbol here who has the power to substitute all symbols.

The feature that will make your day is the Linked Reels. Here, before a spin 2 or more reels become identical and spin together as well. This implies that two or more reels will be entirely same and so the possibility of getting winning combinations is high. There can be up to five linked reels! This makes it a little easy to land on great winning combinations in Fantasini: Master of Mystery.


Fantasini: Master of Mystery may not be flooded with complicated features, but it also seen that simple games make the best gameplay! The storyline of the video slot is very grasping in itself and when the excellence of NetEnt is added to it, there is no denying the fact that it makes a great overall entertainer. Excellent graphics and perfect background score to support, Fantasini will break the monotony of other slot machines. For all the gamblers – new or experienced – this game is a must play! Jackpot Paradise presents to you unlimited thrill and entertainment with this mysterious slot machine.

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance will take you to the interiors of the oriental east, where the festivals are celebrated the traditional way with lots of colours and entertainment all around. This vibrant video slot has all the flavours of China in it – it is radiant, playful and happening. Brought to you by Microgaming, this oriental slot machine is just what you need, especially when it is capable of giving out 60,000 coins!

Experience the oriental festival of Dragon Dance on Jackpot Paradise!

Dragon Dance is a special festival far east, and it reflects in this slot too. It is vibrant and lively, and defines what a festival should be like. You will see lots of firecrackers and decorative lighting, the streets are full of life and the vibe – everything about it is just perfect. It is a 243 paylines slot, and gives a reason to the players to enjoy it as a festival itself. It does not matter if you are a new player or a returning one, every time you spin in this slot machine, you are ought to enjoy. Let the dragons welcome you with open arms and dance to your heart’s content!

As expected, the firecracker symbol is the scatter symbol here. Not only do they light up the sky when they burst, here they light up your mood with 15 free spins and up to 12,500 coins to be won. With more fire crackers coming your way, this feature can be re-triggered. But what will catch your eyes are the two glorious dragons – golden and white. The golden dragon has a mesmerizing effect to it, and brings rewards of up to 20,000 coins. The white dragon on the other hand is equally beautiful, and brings up to 12,500 coins worth rewards. Whether you spot them during base game or free spins, they are rewarding in both the situations.

You might also like when the symbols of dancing man and woman, and of a little Chinese girl appear. Both are rewarding as well. From 1000 coins to 10,000 coins, all the symbols in this slot are worth something good! And if that was not enough, there is also a re-spin feature which allows the players to pick one reel they wish to re-spin while others stay put.

With lots of winning possibilities coming your way, Dragon Dance is one of the few slots that will not disappoint you ever.

Bikini Party

Do you like to party? Who doesn’t?! Jackpot Paradise brings to you the most happening party of the town – Bikini Party! And it is not the regular night club party we all have been to, it is the sexiest party you can be a part of with its venue on the beach! Let yourself loose under the sun, on the sandy beach, and with the sexy bikini babes! This slot machine is best enjoyed with your favourite cocktail in hand!

You don’t have to wait for the weekend to party at Bikini Party!

It is a 5-reel, 3-rows, 243 paylines slot machine. Having 243 ways of winning is an enough excuse to stick to this slot. The theme sets the mood right for a happening party, which makes it a quite addictive one too. The graphics and symbols here are very aptly presented, and tagged along is the groovy music that will make you tap your feet all the time. Going by the name, you will definitely see a lot of sexy women in colourful bikinis soaking up the sun. Enough reasons to play? Read on to get addicted!

The wild symbol of this game is the logo of Bikini Party, which substitutes all other symbols except the scatter. Volleyball is the scatter symbol here, and why shouldn’t it be? Any beach party is incomplete without a game of volleyball. 3 or more of volleyballs gets you 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier. The free spins can also be re-triggered, both in the base game and during free spins. So, there are endless possibilities to win free spins and eventually win a lot of prizes.

If you think you had enough of free spins, then why not re-spin! Though it is a paid feature, but comes along with benefits. Whenever you feel you are short of maybe one symbol on a reel, choose to re-spin. The chosen reel will be the only one that spins and the probability to land on a winning combination are pretty high.


Bikini Party is undoubtedly one of the most lively and best party themed slot game. The graphics are well done and the music is well matched to the theme. Overall, this slot machine is not something you want to miss out on. Endless free spins and the option to re-spin is quite rare in such games where there are 243 ways to win.


Dj Wild

Feel like that your life is way too monotonous?? Feel like that you wanna break after a tiring week at work?? What about a party to chill out? A party right in the middle of wherever you are?? That is exactly what you get if you play DJ Wild. The theme, the music and the game play itself gives you the feeling of being a part of incredibly fun party.

The game is a release of Elk Gaming. They are quite new in the world of slot gaming but are fast creating a name for themselves by churning out only good quality games. Dj Wild is of the same category too.

Get the party going!!

Dj Wild is a game that is all about its bonus features . The wilds in this game are of the expanding kind. i.e everytime you land a wild on one of the reels they stick around until you keep on winning with their help. This is one cool feature that is bound to keep you hooked on. But that’s not where the good things end. The wilds not only expand but also provide you with a free spin everytime you get 1 on the reels. Stake free chances to hit the jackpot?? No one ain’t gonna refuse that!!

