Great Rhino Roulette

Suppose you were to take such disparate games as roulette and slots and somehow combine them. The result of this experiment would be something like the Great Rhino Roulette Live!

Made by Extreme Live Gaming, it has a live roulette room with enough fast-paced action to tire a racehorse, as well as the simplicity and sweetness of an actual slot. Read on for a detailed overview.

Have Great Fun With Great Rhino Roulette Live!

Clicking on the portal of the Great Rhino Roulette Live is an experience never to be forgotten! The backdrop features a sweeping Savannah scene, before which stands the attractive live dealer. The roulette table is positioned before her, and the betting area takes up lots of bottom screen real estate.

Positioned above the main betting area is a miniature slots reel set. This spins up whenever the roulette wheel spins. However, betting on the featured slot reels is not compulsory in Great Rhino Roulette. Players can instead stick to playing roulette if that’s what the spirit moves them to.

The wheel in Great Rhino Roulette Live is the European rather than the American version. As you might know, American wheels have two rather than one zero pockets, thereby increasing the house edge to no good purpose.

Helpfully, a game statistics box is provided near the roulette wheel. Here, players can sight the last 8 slot or roulette winning numbers. These hot and cold numbers serve as guides that can enable players to know just which number Lady Luck favours the most!

As previously stated, the Great Rhino Roulette Live is a live dealer game. There is a live chat function provided to solve any of your queries while playing the game.

Final Thoughts

The Great Rhino Roulette Live is definitely unlike most Roulette variants on the market. it is a blend of sweet and sour that does wonders to the palate, and makes great sense for Roulette players looking for fast-paced action. It’s well detailed, good for all needs, offers a wide variety of fun and action and is definitely worth getting sweetly acquainted with!

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is among the newest casino games available and is made available by Evolution Gaming. It can be found in both online and traditional casinos and is very popular in part because it is based on the traditional Texas Hold’em Game. The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is among the easiest casino table games to play and has more than a fair dose of features.
Read up on it below.

All About Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is played with a single deck that has 52 cards lodged within. Payouts vary according to the bets made and a more than passing knowledge of the different poker hands is necessary for consistent wins.

Both the online and the version of Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker played in traditional casinos are one and the same. Gameplay is begun once bets are made and the game rules are such as to be easily understood and applied.

Before players receive their initial cards, they have to make their first wagers, which is also referred to as the Ante bet. A bonus bet is featured but is totally optional. This particular bet pays out a maximum of 1,000x the stake when players have a certain hand.

Once bets have been made, the dealer deals a couple of face-down cards to all players. These cards can be referred to as “hole cards” and exclusively belong to players. The rest of the cards are the community cards and can be used by all players concerned.

Once the cards have all been dealt, players reserve the option to either double their ante or fold if their hand is not strong enough or their appetite for risk has diminished. The community cards are then dealt in the second betting round, with a trio of these being placed right in the table centre for all to make use of.

Once the flop is dealt, the next betting round begins, with players being obliged to make wagers that are identical in value to their initial ante in order to keep playing. After this ante bet, the turn is then dealt, with players making bets here that is the same value as their original ante bet.

Next, the ultimate community card that is often referred to as the “river” is dealt. The cards are then turned over, with players trying to form the best possible five card hand out of the seven cards that are available. The winner is the one player or dealer- with the best hand.

Payouts In Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Unlike standard Texas Hold’em Poker, winners here do not receive the whole pot. Instead, they get payouts that vary in accordance with all bets that were made with the dealer.

Final Thoughts

The Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is a little too complicated for newbies but offers fun unlimited to pros and those who have put in some effort in learning all about it. With a 1,000x jackpot available via the Bonus Bet, as well as lots of thrills and punchy action, it makes for an irresistible package and is worth searching out for.

The Alchemist’s Gold

The Alchemist’s Gold is a game from 2 by 2 Gaming! It takes you to a world of fantasy world where the dark theme collides with the feel of turning everything into gold. The feeling of being an alchemist of your own faith breathes through this game.

Designed with a cartoon-style finish the game appeals because of its deep dark design!

Theme and Display

With a dark themed cave on the background the slot reels appear as a bright feature bringing in a lot of treasures to the eyes. There are colourful and antique symbols on the reels. Red heart gem, gold glass, Alchemist’s crown, antique compass, purple and gold rocks etc comprise the treasures that bring in the feel.

And as the reels spin to bring about a winning combination – everything turns into gold!

Game features and rules

The Alchemist’s Gold is a special game with 5-reels and 40 paylines. The beauty of the game is in the feel of turning everything you see to gold. The coin value begins from 0.01 to 1.00 and the players can bet from £0.40 to £40 per spin.

The game offers the players to winning jackpot prizes worth 80000 coins. And for this there are many winning combinations to entail.

