Craps are one of the most popular games played in Casinos and the streets. A pair of dice is all that is needed to play this lively table games, players are to fix their bet on the outcome that is landed by the rolled dice. It is difficult to understand the exact age when Craps came into being but there is something known as street craps which can be played anywhere and does not require any kind of setting.

The version of this table game played in casinos, on the other hand, is played with a setting on a table and has been arranged systematically to help players place their bet. This is a wonderful treat to be indulged in that can be played online and offline. It is a simple game ad you only have to follow simple steps to understand the gameplay of this table game.

About the Developer of Craps

Powered by Microgaming, craps has a wonderful gameplay that will keep you entertained and thrilled. Microgaming is one of the oldest and best game developer in the gaming industry which works together to create worthwhile games for players to indulge in. They have always been known for the quality casino games that they develop.

How to play

There are two types of bet that you need to keep in mind while playing online craps:

  • Passline bet: This is also known as the even money bet wherein the amount that you fix as the bet is the amount you win. The shooter is the player who rolls the dice; players are to fix their passline bet on the outcome of the shooters roll. If the roll lands a 7 or 11 then the players will win on the shooter’s roll, and if a 2, 3 or 12 is landed then it is called “craps”.
  • Don’t passline bet: This is the bet which is placed against the dice rolled; this is exactly the opposite of “passline bet”. When you place this bet, you are betting on the outcome to be 2, 3 or 12. It is also often referred to as the wrong bet.

There are more types of betting that is involved with online craps and each has high wins to reward the players with.


Microgaming Craps has been coupled with wonderful graphics and user-friendly features to keep players enticed and give them the best rewards. Play this table game for free or real money in Jackpot paradise.

Fairy Tale Legends

The origin of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale can be traced back to 10th-century folktales of various European countries. After years of evolution and adaptation, it has now become the fairy tale that we all love today. This fairy tale inspired the slot game – Fairy Tale Legends developed by Net Entertainment.

About the developer

Net Entertainment has been in existence since 1996 and is based in Sweden. This developer is undoubtedly among the first to develop online Casino software. Although NetEnt produces other casino games, their strength is in online slots games. NetEnt has produced games with quality themes and artworks which have delighted players for decades.

About the game

Fairy Tale Legends is a slot game that has five reels and twenty paylines. It is a slot game that allows players to bet a minimum of £0.2 and a maximum of £200 per spin. If you are in the mood to spend all your money straight up, you can simply click the Max Bet button beside the spin circle.

The symbols in this game include a key, a crest, a lock, a rose, slots logo, and a playing cards icons.

Fairy Tale Legends delivers its bonuses in a unique way. One of such ways is through a fairy, which from seems to be an adaptation another fairy tale. The fairy will dive in from the side of the screen to offer you three different bonuses which are: Fairy Surprise, Fairy Magic spin and Fairy Wild spin.

The Fairy Surprise feature is very useful when you lose a spin. It allows your fairy friend to come in and replace your losing icons to form winning combinations. The Fairy Magic Spin will make the fairy use her wand to replace nine icons with medium-value icons which stay on the reel till the next spin. The Fairy Wild Spin adds sticky wilds to the screen and they remain on the reels for several spins before disappearing.

Fairy Tale legends also gives other bonus features when you land the treasure chest icon on the reels. These bonuses are Free Spins, Coin Win, and Beware the Wolf.


Fairy Tale Legends is a game with a quality gameplay and a cool musical, all players would find it cool and exciting.

Diamond Deal

For those players who love shining and sparkly things, gamevy has introduced Diamond deal, a fascinating line-up with the capability of ornamenting you like a prince or princess. All that needs to be done is locate the diamonds on the screen. While playing diamond deal you will feel like a participant in a game show, but tolerate it as it could earn you some nice cash prizes with the help of your firm determination.

About Developer

Gamevy has developed and designed this scratch card game. Gamevy is a licensed, award-winning operator and supplier which produces high-quality real money games. Gamevy provides the players with a combination of luck and skill with improvised game show inspired-mechanics.

About Game

Diamond deal is designed in a 3D virtual reality graphics which will give you a feeling of an alternate world that is different from ours. Inside a grid of 5×10, there are rows of boxes decorated with jewels: nearly 10 diamonds are hidden in these sparkling containers.
When a box is selected of your choice, the front will vanish and the interior is illuminated by light. Although, the light sparkles up on the diamond and then it becomes amplified on the screen and adding extra coins to the total. When the gems are located, you get a great feeling of victory, which in turn urges you to find more of them – while playing with gamevy, diamonds aren’t favourites for just girls.

