Crystal Rift

Get Ready to enter the world of luxury all around. Such is the baseline of the slot- Crystal Rift empowered by Microgaming which revolves around luxurious things and will surely attract a lot number of players. It has low to medium volatility and offers a wonderful chance of grabbing an amount equal to 1000 times of the player’s stake.

Grab Huge Wins In Crystal Rift Slot!

Crystal Rift is designed in a grid of 5 reels and 25 paylines. The slot follows the cascading reels format and will pull players towards the spectacularly staged setting which have high quality mechanics as well as stunning visuals. The min wager of the slot is just £0.25 which will suit best for the players having a low budget. While the max wager is £50.00 which will surely attract high rollers towards this slot.

The backdrop of reels is portrayed in a scenario having a huge subterranean room where the surface light find it hard to penetrate. The slot has beautifully crafted symbols which are designed in 8 different coloured crystals.

The white crystal logo represents the wild symbol that can substitute any other 8 symbols.

Bonus Features

Bonus Falls

This feature occurs more often in the cascading slots. Whenever any winning line gets created, all participating symbols in that payline will disappear from the reels. After which, all new symbols will start falling from top of screen and will help in creating new winning paylines. Ideally, it means that a continuous chain reaction of the wins can continue indefinitely.

Wild Grid Feature

At the beginning of every fall, any wild grid will get randomly selected that can contain several spaces. This feature gets triggered after 3 simultaneous payline wins. After which, symbols available on any wild grid will get transformed into wilds. Overall, this feature is one of the superb ways of achieving wins.

To Sum Up

Crystal Rift is one of the finest real money slots mobile by Microgaming. It’s lucrative wild grid feature earning huge wins for you keep the players hooked up to this slot. It has fascinating graphics and has a synthesiser soundtrack. Crystal Rift can also be played across all devices which makes it comfortable for the players.

3D Baccarat

3D Baccarat is the three-dimensional online version of the same old card casino game of Baccarat. Rules of Squeeze are the same. It is just the features got an upgrade this time around. The game is based on the pure classic casino style and you will find tables, cards, and the whole set-up of this online game to resemble that of a real casino. Know more by reading the review below.

Salient Features of 3D Baccarat

Being a casino game, features pretty much remain the same for this 3D version. Players all start with 10k chips and gradually move up the points table playing with the regular cards, which are the only symbols in this game. The new 3-D avatar of the game allows you to play along with your friends online and share points with them. The game has gone social in that way and lets you view other players and form your own communities. You can also see the game masters on the leaderboard and compare your scores with them.

The online platform for 3D Baccarat gives the players a chance to meet other enthusiasts from all over the world and compete with them while having some fun. The cards are divided just like in a real casino, the players place their bets and the revelation of the cards determines their fates.

3D Baccarat Bonuses and Rewards

The rewards can be high in the game of 3D Baccarat as a player progresses with his bets. The banker hand deals cards to the player hand and the numbers on the cards are added to get the points. Tens and face cards are worth zero points.
If the sum is greater than ten, the digit at the one’s place is considered as the final point. The bets can be placed depending on how much the scale of payout is on the points. The sanding and drawing points are different for both banker and player hands just like the classic game of Baccarat.

Summing Up

The game of 3D Baccarat is the perfect one for real casino enthusiasts who want to play with and learn from pro betters from around the world and are looking for real-life casino play.

Blackjack Professional Series Standard

Blackjack Professional Series Standard is an online casino game produced by NetEnt. This blackjack variant is designed to suit casual players or low rollers. The minimum limit is 10p while the maximum limit is £5 in this 3-hand online blackjack variant. There are amazing graphics and animation on display in this casino game coupled with a soothing jazzy tune in the background. Players can play at different gaming speeds and there are Rebet and Double Jack features on offer.

Blackjack Professional Series Standard Low And High Roller Options

What makes the Blackjack Professional Series Standard different from other blackjack variants out there is the fact that players have two gaming options. This blackjack has been designed to meet the demands of both low and high rollers alike.

The low roller option entails that a betting limit as low as 10p per session is allowed while the upper limit is £5 per session. However, for the high roller option players can bet with a minimum of £25 per session and a maximum of £500 per gaming session.

