Treasure of Horus

Iron Dog Studio is behind the Treasure of Horus online slot. Just as the name implies, it has an Ancient Egyptian theme, as well as a glossy look that lets it imprint itself on the memory. The Treasure of Horus slots online can be played on both mobile devices and the PC, with a tri-stage bonus round being available to thrill players of this slot.
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Treasures Aplenty In The Treasure Of Horus Slots!

The Treasure of Horus slots online has 5 reels, as well as 20 paylines. Like most other slots out there, it can be accessed on all mobile and laptop devices, with bets starting at 20p to a high of ₤40.

It is a rather nice looking slot with pillars at either side of the reels. The backdrop features palm trees, as well as views of the skies and clouds. Playing card values along with other icons like the cat god Bastet, swords, a cross and an Ankh are featured.

The role of the wild is performed by a scarab beetle, which incidentally pays out 50, 150 and 750 coins whenever players land 3, 4 or 5 of this particular icon on any reel position. The scatter icon also awards prizes of 5x, 10x and 25x the stake when players land 3, 4 or 5 of them respectively on the reels.

Bonus Feature

Free Spins- this is triggered when players of this slots online land an Anubis icon on the 3rd reel. They are then permitted to enter Anubis’ chamber and are awarded 6 free spins.

During this feature, the goddess Weret is able to show up on the 3rd reel and consequently add 6 more free spins to the total. These spins take place in the Tomb of Weret, with a multiplier wild that doubles the value of wins being available, along with the standard wild.

Should the Horus icon be landed on the third 3rd reel during this feature, players are enabled to progress to the final level where 6 more free spins await. During all these free spins, wilds that add win multipliers of 2x and 5x are featured.

Final Thoughts

The Treasure of Horus slot has good audio and graphics, as well as a rewarding and creative bonus round. It supports wins of up to 2,562x the stake when the 5x multiplier is effect and overall is a highly volatile and pleasing creation.

Blackjack D Live

There are few games as popular as blackjack or as exciting. Blackjack or 21 as lots of people refer to it has been around longer than you have been chomping on fish and chips and is known to be the most popular casino game in existence.

It puts players not against each other, but the dealer, with the objective being to get a hand whose value trounces anything else the dealer might have. Once this is accomplished, a win is recorded and a payout is made that can get players smiling.

Like any popular casino game, blackjack has many variants, with some of these having little resemblance to the original game. Blackjack D from Evolution Gaming is, however, a variant that makes use of standard blackjack rules, payouts, objectives and what have you. It is a live dealer game and is as action-packed as can be.
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D Game Begins With Blackjack D!

Blackjack D is just about identical to any of the other standard blackjack variants floating around. 8 decks of 52 cards apiece are utilized and the gameplay rules require the dealer to deal till 16 and stand on each and every 17.

It features a view from a live studio, with the action being streamed in eye-candy HD format or even better. This stream is invariably smooth and lag-free.

Incidentally and for obvious reasons, the live dealers used in this Evolution Gaming creation are invariably women. They are also well trained and professional.

Players can double down on all initial cards, can split all cards that are of identical value, though just one split is allowed for each hand. A single card can be added to split Aces and there can be no doubling down after splitting.

Insurance can also be taken out when the dealer has an Ace as the face-up card and the probability is high that he/she will be able to form a blackjack hand. Hits can be used to obtain other cards that will improve the initial hand, while a Stand indicates that players are thoroughly satisfied with the worth of their hand.

The cards used in Blackjack D are valued at standard rates, with the featured payout being the usual 3:2 for blackjack and 2:1 for Insurance. There are of course side bet options in Blackjack D, with these consisting of the usual Perfect Pairs and 21+ 3.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack D is easy to play and offers all possible thrills and action.

Blackjack VIP E Live

The game of blackjack has many names, with 21 being among the most widely used. It also has lots of fans and admirers and was at one time heavily played by royalty in some of the existing European courts.

Blackjack is indeed a game with lots of history. It is peculiar in that players aim to defeat the dealer, rather than other players. This is accomplished by having a hand of more value than anything the dealer can summon.

The most desirable hand to have is 21, also known as a blackjack hand. Should players get a hand that totals up to this, they have won the round and can, therefore, look forward to a payout.

While there are plenty of blackjack variants floating around, most follow nearly the same rules and objectives. Evolution Gaming is one game developer that has lots of blackjack variants in its collection. One of these, the Blackjack VIP E Live will be explored in this review.

VIP Sweetness With Blackjack VIP E Live!

Like all other live games, Blackjack VIP E Live is hosted by a live dealer. These are invariably females who are thoroughly trained, pretty as sin, and dressed to dazzle, apart from looking good enough to eat.