Diamond deal combines console elements into this action, which implies that there are limited number of opportunities before the GAME OVER. In total, there are four chances which begin as shining white lights, the light converts into black when an empty box is selected, and you are brought back to the beginning if all four turn black.

The final sum to be earned as a jackpot is decided partly by you because of the primary stake; ranging from 1 or 10. You will play for a 100,000 jackpot at a minimum and at a life-changing jackpot of 1,000,000 coins at the top end. Apart from the only key you see first when the game starts is the QUICK PICK option, which does all the work of searching for you. After finding a diamond, the CASH OUT feature appears below the newly located gem.


Diamond Deal offers you great chances of winning cash prizes. Due to the combination of scratch card machine and an instant win, this scratch card game is perfect to play.

Boss the Lotto

p align=”justify”>Boss the Lotto is a completely fun-filled and exciting slot game that ensures a win with a huge sum of money to the players. The slot game is known to offer big rewards to the players throughout the gameplay. Also, the slot game offers a true entertainment to the players. This slot game is a treat for the players who love lottery games.

About the Developer

Boss the Lotto is developed by Gamevy. The developers have amazingly worked on the weak points of the lottery games and have presented an enthralling and entertaining lottery game to the lottery lovers. This lottery game offers big cash to the players and that too, in a hassle-free and exciting game.

About the Game

Boss the Lotto is all about choosing lottery balls. If the player is lucky, the balls will shower him with a lot of cash. The gameplay is quite easy; you just need to keep on choosing good balls and adding cash to your bank balance. But, the only trouble is the bad balls.
Boss the Lotto lottery game will offer your forty-nine balls in different colours. Out of them, six balls will be true spoilers that have the capability to ruin your game and all your dreams of winning big cash prizes. The other forty-three balls are the good balls. The goods balls bear the currency sign and revolve. Black coloured balls are the bad balls. If a player happens to pick a bad ball, all the other locations of the bad balls are then displayed. A player can only win the big jackpot if he chooses all the good balls.

The player needs to place the bet by picking up the minimum coin size of £2. With each bet, the payouts are given. The wins are decided by the number of good balls the player has picked.

The bad balls though ruin the game but, if the player had also collected a decent number of good balls, he will be given the payouts.

The graphics of Boss the Lotto are quite enthralling and exhilarating. The developer has truly done an amazing job in this respect. The gameplay gives the feel that you are playing a traditional lottery game in front of a real lottery machine and not just an online version.


Boss the Lotto is one of the most engaging lottery games of all times. Lottery games are always fun but, this one is one of the most amazing games of all.

The Link Slot

The Link is a classic slot game that uses 3 reels and 8 fixed paylines. This fascinating slot game concentrates more on the symbols that look really fancy and can be high rewarding. This fantastic slot can be played on your desktops and as well as on mobile devices.

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About the Developers of the Link

Gamevy has designed The Link Slot. The slot looks impressive in terms of the graphics and the background theme. It looks visually stunning and gives you a feel of being in an outer space.

About the Game

The Link Slot uses an excellent background theme comprising of an outer space with a futuristic approach. You can place a bet using coin sizes from £1 to £10 on each bet. There are 5 main symbols used to create handsome payouts for you. It features symbols which are 3x 3 grids consisting of squares, triangles, circles, and crosses.

They mainly include symbols of a green circle, yellow star, blue square, white diamond, red triangle, and purple cross. All the symbols should appear in the combinations of three to get you the payouts. There are higher multipliers of x1000, x2000, x3000, x4000, and x5000 which can be won in this slot.

The pay table also consists of x1, x1.25, x1.5, x2, x5, x7.5, x10, x15, x20, x25, x30, x50, x100, x150, x200, x250, x300, and x500 respectively. You can play this game in a real money mode but make sure you play responsibly.

The yellow star acts the wild symbol and it fills the entire reels with a yellow touch. This means you can win lucrative cash payouts. This wild symbol replaces all the symbols on the reels except the scatter logo. It also attracts with an excellent RTP of 93%.

Final Verdict

The Link features a lot of symbols that can get you fantastic multipliers. It also has a fantastic gameplay which enables you to play multiple times.

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Double Exposure Gold

The gold version of Blackjack has been well appreciated and Double Exposure Gold takes players gaming experience to a higher level. It offers user-friendly features and also has quality enriched graphics for players to indulge in. It lets you enjoy the feel of classic blackjack in a well-developed table which is easy to understand.

The standard rules of Blackjack remain the same and if you enjoy the thrill and excitement of the most popular table game then you are sure to enjoy this version of it too. This is an engaging version of Blackjack that features the best giving more chances for players to win high rewards. The rules may slightly vary from the classic blackjack but only to make it better and delighting for players to indulge in.