Standard Gaming Option

While there is the choice of a low or high roller option in Blackjack Professional Series Standard. Players can also play with the standard gaming option which equally satisfies both low and high rollers. In the standard gaming option, the lower betting limit is £1 while the upper limit is £200.

In addition, the standard gaming option comes with a 3-hand session. Players will be allowed to “Split” their hand a single time and if their hand consists of a pair of similar cards, then they will be able to “Double” their bets.

The Double Jack Side Bet

In Blackjack Professional Series Standard the Double Jack Side Bet comes with the same betting limits as the standard gaming option. You can place this bet once a standard bet has been placed and prior to the dealer dealing cards. With a pair of “Jacks” playing cards, you will emerge victorious in the Double Side Bet of this blackjack game.

If you have a pair of “Jacks of Spades” the reward is a multiplier of 100x your staked amount. You will also earn a victory when the first playing card you are dealt by the dealer during a standard game is a “Jack”. Players will receive a multiplier of 10x their staked sum.

To Sum Up

A great gameplay with a user-friendly and interactive interface with the live dealers make Blackjack Professional Series Standard a game to invest in. The Double Jack Side Bet is not a bad betting option as well, as you can earn a 100x stake multiplier for a couple of “Jacks of Spades”

Blackjack Professional Series High

Blackjack Professional Series High Limit has obtained a wider recognition as the most entertaining casino gambling game. This game has built up a great reputation and thus it is gaining the attention of the casino lovers all over the globe.

Blackjack Professional Series High Limit has brilliant graphics and provides the players with a thrilling gaming experience and if they are fortunate enough, they can secure huge wins. The min bets begin from £25.00 and range up to £500.00 per round ideal for high rollers.

How to Play Blackjack Professional Series High Limit?

Blackjack Professional Series High Limit is played using four standard decks and before each round, the cards will get re-shuffled. The player, as well as the dealer, are dealt with two cards and if the total value of the first 2 cards is 21, then the players will win the Blackjack hand. And, if not, the players have to draw the cards until they get twenty-one. However, if the player exceeds twenty-one points, they receive a BUST and will lose the hand.

Likewise, if the dealer exceeds twenty-one, then he will lose the hand and the player will win. Also, the dealer will now have to stand on 17 but the players can still draw the cards after that also.

Before the cards get shuffled, the players can select to play one to three hands against the dealer. Interestingly, players also have an option to place the side bet. This side bet option can be exercised only on the 1st two cards of the Blackjack hand, and it offers a max win up to 100x times of the bet.

Next step is to pick the chip amount and hit at the rectangle placed in front of the green coloured table on the game screen. Once players hand shows up on game screen, they have the option of following actions:
Stand – refuse the additional card and twig with what they have
Hit – get an additional card
Split – split 2 cards into 2 different hands for generating extra chances to win
Double – double the stake if satisfied with your hand
Insurance – Pay only the half amount of the initial bet again so as to insure yourself from the dealer i.e you will win even if the dealer succeeds in getting Blackjack with 2 cards.

To Sum Up

Blackjack Professional Series High Limit provides a wide variety of options along with a fast-paced action. The players can watch the action in real time. This online casino variant has professional as well as pleasing dealers and streams action in a high-definition quality

Blackjack Professional Series Low

The Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit has a self-explanatory name and is a blackjack variant optimized for those who for one reason or the other delight in making bets of the lowest value. It can be used by pros to tune up their gameplay, apart from providing a means for newbies to play without getting their bank accounts zapped!

Read on for more details of this professional series game.

Blow Up Fun With Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit!

Unlike most other blackjack games where the betting range starts at £25.00, those in the Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit is in the range of 0.10 to £5.00. This serves to make it most suitable for newbies determined to learn the game without being obliged to break the bank!

During gameplay here, the objective remains to get a hand that’s worth 21, or as near that value as is practical. If more cards are required, players of this blackjack variant have the choice to “Hit.” Should players be however satisfied with their hands, they can opt to “Stand.”

Double Fun With The Extra Double Jack Side Bet

The Extra Double Jack Side Bet is a prime feature of the Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit. It is played using the initial cards, with the payout for wins being a very reasonable 100x the wager.
For a win to occur during this side bet, a player must be either dealt a jack pair or have a jack as part of his/her initial hand. During this side bet, the biggest payout is reserved for a couple of spades jacks.