This game makes use of standard blackjack rules, with the betting limits being raised so high that only well-heeled VIPs and high rollers dying to offload obscene amounts of moolah can afford it. The action in this live dealer game is streamed straight from a studio, with lots of camera options being available for a more immersive feel and taste. The table shown on Blackjack VIP E Live seats 7 players, though lots more can have a taste of the action with the Bet Behind option.

8 standard decks that have 52 cards apiece are employed. Here, the dealer stands on every 17, doubling down is possible on just the initial cards, splitting is possible just on hands that are of equal value and a split per hand is the maximum allowable. Doubling down after splitting is not permitted either, and a split Ace can only have one card attached to it.

Once cards are drawn, players of Blackjack VIP E Live can Hit or Stand as desired, with multiple hits being allowed. There are also all the usual side bet options like Perfect Pairs and 21 + 3 available.

Final Thoughts

Sky-high betting limits and a VIP atmosphere make Blackjack VIP E Live a sweet game that cannot be taken lightly!

Blackjack VIP D Live

The most exclusive games developed by Evolution Gaming are here at Jackpot Paradise! Their Blackjack VIP D Live release is one exclusive blackjack game that is for the VIPs. This high-roller game has the highest betting option; even the minimum bet seems high. As a VIP player, you can place your main bet and also optional additional bets which Blackjack VIP D Live offers. The popularity of Blackjack game has increased widely and that too live casino games has seen a tremendous increase; that’s because of the software developers who bring the game live at user’s mobile/tablet/desktop.

Playing Blackjack VIP D Live with the dealer

Playing Blackjack VIP D Live with the dealer is quite simple and easy. The game rules are same as the 21 or the blackjack casino has. The live dealer has the shuffled set of cards in the rack which he draws after players placing the bets. In a live blackjack table, there can be numerous amounts of players and that won’t get into your mind or disturb you for sure. You will just deal with the live dealer as the game is between you and the live dealer.

Once player has placed the bets, the dealer draws two cards for you and for the dealer. The number cards maintain their value (2 to 10) and the face value cards like Kings, Queens, and Jacks have the value of 10. Ace is the card which has the value of either 1 or 11. It depends on the other card in hand. The player decides whether to stand or hit upon calculating the value of cards in hand.

In Blackjack VIP D Live, player can place side bets like 21+3, Perfect Pairs, and Bet Behind which can give them either winning or losing hand. Apart from these features, the player has an option of getting insurance which happens when the dealer’s faced up card is an Ace.

To Sum Up

Evolution Gaming gave their best to bring everything inside the game of Blackjack VIP D Live so that the gamers can experience a realistic gameplay. Table design, environment, noiseless background, clear HD visuals without any lag, and with professional dealers at the house gives this game a VIP slot.

Blackjack M Live

Blackjack M Live comes with a live streaming facility allowing you to play your favourite game of Blackjack from anywhere across the globe. The live streaming is done from a casino studio with live (human) dealers adding a twist to online gambling. The friendly and engaging dealers are sure to make your gambling experience a fascinating one.

Rules at Blackjack M Live

The very basic rules played at any land-based casino are what apply here at Blackjack M Live as well. The game is played with decks of 8 having 52 cards per deck. The rule stands that the player must try and get his cards close to 21 as opposed to the dealer’s hand.

  • Rule of Hit and Stand: When the dealer’s hand is 16 or less than 16, he/she must “Hit”. This means that the dealer should pick an additional card. The “Stand” refers for the dealer to hold on all bets of 17 or more. If the dealer’s card value crosses 21, he/she loses that round of the game.
  • Rule of Doubling Down: If the player feels he/she can beat the dealer with an additional third card, they can click on the double down option which doubles their initial bet and also receive one card extra.
  • Insurance: This comes up in the game if the player thinks that the dealer is about to win. In this case, the player can purchase the insurance which is half of the bet amount usually. Now the dealer is to check the face-down cards of his to see if any of them are 10 + Ace, King, Queen or Jack. If the dealer has them, he/she loses the game and player wins double the amount of insurance bet. In case if the dealer doesn’t have the above-mentioned cards, the player is destined to lose the round.
  • Splitting Pairs rule: If the value of the first two cards of the player ends up being of same value, they can choose to ‘Split’ them into separate hands of two. Once split, players are not allowed to double here.
  • Side Bets: Side bets are the ones that are placed along with main Blackjack bets. These bets include 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. The player has a chance to win on any of the side bets irrespective of the fact that they win or lose the main Blackjack bet.