The purple and gold rocks are the scatters bringing increased payouts when they appear on the screen. The gold rock brings in gold payout. The Alchemist symbol features when on the reels 2 and 4 the WILD symbol appears. This converts all the symbols into gold and brings about a lot of winnings.

Bonus and free spins

The Landing on 3 or more scatters on the reels triggers the bonus features. This treats the players with almost 10 to 25 free spins. There are two bonus free spins – All Gold Free Spins and Easy feature Free Spins.

All Gold Free Spins converts everything to gold during the free spins but does not allow the Alchemist to appear again on the screen. However more free spins features can come along. And with the Easy Feature Free Spins the wild symbol becomes a mega tile and converts everything to gold.


The Alchemist’s Gold is a beautiful game inspired by the Midas touch. Here the beauty of the game is in the feel and treasures offered to the players. It really offers an excellent time into the fantasy world

Dream Date

The Dream Date slot is powered by Microgaming and is playable across all devices. It features a Free Spins bonus round, has max wins of 1,800x the stake and is designed to appeal to the fantasies of most lovelorn teen girls!

Check it out below for a dream date!

It’s A Dream Date, Folks!

The Dream Date slot has 5 reels and 243 ways to win. Bets per spin are set at from 15p and max out at ₤60, with gameplay being fully viable across all devices.

The theme is all about romance and players can play in either the modern or historic era, with both having their own unique icons. The modern era takes place right in a modern city, while the historic era is set in a 19th-century garden landscape.

Icons on the reels include playing cards, as well as images of some young lads and girls. Of these icons, the game logo acts as the wild and can take the place of all the other icons bar the scatter and the Hot Zone icon.

Bonus Features

Dream Date– Dring the start of the game, players of this slot online will pick their desired date out of the different men available. This icon is consequently given the highest paying icon label.

Hot Zones– These are featured on the middle reels. To activate them, players are required to:

-land a man and a lady in different hot zones. This triggers a bet multiplier that’s capped at 40x.

– a girl shows up in a hot zone, with the players’ Dream Date making an appearance in a different zone. This triggers the award of a multiplier value in addition to 8 free spins.

Free Spins– apart from the above method, the free spins bonus can be triggered when 3 and up scatters appear on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. 8 free spins are then granted, with the wild enhancing the value of all wins it helps to bring along, apart from expanding in place on the 3rd reel.

Final Thoughts

The slot might seem a little complicated at first but is actually simple in practice. It is well detailed, fun, engaging and rewarding. So, why not go on a date today and have some dreamy fun

Blackbeard’s Quest

Remember the pirates of yore? Yes, those folks with machetes and muskets who delighted in forcefully taking what was not theirs. Well, Blackbeard is arguably the most famous of them all and tales of the fabulous treasures he buried all over the place are still going around centuries after his death.

Now, in the Blackbeard’s Quest slot, you the player will be tasked with unearthing a few of these treasures and possibly getting to live the high life! Up for it are you? Then read on and find out how it all works.

Living It Up With Blackbeard’s Quest!

There are 5 reels in the pirate-themed online slot that is the Blackbeard’s Quest, as well as an insignificant 9 paylines. An island forms the setting, with lush vegetation, calm blue waters and sandy beaches on show. In keeping with the deserted island description, there’s no one in sight, not even an animal or a bird.

The featured icons are as cartoonish as they come and the reel set is solidly if unglamorous constructed from what looks to be rotten pieces of wood. Big and colourful playing cards are featured on the reels, as well as other more valuable icons like a pirate ship, a pretty young girl, a map, and a total of 3 treasure chests.

The latter icon performs the role of the scatter and activates the bonus feature. Blackbeard himself is the wild and is a moody, handsome, bearded fella that is worth 5000 coins should you convince 5 of his icons to appear on the reels.

Bonus Features

  • Free Spins- triggering the Free Spins bonus requires that 3 of the scatter icons be landed on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. Once this has been done, 10 free spins are awarded. During these spins, the scatter icons work at making players happy by transforming into wilds.
  • Gamble Feature- following any win in the Blackbeard’s Quest slot, players have the option of gambling the won amount by predicting the colour of some card suits. A successful guess results in doubled stakes, while a wrong one leads to total loss.

Final Thoughts

The Blackbeard’s Quest slot is overwhelmingly simple and good for some fun. Overall, it should do, especially for those players who can’t go a week without having a pirate adventure!

Geisha’s Fan

Geishas are disappearing at an alarming rate and that is a right royal tragedy. Years upon years of very rigorous training are required for this role, with the end goal being that the trainees will eventually be capable of performing a diverse range of very entertaining activities. Such hard training and relatively low pay are what appears to be discouraging young people from becoming Geishas and there’s no apparent solution to this issue in sight. The Geisha’s Fan slot from Tom Horn Gaming appears willing to force the issue, by depicting the glamorous life of Geisha’s in such exquisite detail that players who qualify to be Geisha’s will be tempted to apply for training, now or later! Check it out below.