Gameplay Buttons

The gameplay buttons in the Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit are neatly and conveniently arranged. Everything is in its place and the view of the action is quite clear. There’s even a fullscreen option that can be toggled on or off as desired, which can help make the game more immersive.

A help section is provided, within which can be reviewed the entire applicable rules and regulations used in this blackjack game.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit is a blackjack variant that aims to deliver a heavy dose of fun and action, without skimping on the necessities. It’s fulfilling and with the featured bets being so low, everyone and anyone can wager comfortably! Overall, Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit has lots of slick goodness that players can joyfully immerse themselves in

VIP Roulette Live

Are you a high roller in the fullest sense of the word? If so, then VIP Roulette Live is a game that’s specifically designed for folks like you.

Made by Extreme Live Gaming, this Roulette variant makes use of standard Roulette rules and practices, with the only notable exception being that the betting limits are so sky-high that players can practically abseil off it! VIP Roulette Live has the gameplay streamed in HD format from a high-end studio somewhere in Riga, Latvia. It is also hosted by the very best skilled and courteous dealers in existence and is played at the most exclusive red tables.
Read on for more details of this exclusive game.

Live The Dream With VIP Roulette Live!

VIP Roulette mLive has a rather intuitive and convenient user interface, with everything in its proper position. The action is made crystal clear to viewers with the provision of a multiplicity of camera views that cover all possible angles.

Standard wagers are supported in this online Roulette version, as well as more than a few favourite bets and side bets. There’s a live chat function in place, with players being able to make use of this in getting acquainted with the dealer.

Fittingly for a VIP game, betting limits here range from £5 to £20,000.

Gameplay In VIP Roulette Live

Once the game has been chosen from the casino lobby that hosts it, players are prompted to select either a classic or 3D view. This can be later tweaked or changed if required via the provided options panel.

The featured chip sizes range from £5, £50, £500, £1k, £5k to0 £10k. Any of these can be clicked on and then placed on the Roulette table section that’s desired.

At the bottom right of the screen is found the racetrack, with this making possible special and neighbour bets. As well, players can easily save their favourite bets if desired.

There is indeed a quite extensive list of options. With these, the video quality can be tweaked, the game history checked, the full-screen mode activated and both the croupiers and fellow high rollers engaged in conversation.

Final Thoughts

VIP Roulette Live offers an exclusive and very much user-adjustable experience that’s exactingly tailored to the needs of high rollers. VIP dealers, premium tables, special bets, and more all conspire to make this Roulette variant one to remember with special fondness!

Live Bacarrat Squeeze

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze made its debut in 2016. Developed by Evolution Gaming it offers a multiplicity of camera views that make possible a better view of the action. As well, just like its name implies, it features the fabled card squeeze or peek that’s so beloved of Baccarat players over the years, especially in Asia.

Read on for more details that can be squeezed out of this online Baccarat variant!

Game Large With Live Baccarat Squeeze!

Chinese gamblers at casinos in Macau swear by the squeeze! These folks have a fair amount of renown due to their squeezing the Baccarat cards for luck, before turning them over and revealing their values. This practice ends up damaging the poor cards as they are squeezed to within an inch of their lives, but makes for very suspenseful gameplay.

Gameplay In Live Baccarat Squeeze

In this online Baccarat variant which is played on a glossy table that is shaped like a bean, the dealers are rather attractive females who appear to be rigorously trained. The top of the screen shows the video feed, with the bottom part displaying options to live chat with the dealer and perform a variety of gaming-related activities. 8 decks of cards are used and gameplay is easily accessible to both PC players and mobile players.

Normal third card rules, different types of payouts and bets are in effect here. Thus, players can bet on the player or banker, or the probability of a tie. This pays out at 1:1, 0.95:1 and 8:1 respectively. Side bets are also occasionally available.

Gameplay in Live Baccarat Squeeze is begun once bets are made. The dealer then deals a couple of cards to both the bank and the player. Next, the cards are turned face-up by the dealer, with the squeeze happening solely to the cards that were dealt with positions with the biggest cumulative wagers.

For a third card to be given, either the player or the banker must have hands that total 8 or 9, with both choosing to stand. As well, when players have hands that total 5, they can opt to get a third card. A third card can as well be given whenever the player prefers to stand and the banker has a hand of 5 or lower.

