Club Roulette

Club Roulette is one of the best live dealer table games in the world. You can even alter your roulette table or choose some other live game by just selecting the menu button of LIVE GAMES any time. Until you select a new table to join actually, you won’t be eliminated from the table, thus you can use the LIVE GAMES button to explore other games while still playing the game. The black toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the game screen and window. There are many key elements in the gaming window.

About Developer of Club Roulette

This game is powered and developed by NetEnt. NetEnt is a leading software provider which offers premium solutions to the casino gaming industry of the world. NetEnt has been pioneering the world of online gaming since 20 years.

About Game

You can play Club Roulette by spinning a little ball onto a circular wheel which as 37 numbered slots. The ball stops in any of these slots after the wheel comes to rest. The main objective of Roulette is to guess the slot number accurately in which the ball will come to rest. You earn a prize on your stake if you make an appropriate guess. The payoff size is based on the stake placed.

To play the roulette, choose the best amount of a provided spin by clicking on the appropriate betting fields of the roulette table. The window of ‘Total Bet’ displays the total stake. The stakes placed in the last game can be repeated by selecting the repeat key. If the repeat key is selected for the last round’s stake, then you get a chance of 2x multiplier if you have enough funds. Many different types of stakes can be placed on the roulette table. Each kind of stake covers a specific range of numbers, and each kind has its own payoff. There are rows on the panel which are nothing but the short lines of 3 numbers, while the columns are the long lines of 12 numbers. The first 5 types of stakes are all placed on the numbered space and known as inside bets whereas the last 3 kinds are placed on specific boxes below and are known are outside bets.


Club Roulette is an appealing and realistic online game of roulette. The amazing graphics and fantastic sound effects will enthral you and take you into a real world of casino.

Blackjack Common Draw Low Roller

In the days before the coming of the internet, if you wanted to have fun at the casino, you had to go far distances to places where casino gaming is legal. With the coming of the internet, players now have access to casino games from anywhere in the world. In fact, the internet provides more games than any single land-based casino can.

However, with the internet comes the problem of isolation during the gameplay. Since you would be at home when playing the game, it is basically you and your computer. There is no interaction with any other players. For those who prefer solitude, this would work well. But for those that love interaction, this is sort of a problem. This remained a problem till NetEnt developed this particular game.

About the Developer of Blackjack Common Draw Low Roller

NetEnt is one of the renowned developers in online casino game development. This developer has been doing its thing since 1996. It operates out of Stockholm and also has a branch In Malta. Despite the geographical location, NetEnt games are loved all over the globe. Through their consistency and devotion to providing the gaming world with the best, we have had a lot of wonderful games over the years.

About the Game

Blackjack Common Draw Low Roller helps to resolve the problem of solitude that is normally experienced when you play it on the internet. NetEnt is able to do this by harnessing the inherent power of the internet and 21st -century technology.

With this game, you would be able to see the dealer in real time. This means that a physical croupier is kept in charge of the play.

You can also interact with the croupier and other players by making use of the chat feature. The chat feature provides an avenue for you and other players to spice up the gaming experience with witty exchanges and remarks.

The gameplay of this game is the same as that of the normal game of Blackjack. This means that the aim is to get a hand-value that is more than the dealer’s but isn’t more than twenty-one.


Blackjack Common Draw Low Roller is a very interesting game in its own right. This means that by playing this game, you are sure to enjoy an undiluted and quality gaming experience.

Classic Roulette

Roulette is a very interesting game that has captivated gamers for generations. Despite it having one of the highest house edges in the casino gaming world, it has a steady stream of adherent fans. Roulette is unique in the world of casino gaming because it doesn’t involve card and decks. It is unique in all respects. This allure of uniqueness could be what draws players to this awesome game.

About the Developer of Classic Roulette

NetEnt has churned out quality games on a consistent basis for the best part of two decades. This developer is based in Stockholm and has not relented in providing the gaming world with the best it has to offer. It became publicly listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm OMX in 2007 and has been witnessing a steady rise in price of its shares ever since. There is no doubt that Classic Roulette is another awesome creation from the works of this developer.