Also the game has a special DJ Wild symbol landing which on reel 3 will give you a jackpot of 500x your bet!! Awesome isn’t it??

The game has 5 reels and 10 Paylines. The minimum bet amount allowed is 25p while the maximum stands at a cool £100. The slot is a low volatile one so there isn’t it much risk involved. Also the payouts are frequent and this keeps you hooked on for quite a while.

The maximum payout of this slot is 1700x your bet. Not exactly much, but the payouts in this game in smaller frequent amounts. So there are no complaints there.

Also the slot pays both ways!! Probably the best thing about DJ Wild. This pretty much doubles your chances of hitting the a winning combination!!

Party on!!

Well you probably should be convinced by now to play this game for sure. Who wouldn’t be?? The slot has everything it needs to make it a hit amongst the masses. So do try this hit from Elk games. You wouldn’t be disappointed.


Arcader is here to give a sweet fruity twist to a space-themed slot machine. Based on a dark sky in the outer space, this slot is still a very colourful one with the stars, planets, meteors and juicy fruit! While you will see the stars and shooting stars in the backdrop, the fruit will make up the symbols of the reels in the form of cherries and others. This slot has very clean animations, and is not another cluster of stars.

Explore the outer space with Arcader!

Whether you are fond of the outer space or not, you are still going to like this slot. It has a very dramatic effect to it, where the reels belong to a mystery planet. The reels are actually pixilated, and will change colours to add the extra drama. The background score, on the other hand, is very cool. You will hear electronic music and a female robotic sound pretty often.

With 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines, Arcader is full of action, even if it is outside your planet. But even in the outer space, the fruity symbols will not leave you! The symbols of plums, watermelons, oranges, and so on will still be there in this slot machine. Here, the wild symbol is simply W in bold, and so are the scatter symbols of B and M. There is an expander symbol as well, which is shown to be an arrow and is the indication of expanding wild. If it appears on a reel, it expands to cover up the entire reel to form a winning pattern.

3 or more of B symbols means you will get free spins and a multiplier. Number of free spins remains constant at nine, irrespective of how many symbols you get, but the multiplier value varies. For three symbols you get 1x, for 4 you get 3x, and for 5 symbols you get a 9x multiplier. And it is during these free spins only that you might also get around the Sticky Wild feature on reels 2, 3, and 4.

On getting three or more M symbols, the Mystery Game gets activated. In this bonus round, you will have to make a pick from the given pixilated symbols to reveal the cash prize they have in them. This round goes on until you stumble upon the red X symbol under the pixilated symbol.


Arcader is one amazing game loaded with features and bonus rounds. Play now on Jackpot Paradise to experience the best of slots!

Birds on Wire

‘Birds on a Wire’ is a video slot game with a different theme, something you will not have seen before. A game with a sadistic humour, with birds getting electrocuted often, this game has a fresh theme and a completely new layout for a slot machine.

‘Birds on a Wire’ is an action-packed entertainer!

This slot game is very lively and unique. There are no regular looking reels here, all you will see is wires and birds sitting on them – which comes with a twist of electricity! Accompanied by appropriate background music and sound effects for every action, the sense of humour is kept alive throughout. It is a 17 paylines slot with scope for endless entertainment and smiles.

And it is not just the theme that is unique, even the bonus features are interesting and enjoyable. The wild symbol here is a big black bird. It can replace all symbols or birds, with the exception of the bonus symbol. The most prominent feature of this game is the Cascading reels. Here, on hitting a winning combination, the birds that are fluttering on the screen will explode into thin air! It may sound nasty, but the animations are funny. The birds that exploded will fall down, and a flock of fresh birds will arrive to their place.

Now that you will have new Birds on a Wire, you will also have the chances to win again. This saga continues till you do not get any more such combinations. Every win comes with a multiplier, and increases with every subsequent win – going up to 5x.

There are also free spins to watch out for! The scatter symbols lead to the free spins, and they are the cats covered in a paper bag! With free spins, you get huge multipliers too! Starting from 4x, the multipliers keep on increasing to 8x, 12x and the highest being 20x.


A unique concept till now, Birds on a Wire is surely a game to watch out for. With thousands of online and mobile slot games available, this game surely stands out in the crowd. Recommended for people who like a touch of humour in their gambles, this mobile slot is a must play! It has an excellent interface for all mobile devices, whether you have an Android or iOS device. Play now from your mobile devices only on Jackpot Paradise.

Scratch Volcano Eruption

It is time to move on from the spinning and struggles of slots, and Scratch Volcano Eruption is just the perfect choice! Jackpot Paradise brings to you another scratch card game that is not only entertaining, but has a lot in store for every player. The volcano and molten lava adds the needed drama in the game along with a little adventure ride with the flames in an exciting bonus round.

Scratch Volcano Eruption is Hot and Cool at the same time!