Final Thoughts

Live Baccarat Squeeze appears to be Evolution Gaming’s effort to recreate the experience of playing Baccarat in an Asian land-based casino. The featured live dealer experience is both authentic and immersive, and a new and more attractive user interface is used. There are also a multiplicity of roads for user convenience.
Overall, Live Baccarat Squeeze squeezes lots of new excitement into an old game, plays for high stakes, and has lots to offer to Baccarat players everywhere.

Live Immersive Roulette

Live Immersive Roulette is Evolution Gaming’s attempt at shaking up the staid online Roulette scene by enhancing the already considerable appeal and immersive quality of the gameplay. This is made possible by the strategic placement of multiple HD cameras, as well as a few gameplay tweaks that are nearly magical in effect!
Read on for a detailed overview of this game.

Live Free With Live Immersive Roulette!

Roulette can be a rather fascinating game with a lot of variants. It has taken to the online gaming revolution like a duck to water and can be quite immersive.

However, the current immersive level does not appear to be to the liking of the folks at Evolution Gaming. As a result, the Live Immersive Roulette was created and released.

This online Roulette variant aims at ratcheting up the suspense to a nearly unbearable level and is slick! Like most other online Roulette variants, multiple HD cameras are employed here, with the quality being set at 200 fps. Once the Roulette wheel gets spun into action by the dealer, these cameras immediately zoom in and slickly broadcast each and every bounce, jiggle and movement of the ball as it goes hither and thither.

Once the ball finally stops, the last few seconds are replayed in slow-motion. This is a nifty trick that lets winners confirm that their eyes are not playing tricks on them after all!

Live Immersive Roulette Comes To Town!

Evolution Gaming’s Live Immersive Roulette can be accessed on desktop, as well as on mobile and tablets. This considerably broadens the pool of potential players.

It is accessible 24/7, can be launched directly from the given web page and has a betting grid that can be swiftly folded away. Auto zoom capability is supported, as are different shot angles and different camera-shot sequences.

Shown on the screen are the results of the last 50 to 500 games, with this apparently letting players judge the current hot and cold numbers. A trio of game modes is additionally supported- betting mode, video mode and HD mode.

Final Thoughts

Live Immersive Roulette appears to live up to its name and renders a rather immersive online Roulette experience via its multiplicity of HD cameras. Gameplay is smooth and easy enough, and the action can be as fast-paced or slow as players require.

Live Blackjack Party

Live Blackjack Party is a Blackjack variant from Evolution Gaming. It features low stakes that are suitable for most players, a multiplicity of bet options and side bets, with the entire action being overseen by a dealer and his/her co-presenter. The emphasis here seems to be firmly on having fun and living it up.
Read on for more details.

Party Hard With Live Blackjack Party!

Like most Evolution Gaming live dealer games, Live Dealer Blackjack has its action streamed in HD from a Latvian studio. 8 decks of cards are employed during gameplay and these are randomly shuffled. Players of this Blackjack variant get treated to HD views of all that is taking place, via multiple HD cameras that are carefully positioned to cover all possible angles.

A total of 7 players can be seated at the table at any one time and standard American Blackjack rules are adhered to. Thus, the dealer must stand on soft 17s, hands can only be split once and players are permitted to double down their first initial cards.

There are also some extra side bets like 21+3, the Bet Behind and Perfect Pairs. With the Bet Behind option, players can hitch a ride on other players who appear to have a winning streak. As well, seated players are permitted to bet behind the other seats.

Featured in Live Blackjack Party are both a dealer and co-host. Players can interact with this duo via the live chat function.

Bet limits range from a low of £5 to £1,000. As for the bet behind option, this ranges from £0,50 to £100.

The 21+3 side bet option, on the other hand, has bet limits of £1 and £250, with the bet limits of the perfect pair side bet being set at £1 and £500. A hand of Blackjack pays out at 3:2, with the insurance and best hand paying out at 1:1.

Gameplay here can be rather fast-paced, especially when the available pre-decision feature is enabled.

Final Thoughts

Live Blackjack Party offers a party atmosphere and is most suitable for players who are determined to have all sorts of fun when playing their favourite table game. The low stakes make it easily accessible, and the featured options are quite extensive. Overall, Live Blackjack Party appears to be a fun and frenetic game with a lot of entertainment on offer.