About the Game

Classic Roulette is an online live game. What this means is that this game seeks to transport the gaming experience of land-based casinos to the internet.

In this, there is a real croupier that spins the wheels. This means that a random number generator or similar technology does not determine your wins. Rather, centrifugal forces and pure luck determine your fate in the game.

You have the opportunity to interact with other players using the chat feature. This provides an avenue for interaction among the players. With the chat feature, you can effectively notice the individual outburst of players when they win or lose.

This sort of recreates the land-based experience and is an additional source of fun in the gameplay.

The gameplay is the same as the gameplay in the typical game of roulette. Your wish/aspiration is for the Roulette wheel to select the number you placed your bet on.

The roulette wheel has numbers from 0 to 36 on it. After placing your bet on any of the numbers in the internal or external betting area, the croupier spins the wheel. If the wheel selects your number, then you have won and would be paid out by the casino.


Classic Roulette is a work of genius from the works of NetEnt. It effectively transfers the land-based experience to the internet.

Viking Fire

The word “Viking” doesn’t sound sheepish in any way. The word “Viking Fire” inspires awe, terror, wonder and so much more. Vikings have added their own fair share to the development and history of the human race. Depending on what time period you were born, Vikings might not appear so appealing. What is certainly appealing is the Viking Fire slots game from Lightning Box Games. Read on to discover what makes this game awesome.

About the Developer of Viking Fire Slots

Viking Fire is a game that was developed by Lightning Box games. This developer is based in faraway Disney but has a global impact on the world of online slots gaming, This developer has been in the business of game development as far back as 2004. They initially started out as developers for land-based casinos but have steadily carved out their own niche of the online slots gaming world and we thank them for that.

About the Game

Viking Fire is a slots game that does its own fair share to add to the immortalisation of the awesome Vikings. In this game, the reels are set between two wooden poles. The background to the reels is a green field that spreads out far and wild. To the left hand side of the reels is a Viking leaning on the wooden post.

This game has a lot of awesome features that make it one to remember. You can trigger the free spins by landing the fiery bonus icons three or more times on the reels. When the free spins are activated, you would need to fling boulders at some ships in order to get extra rewards. Your success in doing this determines the kind of reward you would get. If you are successful, all the icons in the game could become wilds. Also, you could be given one or two extra free spins.

There is also a gamble feature that lets you double or quadruple your wins. If you correctly guess the colour or the suit of the drawn card, you could get double of your wins. If you give a right guess the second time, you could get to quadruple your wins. However, like most gambles, getting an incorrect answer would mean that you lose it all.


Viking Fire is a very interesting slots game that is sure to keep you glued to your screen. If you are a Viking fan, then this is exclusively for you.

Blackjack Common Draw High Roller

The introduction of the internet has made the game of blackjack accessible to more people all over the world. With the internet, all you need to access the game is a computer and an internet connection. Although this is laudable, a large variety of players still prefer land-based gameplay. NetEnt has solved this problem by bringing the land-based casino to the online world through Blackjack Common Draw High Roller.

About the Developer of Blackjack Common Daw High Roller

NetEnt is a developer that is based in Stockholm, Sweden. This developer also has an office based in Malta. Over the years, NetEnt has blessed the gaming world with a series of awesome games that have captivated us. The sheer amount of talent available at this developer is quite overwhelming. There is no doubt that Blackjack Common Draw High Roller would be an awesome game that would solidify NetEnt’s position as a provider of top value in the world of online casino gaming.

About the Game

Blackjack Common Draw High Roller is undoubtedly a very awesome game from the works of NetEnt. With this game, NetEnt seeks to make online casino gaming more complete. Since this game removes the element of isolation that is normally associated with online gaming, it makes online casino gaming a more complete package.

This game aims to achieve its goal by the use of many awesome features. In this game, you can see the croupier live. The croupier is situated somewhere in NetEnt’s studios and she is always quite attractive. Despite this, you can have your pick of any dealer of your choice, although this is dependent on the available spots on a table.