Blackjack M Live is a pretty interesting one. Streaming it online and playing from the place of your comfort with live dealers makes it even more enjoyable. Try Blackjack M Live today.

Blackjack J Live

One of the world’s most enjoyed and popular game of all, blackjack easily stands out as one of the best casino games out there. And its fandom just doesn’t stop right there! Online casino market booms with players each day trying to find some different variant of this amazing and fun game to play around with. Blackjack J Live brings the same experience, but this time, one can enjoy this at their own convenience and comforts! The game can be enjoyed around with players from all around the world and gamblers might find this an attractive feature as to interact with players and learn from them as well!

Key features offered in Blackjack J Live:

Blackjack J Live offers easy gameplay which can be comprehended by anyone, be it professionals or newbies alike. However, new entrants might find it as a more suitable feature since the gameplay can be compared to standard gameplay of blackjack and the user interface bolsters them with prompts and easy descriptions. The betting schemes and rules are also similar to that of a standard blackjack game.

Another interesting feature that can found in this game is the ‘Bet Behind feature’. This feature allows players to place bets on the hands of other players too. The other players might not know if there has been a bet placed on their hand yet, but they have the option to see the number of players who have currently placed a ‘Bet Behind’ bet. The players may also choose to change this setting and alternatively not allow anyone else to place a bet on their hand, as well.

Payouts offered in Blackjack J Live:

The payout schemes are just as similar to that of a standard blackjack game. A blackjack win secures a 3:2 payout. A ‘Suited Trip’ and a ‘Perfect Pair’ lands a 100:1 and 25:1 payout ratio, respectively.

Final thoughts about Blackjack J Live:

Sophisticated. Premier. The Ultimate Experience. This game certainly is worthy of a tryout. Evolution Gaming has featured a game which will not only be enjoyed by professional gamblers but also be an attractive deal for the general mass as well!

Blackjack K Live

You might be quite familiar with the rising popularity of the blackjack games in the whole world. Blackjack K Live is a new and improved version of blackjack.This amazing game is developed by the software of Evolution Gaming. Read this review till the end to learn how you can win huge amounts of money through the Blackjack K Live.

Betting Options In Blackjack K Live

Blackjack K Live is the game which is developed only to fulfill the requirements of high rollers. So, if you are a new player in the field of gambling and has a low amount to place your bet then you can try the usual online Blackjack game.

Gaming Rules

It is quite easy for the players to learn the basic rules of Blackjack K Live. Whenever the players become able to get a sum of the value of 21 on the starting two of the playing cards, then the players can have Blackjack and it is considered as the best hand.

Also, whenever the players have Blackjack, then it pays a payout ratio of 3 to 2 to them whereas through the Insurance, the players can get a payout ratio of 2 to 1.

Side Bets

Also, the game provides the optional feature of side bets through which along with the main bet of blackjack, the players can also have the opportunity to place the side bets as well.

These side bets increases the chances for the players so that they can win huge amounts. The players can place the side bets like 21+3, Bet Behind along with The Perfect Pairs side bets. Perfect Pairs rewards the players with a payout ratio of 25 to 1.

To Sum Up

Blackjack K Live is the new online version of blackjack. The seasoned and experienced enthusiasts of blackjack must give a chance to this new blackjack version and place high bets through which they can win huge amounts of cash.

Blackjack G Live

Blackjack G Live is an Evolution Gaming online blackjack game. You should know that this blackjack variant comes with similar rules as most blackjack games. Like most blackjacks you can place side bets and this review takes a look at two side bets that players can place in this blackjack version.

Blackjack G Live Card Values

As with other blackjack games the Blackjack G Live is played with 8 decks of standard playing cards (i.e. 52 cards per deck). The cards with a face value of 2 right up to 10 are worth their face values. For face cards which include Kings, Jacks and Queens, they have a value of 10 each. If you have an Ace in your hand, you should know that the value can be either 1 or 11.

The Ace value you use will depend on the value of the other card in your hand. So with a card value of 2 in your hand along with a Ace would mean that you use the value of 11 for your Ace in order to have a combined value of 13. Hopefully your hand is better than that of the house so you can win.


Blackjack G Live comes with side bets such as 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. These side bets can be placed alongside the primary blackjack bet. The beauty with side bets is that winning is not dependent on the primary blackjack bet.

Blackjack G Live Perfect Pairs Side Bet

Players can place a Perfect Pairs side bet where a win is recorded when a player has a pair of cards. In Blackjack G Live you win a Perfect Pairs side bet with a couple of face cards, Aces or any other card. In addition, this blackjack version has 3 different pairs with these pairs having varying payouts. The 3 different pairs include;

  • The Perfect Pair: This is where you have a pair of cards from a similar suit. For example; a pair of Queens of Hearts.
  • The Coloured Pair: This is where you have a pair of cards with a similar colour but not from the same suit. For example; 3 of Clubs and 3 of Spades.
  • The Mixed Pair: Here you have a pair of cards that are not from one suit. For example; 2 of Clubs and 2 of Hearts.