With a smooth interface and a simple gameplay, this scratch card is a complete package of amazing graphics and vibrant colours. For people who have seen and gambled with paper scratch cards, they can totally relate with the excitement and suspense virtual scratch cards have to offer. The fun of scratching the silver coating with a coin cannot be matched, but the mobile version of the game offers its players to have a feel of it by manually scratching it on their screens to reveal the hidden symbols.

Scratch Volcano Eruption has a 3 by 3 grid with hidden symbols. The players will have to scratch on the grid to reveal the symbols, or they can skip the part and click on ‘Reveal All’ to see all the symbols at once. The player may also choose to Autoplay. With this option, the player can select the bets and the number of times they want the scratch card to reveal itself on its own.

A win is when three same symbols appear on the grid anywhere. The amount a player wins depends on the symbols that match. For instance, the dinosaur is the highest paying symbol. When a player gets three of them, they get 1000 times their bet. The other high paying symbols are monkey, frog, parrot, butterfly, and so on. And of course there is the Volcano symbol. Three of these get the player to the bonus game. In this part of the game, the player needs to collect the flame symbols. With the maximum being 9, anything from three to nine symbols payout really well. Nine symbols pay a whooping 50,000!


Scratch Volcano Eruption is undoubtedly one of the premium scratch card games. With a return rate of 90.43%, this game is definitely a good alternative to break the monotony of other casino games. With an added bonus game, one can have a fun and thrilling experience.

Scratch Ramesses Riches

Jackpot Paradise brings to you another easy way to win cash! With Scratch Ramesses Riches, it has been never so convenient to win. A scratch card with an Egyptian theme and an easy gameplay, this one is exclusively available for all mobile devices on Jackpot Paradise. Scratch cards are simple to play and understand. All you have to do is to scratch and match three symbols on the screen at a time. If you have been a fan of traditional paper scratch cards, this one is definitely for you.

Bet, Scratch and Win only on Scratch Ramesses Riches!

The betting range starts at 20p, making it a very budget friendly game going up to a maximum of £200. Given the range of bets, a player can win up to £250,000, which is not a small amount for a scratch card. Unlike slot machines and other casino games, scratch cards have no complicated features. The rules are very basic and anyone who has interest in such games can enjoy and win. Scratch Ramesses Riches has an Egyptian theme, so expect a lot of pyramids, Pharaohs, cats, and of course Cleopatra!

Just like the paper scratch cards, where you scratch the silver coating to reveal the symbols, in the mobile version of them, you simply have to click on REVEAL and all the symbols will appear on the screen. To make it real and interesting, the players can also choose to virtual scratch the card. For that, the players will have to gently rub the scratch card on their screen to reveal the hidden symbols one by one. If three same symbols are revealed, it is a win. And it goes without saying, the higher you bid, the better you win!

Scratch Ramesses Riches is one of the finest scratch cards available online. Scratch manually or select the Autoplay setting to sit back and enjoy while the game plays on its own. A return rate of 95.17% is enough to attract players to this game on Jackpot Paradise. And not to forget the highest amount that can be won is £250,000!


Scratch cards are an easy way to win and be entertained. Now that the mobile version is also out, players can enjoy it on the go as well. With amazing graphics and animations that keep you engrossed, and a lively music to keep the spirits high, this Egyptian themed scratch card game is a must play.


Scratch Irish Eyes

Scratch through Irish Eyes to win big

Scratch card games are meant to be a source of relaxation and that is the reason why they are not as upbeat and featureful as their slot game counterparts. The same can be said for the Scratch game Irish Eyes, which is an interesting adaptation of the slot game but is pretty dialled down when it comes to the aspect of features. However, the Scratch version of Irish Eyes still does pretty good justice to the theme, with the scratch symbols, soundtrack and general presentation sticking to the slot counterpart theme.

Game specifications

The Scratch game Irish Eyes is a pretty straightforward game and does not have any nasty surprises in store for you. the game objective is a simple scratch and match to win, and you will be presented with 9 scratchcards in a 3×3 arrangement for each game. All you need to do is scratch through each card or use the reveal all option to find out what’s in store. If you get just three matching symbols, you stand a chance to win some really good rewards.

The game is playable from just 20p to £ 200 and this makes the scratch game ideal for both casual players in search of relaxation and high rollers ready to take some risks to win big.

Game Features and options

The overall ease of playing the Scratch game Irish Eyes is quite well catered to thanks to the quick access options like the autoplay, maxbet and reveal all options. The Autoplay option lets you play the game in a continuous streak of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 times. But the stake range is set constant for the autoplay games. However you can exit autoplay anytime you want by using the Stop autoplay option. The maxbet option lets you play the game for the maximum bet possible at the click of a button. The reveal all button is a time saver and you can check out all your scratch cards at the click of a button.

The game does not really have any unique features. All you need to do is match 3 symbols and you get stake multiplier rewards according to the paytable. But the best part is that the game offers a 1000x stake multiplier, which is pretty good.


The game is pretty relaxing and does justice to the theme. The RTP is somewhat low and just gives a player edge of 85.6%. But most stake multipliers are easily obtained, and the game is apt for fun seekers.