The gameplay for Blackjack Common Draw High Roller is the same as the gameplay for classical blackjack. The aim of the game is for you to get a hand value that is more than the dealer’s hand value but is lesser than twenty one. If your hand has a value that is more than twenty one, you lose your bet to the house.

One awesome feature of Blackjack Common Draw High Roller is the fact that it allows you to chat with the other players at the table with you. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to interact with the other players and exchange ideas. It is also a means of catching fun and easing the tension that would necessarily crop up during gameplay.


Blackjack Common Draw High Roller is a pure work of genius from the studios of NetEnt. The game has a lot of awesome features that help to achieve its aim of recreating the land-based experience online.

Live Blackjack 2

Blackjack is a game that is much loved in the casino gaming universe. Over the years, this game has seen a tremendous rise in its fan base in land-based casinos. The introduction of online gaming has even served to make its fan base increase by leaps and bounds. With online casino gaming, players can enjoy the game of Blackjack from the comfort of their living rooms.

However, with this ease comes the problem of isolation that detractors attribute to the internet. NetEnt resolved this when they created Live Blackjack 2.

About the Developer of Live Blackjack 2

The developer of Live Blackjack 2, as already stated, is the illustrious NetEnt. This developer has been with us for as far back as 1996. This makes it one of the oldest in the online casino developing world, behind only Microgaming. Over the years, this developer has ensured that it bequeaths the gaming world with a lot of awesome games. The present game under review is one of the numerous awesome games provided to the gaming world by this developer.

About the Game

Live Blackjack 2 is a game that seeks to bring the magic of land-based blackjack gaming to the internet. From the numerous awesome features that this game possesses, it easily does a good job of taking offline gaming to the internet.

With live blackjack 2, you can play with a live croupier and other live players. This way, before you play, you can select a croupier with a face that has a lot of good luck, if you believe in that.

Another awesome feature that Live Blackjack 2 offers is the ability for players to bet on other players. This means that the betting players would not be playing the game itself. Rather, they place bet on specific players that they believe has a lot of luck going for him. When you use this feature, the player that you place a bet on decides your wins or losses.

This feature is ideal for players that do not like the idea of pushing the risky buttons themselves. With this feature, you can always let someone else take all the hard decisions while you sit back and get the rewards or losses.


Live Blackjack 2 is a work of genius from NetEnt. The introduction of new features like the one that lets you bet on other players has really introduced a new dimension to the world of online gaming.

Live Dealer Roulette

The game of roulette is fun not just because of the wonders of its gameplay but for the atmosphere of the gameplay. The background sound of casino chatter, the snide comment by players, the look of anxiety and the elation at getting a win all contribute to the fun inherent in the game of roulette. All this seems to be disappearing with the increased popularity of online roulette. NetEnt has come to save the fun in original roulette by the creation of Live Dealer Roulette.

About the Developer of Live Dealer Roulette

NetEnt is a casino game developer that has been on the scene for quite some time. This developer has imparted a lot of awesome games to the gaming world. NetEnt’s operation is divided into three: NetEnt Casino, NetEnt Touch and NetEnt Live Gaming. This Roulette happens to fall under the last category.

About the Game

The game that does a good job of simulating the action that is to be expected from a live roulette wheel. With this game, the roulette casino is transferred from Vegas to anywhere in the world that you might be residing in. How is this possible? You may ask.
This is made possible with the use of the latest in gaming and computer technology to ensure that the best quality is gotten. With Live Dealer Roulette, a real croupier spins the roulette wheel, a real wheel, and the lucky number is chosen as the winner. This means that a random number generator is certainly not placed in charge of your wins and losses. Your wins and losses are purely decided by luck and centrifugal forces.
In addition to the presence of a live croupier, this game offers the option of chat with other players who are invariably at the wheel with you. If you are a person who loves to have an interesting conversation ongoing during gameplay, then this would certainly appeal to you. If you happen to be a player that loves a distraction-free gaming experience, then you can simply turn off the chat feature and enjoy the game in the bliss of solitude.
Whatever your preferences might be, you are sure to have a good time at this casino.