More on the developer of Double Exposure Gold

This exciting gold version of Blackjack has been developed by Microgaming which has always been known for the wonderful casino games they develop. They are also one of the oldest game developers in the gaming industry and have established themselves as one of the best. The games that are created by them are much awaited and have an edge that marks the difference each time.

How to play

Everything is the same; the gameplay is like that of the classic blackjack where players and the dealer are given two cards each to deal with. The main difference is that here the dealer’s cards are also placed face up which helps the player an edge in the game. Once you receive the cards, you are to decide if you want to hit, stand or double. In double exposure gold, players can split only once and in the case of a tie, the dealer will win except for a blackjack tie in which the player will take away the win. Double Exposure Gold is more interesting also because of the features that it displays which keeps players entertained. This online version of blackjack is sure to let you experience the fun of casinos at the comfort of your home.


Double Exposure Gold is one of the most beautiful creations of Microgaming with added features for players to enjoy. It has wonderful graphics and soothing colors to keep players engaged and entertained throughout. Play this exciting table game at Jackpot Paradise Casino in free or real money mode and let the good times begin.

The Rift

The Rift is a new slot game of high-variant quality that has been designed to give players a worthwhile gaming experience. It is a spooky slot machine that has been set on a dark background for players to receive heart-warming wins. You will certainly be taken closer to the future with this top-notch, quality driven slot game. The rift slot game will open doors for you to a beautiful world of gaming. There are unusual characters that surround you but each has features to give you the best wins. Go ahead and spin the reels of this slot and see for yourself the fortune that it holds for you. You are sure to come back for more once you indulge yourself in this slot game. It is a high variant slot with endless features for players to swim with amidst the darkness that prevails.

About the developer of The Rift

The Rift has been innovatively created by Thunderkick which is one of the pioneer game developers in the gaming industry. They work to create the best games for players to get indulged in, coupled with high win features, the slot developed by them comprise the best that a slot game could encompass.

How to play

There are 17 pay lines and 5 reels that you can play within the rift slot game before you get into the dark world, make sure you fix the size of your bet. Fix your bet size in between 0.01-100 and then click on the spin button to start the game. Each time you land matching symbols, wins will be credited to you. The more matching symbols imply the more wins coming your way. The amount you fix as bet will also determine your win amount so make sure you bet wisely. While the dark, satanic forces may scare you at first, but once you involve yourself into it, the winning features that the slot has will keep you entertained. The wilds, free spins feature, sticky wilds and more will give all players some favorable time with the bonuses that have been promised. The wild written with the purple text is the wild and will replace others to complete combinations; the scatter on the other hand is determined by the game symbol and will take the players to the free spins round.


The Rift is an interesting slot game that features multiple bonus features and will take players on a journey that will leave you thrilled.


There are quite a handful of slots that would create a nostalgic effect for slot players who are in their 50s and above. One of such slot games is Spectra, developed by Thunderkick. To discover how Thunderkick is able to achieve this, read on.

About the Developer

Thunderkick is a new online casino developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite the fact that this developer is new to the scene, it boasts a team with a lot of experience in the slot industry. The developers at Thunderkick have gained a lot of experience from other slot makers. There is no doubt that Thunderkick brings a lot to the table.

About the Game

Spectra is an online video slot game with five reels, four rows and a total of thirty fixed paylines. The game doesn’t have a specific theme but it generally depicts the early days of gaming. The design of the game is made up of neon light and depicts the format of the first games of the 1970s period. This is in addition to a twinkling soundtrack that helps to reinforce the game’s effects.

The symbols in this game are mostly the traditional slot symbols and they include bars, clovers, red sevens and bells. The symbols with lower values in this game include red pentagons, purple diamonds, light blue triangles, green squares and dark blue circles.

A multicoloured ‘W’ serves as the wild and can be used as a substitute for any of the other symbols in this game. The wild appears stacked on the reels and would be of great help in getting a winning combination. There are no scatter or bonus symbols in this game, so the wild conveniently substitutes all symbols.

Spectra has just one extra bonus feature. This extra bonus feature is the wild respin. This feature becomes activated when the wild lands anywhere on the reels. It could also be activated when the wild lands one position off the reels but next to a payline. When you receive your payout, the wild stacks would move one place towards the center row. This would result in a free spin but the wilds would be frozen in place during the free spin. This continues till the wilds get to the center row and the respins end.

Spectra appeals to high and low rollers. If you are a bit strapped for cash, you can make use of the minimum bet of £0.10 on a spin. If you have stacks of cash, the maximum bet for a spin — £100.00 — would appeal more to your taste. The jackpot in Spectra, at 20x, is not so much. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Considering the fact that Thunderkick is new, it doesn’t have huge wads of cash to pay jackpots from.