21+3 Side Bet

With the 21+3 side bet of Blackjack G Live you will earn a win where your initial couple of cards as well as the house upward facing card is made up of the b
combination wins stated below;

  • A Suited Trips: Where you have 3 of the same cards like three Kings of Clubs.
  • A Straight Flush: Where you have a numerical sequence from a similar suit. For example; 2, 3 and 4 of Clubs.
  • A Three of a Kind: Where you have three cards of a similar value but not the same suit.
  • Others include a Straight (numerical sequence but not of the same suit of cards) and Flush (same suit but not in any numerical sequence).

To Sum Up

Side Bets in Blackjack G Live is a great way of earning decent payouts without being over reliant on the primary blackjack bet. This blackjack variant is worth a trial by anyone keen on earning decent money.

Blackjack I Live

Blackjack has emerged out to be one of the most played and enjoyed game in the card business played around in casinos all around the world. The online casino market hasn’t been lagging behind as well! Seizing the opportunity of its popularity, a lot many blackjack games are released on the market that belongs to the classic genre or are variations of the standard game. Evolution Gaming (One of the market leaders for online casino game software provider and developer) comes up with a live version of the classic game called ‘Blackjack I Live’ that brings in the fun of playing this game with 7 other players from around the world, as well!

Key features offered in Blackjack I Live:

Blackjack I Live is almost similar to its standard classic counterpart, in terms of gameplay. The rules and methods of scoring a win are still the same as that of the original classic game. However, the inclusion of 7 real-life professionals from around the world and a dealer sitting by the table and the possibility of interacting with them on a virtual online setup, surely does sound intriguing to try out! Another interesting feature added to the game is the ‘Bet Behind’ feature that allows players to bet on the hands of other players as well. Every player, however, is also given the liberty to disallow this opportunity, by making slight changes in the game settings as well.

Payouts offered in Blackjack I Live:

The payouts are as similar as observed in standard gameplay. It includes a plethora of opportunities that allows players to secure wins. However, ones that stand out among the rest are the Suited Trips (100:1), the Perfect Pair (25:1) and the Blackjack win of course (3:2)! Players and especially newbies might find the details of the rest of the payouts in the gameplay as well.

Final thoughts about Blackjack I Live:

This game can be equally enjoyed by professional gamblers and newbies alike. It is offered in the high quality steady interrupted stream which could be a priority for some players when considering the most optimum live online casino game to select from a huge selection to select from! The game will rise up to the expectation of such people who are trying to seek more than just normal gameplay!

Blackjack H Live

Blackjack is said to be so popular that it is rumoured to be played on Mars! But that just might be the drugs talking!

Previously known as 21 among other names, Blackjack has been around in one form or the other for centuries and is a rather glamorous game that is loved by large numbers of gamblers. A peculiarity of it is that instead of playing against each other, players all aim at beating the dealer by getting a hand of unassailable value. This easily understood game has lots of variants, with some of these being rather confusing.

Among other game developers on the market, Evolution Gaming stands out, courtesy of the quality of their casino games line up. This includes such games as blackjack, with one of these game by the name of Blackjack H Live being the sole focus of this review.
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Live And Live It With Blackjack H Live!

Blackjack H Live is your garden variety blackjack. That is, it makes use of standard blackjack rules and payouts, as well as the usual 8 decks with 52 cards apiece.

The game is hosted by a live dealer- a totally gorgeous female- and takes place in a studio so well appointed it could serve for a palace! In this game, the dealer is obliged to stand on each 17 that come across their way no matter what, while players are allowed to double down their first 2 cards.

They can also split these cards should they be of equal value, though just one split is allowed per hand. A solitary card is all that can be added to a split Ace and doubling down is forbidden following any split.

The blackjack table in Blackjack H Live seats 7 -virtual- players in sinful luxury. Once the dealer deals the cards, players can take out Insurance if they feel the need.

Gameplay options include the usual Hit, Stand and Doubling Down, with these aiming at improving the hand that players currently hold. Hits are permitted more than once during gameplay and the standard side bet options like Bet Behind, Perfect Pairs and 21+ 3 are all fully supported.

Standard payout rates are also in effect.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack H Live is a live and lively blackjack game with an impressive streaming capability and lots of gameplay options for players to overdose on! Overall, it’s worth some serious looking into.