In all, this game does a perfect job of reinventing the wheel on the internet. If you want to have the best live gaming experience, then Live Dealer Roulette would do it for you.

Live BlackJack Standard High Roller

Blackjack is a game that is easily the favourite of casino gamers all over the world. With Blackjack, getting a win is not entirely dependent on luck. You need experience, strategy and maybe just a bit of luck in order to leave the table richer than you came in. The introduction of online gaming has added a lot in terms of the ease with which players can enjoy their favourite games. Blackjack is not left out of the wave of opportunities presented by internet casino gaming. However the use of the internet has made casino gaming sort of a lonely affair. All this has changed for the better with the introduction of this super awesome game from NetEnt.

About the Developer of Live Blackjack Standard High Roller

NetEnt is the proud developer of this game. This developer has been around for quite a while and has created a lot of amazing games in the past. NetEnt’s operation is divided into three: NetEnt Casino, NetEnt Touch and NetEnt Live Casino. NetEnt Casino is concerned with the development of normal online games. NetEnt touch is concerned with the development of online casino games for mobile devices. NetEnt Live Casino is concerned with developing live casino games like the present game.

About the Game

This is a slots game that does its best to simulate the real life experiences of a land-based casino right to your computer screen. NetEnt is able to achieve this by making use of a live dealer and live blackjack Cards. Players can also interact by making use of the chat feature made available by this casino.

Playing this game is the same as playing a normal game of Blackjack. This means that the aim of the game is to get a hand value that more than the dealer’s but isn’t less than twenty one. If you are familiar with the normal rules of conventional blackjack, you should have no problem in gaining mastery of this game.

The game has seven players per table. A player cannot have more than one slot. If you refuse to make a bet after three rounds, you would be given a warning after which you would be removed and be replaced by other players that are available.


Live Blackjack Standard High Roller is a game that would bring literally bring the best of Vegas gaming to your computer screen.

Live Automatic Roulette

The Roulette lovers have now got a chance to enjoy their favourite casino game, Roulette, from anywhere they want and anytime they want. Live Automatic Roulette is no less than bliss for the Roulette lovers. This casino game is the digital version of the traditional Roulette game which has garnered a massive fan-following. Just like its traditional counterpart, Live Automatic Roulette too has managed to roll many eyeballs. Today, this online casino game is a favourite among the online casino lovers with more and more number of casino players turning to play this game.

About the Developer of Live Automated Roulette

NetEnt is the very famous online casino game developer that has developed many casino games in the span of 20 years. This online casino developing firm was established in the year 1996 and since then, it has been gaining the fancy of the casino lovers by developing pioneers of the online casino gaming world. This slot is another marvel of this online casino developing firm which has struck the right chord with the casino-loving crowd.

About the Game

Live Automatic Roulette is a fun casino game that has the potential to fill your pockets with real cash. It is a fun casino game. Here, you will see a spinning wheel coloured in red and black and a pay table. The wheel will have numbers written on it from 0 to 36. The numbers will be written in 37 compartments. The compartments are where the ball will land after spinning the wheel, to decide your fate.

To start the game, you would have to place a bet. The chip values that you would get are 1,5,25, 100 and 1000.

You would need to place the bet over a number or more than one numbers. The bets can be categorized as inside, outside and racetrack bets. You can place the bet according to your preference. You can place a straight, split, 3 line, corner or 6 line bet; all of them are categorized under inside bets.

If you do not want to bet on a specific number or numbers, you can select a range, pattern or a colour and be on a safer side. These bets are called as outside bets and they include betting on one of the two colours, even or odd numbers, dozen, column or 1-18/19-36.

In the racetrack bet, the player can place bets on series of numbers.

If the ball landed in the right place, the player wins.


The game is an amazing casino game. Enjoy this casino game and make money.