Spectra is a good game from the works of Thunderkick considering the fact that it is one of the few slot games to pay homage to the early days of video gaming. Despite the little jackpot, you can perfectly make use of this game to have a good time.

Sunset Delight

Since childhood, many of us have been obsessed with ice-creams. The casino slot industry might not share our enthusiasm but the few slot games that do are usually quite awesome. One of such games is Sunset Delight developed by Thunderkick. This slot game is one of its kind in its designs and overall gameplay. Read on to discover what Thunderkick has to offer in this elegant game.

About the developer

Thunderkick is a new slot games developer. This developer has developed fewer games so far, but regardless of this, the games developed are usually one of a kind with its unique features and elegant designs. The games are far better when compared to an average slot game. Though Thunderkick is yet to be awarded for its games but it’s all just a matter of time.

About the Game

Sunset Delight is a game with three reels, three rows, and five fixed pay lines. The symbol used in Sunset Delight are ice creams made in different shapes and designs. When the ‘spin’ button is clicked, these ice creams are been scooped out of the cone. The backdrop to all this is a hazy fun fair pier with the sun setting beautiful on a lake.

The ice creams come in five tempting flavours which are pink, brown, orange, yellow, and stripy red. The wild symbol in Sunset Delight is the ice cream that has the letter ‘W’ on it. Every other symbol can be substituted by the wild save the scatter. The scatter symbol is represented by a wafer and is used in activating the game’s bonus features.

The free spin feature can be activated by getting the wafer symbol on the three reels of the game. When this is done, you would be rewarded with five free spins on a set of reels. When these free spins are activated, more ice cream scoops are added, instead of having them replaced during a free spin with a new ice cream.

During the course of the free spins, if the wafer scatter is obtained, the player would be awarded an extra free spin. There is also an increase in the value of the multiplier displayed to the right-hand side of the game. The multiplier will be added to the total win when the free spins feature comes to an end.

Sunset Delight also allows the players to bet with a minimum amount of £0.10 on a spin while the maximum amount of bet allowed on a spin is £100.00. The game has unique autoplay features and an RTP of 96.30%. The game also includes a jackpot feature that increases the player’s win by 15x. The possible reason for the small jackpot is probably due to the fact that Thunderkick is new to the field of online slot games development and as a result, doesn’t have deep pockets.


Despite the little jackpot this game has to offer, this game offers quite an exceptional and delicious gaming experience. Sunset Delight greatly appeals to those seeking to try new things.

Dead World

No one can really trace back the origin of the zombie idea in human mentality. All we know is that zombies have inspired quite a lot of people in popular culture. Slot games are not left out of this horrifying fun as can be seen in the numerous zombie-themed games up for grabs. One of such is Dead World, developed by 1 x 2 Gaming. Read on to discover the features of this game.

About the Developer

1 x 2 Gaming is a developer based in Brighton, the United Kingdom. This developer started out as a developer for virtual sports betting software but subsequently branched out into the world of online casino gaming. Dead World happens to be one of the results of this new venture.

About the Game

Dead World is a slot game with five reels, three rows and a total of fifty pay lines. This game was adapted from the Dead World comic by Calibre Comics. The influence of this comic book on the game is very glaring. The influence is so much that the symbols in this game can be largely said to have been lifted from the comic book itself. Serving as a background to the reels is a horrendous collage of blood and skin. When this is coupled with the scary soundtrack of this game, chills are guaranteed to roll down your spine.

When playing this game, the minimum amount that a player can bet on a single spin is £0.50 while the maximum bet for a spin is £125.00. If you are extremely lucky, you can hit the jackpot which would increase your stake by about 500x. The game also has an autoplay feature and an RTP of about 95%.

The symbols in this game are largely zombies. This doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t find any human symbols. There are about three human beings on the reels. The first is the gray garbed girl. This is followed by the ponytailed dude with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. The last human symbol in this game is the grinning black dude with a maul slung comfortably on his shoulder. If you want to get the 500x jackpot, you should put your eye out for the skeleton symbol. This symbol is the most valuable and landing it five times would increase your wins by 500x.

In Dead World, the wild is a female zombie which can be used to replace any of the other symbols and aid you in getting your needed win. You would have no issues identifying her because the icon has Wild’ written boldly across her. The only symbol the wild cannot replace is the scatter symbol. This symbol is the malformed and most horrifying of zombies in this game. For easy identification, the word ‘Bonus’ is written across it and it is used to unlock this game’s bonus feature.


Dead World is all about amazing graphic quality and we should give a thumbs up to 1 x 2 Gaming for the design. The game is also relatively profitable with its 500x jackpot and a 5% house edge.