A Geisha’s Fan Knows No Need!

There are 5 reels and 9 paylines in this Japanese-themed online slot powered by Tom Horn Gaming. The audio effects are as soothing as a hug from your grandma and the visuals are layered with enough eye candy.

The setting is all Zen, with a truly fabulous landscape showing trees flowers, a bridge, a stream, temples and mountains to be seen. The predominant colour used is a sort of pinkish purple that makes everything in view look otherworldly.

The reel set in Geisha’s Fan itself is simply but superbly designed, apart from being very transparent. On the reels can be seen stylized playing card values, as well as such theme-related icons as flowers, a hand fan, a Geisha and some fortune cookies.

Of these icons, the most valuable is the Geisha icon. Thus, it pays out 1000x and 5000x the stake when players land 4 and 5 of it respectively anywhere within view. This icon also performs the role of the wild, while the scatter is the hand fan.

Bonus Features in Geisha’s Fan

Free Spins- getting 3 and up of the scatter icons to appear on the reels activates this feature. 10 free spins are then granted.

And that is not all as before the spins can actually start, an icon is randomly selected and will be assigned the role of the Randomly Expanding Icon. This means that it will expand in place and help out with wins.

Gamble Feature- this is a very optional feature that can be activated following a win. When triggered, players are required to determine the correct colour of some card suits, so as to get a doubled stake.

Final Thoughts

The Geisha’s Fan slot has a boatload of colour, totally impressive graphics and enough sweet gameplay elements to make it addictive!

Don Juan’s Peppers

Most people have heard of the fabled Don Juan, the legendary ladies man who had lady friends beyond counting, with more being accumulated daily! In this slot online, however, a different Don Juan makes an appearance and runs a pepper farm of all things!
Made by Tom Horn Gaming, the Don Juan’s Peppers slot comes with a fun Mexican theme, has some attractive gameplay elements and a relatively juicy bonus round. Be a spicy bloke and check it out below!

Have A Taste Of Some Delish Don Juan’s Peppers!

The Don Juan’s Peppers slot is a Tom Horn Gaming powered creation with 5 reels and 40 paylines. It can be accessed for free via a Demo mode, or played with real money as the spirit moves players. Both PC and mobile players are able to play this slot online and the bet limits are favourable to both high and low rollers.

The setting in the Don Juan’s Peppers slot is a sizable pepper farm, with rolling hills and valleys stretching into the distance as far as the eye can see. The reel set itself is constructed out of wood, with all the gameplay buttons located underneath for easy access. These buttons include such old worthies as the Bet Max and Autoplay, which can be used to wager the maximum allowable and spin up the reels a predetermined amount of times respectively.

Featured on the reels are playing card values that look rather rough-hewed. Higher values are represented by a tequila bottle, a paunchy burro, Don Juan, a guitar and an image of the sun. The sun icon performs the role of the wild, while the scatter is a chilli pepper that appears ripe enough to be swallowed whole!

Bonus Features

Free Spins- triggering the free spins bonus round in the Don Juan’s Peppers slot is easy enough. To start with, players must land a trio and up of the scatter icons anywhere within view. Landing 3, 4 and 5 scatters ensures that players are awarded 10, 15 and 20 free spins respectively, as well as 300x of the coin value.

The number of scatters used to trigger this feature is important because, during the Don Juan Sticky Bonus, all these triggering icons will be transformed into sticky wilds, while a single free respin is awarded, one for each of the landed scatters.

Final Thoughts

The Don Juan’s Pepper slot is fun, surprisingly thrilling and well worth jumping into. Try it today at the Jackpot Paradise Online Casino and have tremendous fun.

Monster Madness

Monsters have invaded earth and are having a swell time. If you thought monsters only scare and hurt people, well you thought wrong. In Monster Madness by Tom Horn, you have a video slot loaded with frenzied monsters looking to have some fun on our planet. Read through this game’s review to see how you can benefit from this slot machine.

Monster Madness Stake Multipliers

Start this slot game with a miserly £0.01 (minimum betting sum) or £1.00 (maximum betting sum) per spin. This video slot comes with an unconventional 3×3 reel set and just 8 active paylines available. The reels are awash with a number of funny looking, cute and intriguing monsters. These monsters award players with pretty cool stake multipliers when a minimum of three is matched up on the reel set.

  • Three Blue Coloured Cyclops monsters will award a 3x multiplier.
  • Three Pink Coloured monsters gets you a 6x stake multiplier.
  • Three Red and Pink coloured monsters will earn you a 12x stake multiplier.
  • Three Orange Coloured monsters will fetch you a 2x stake multiplier.

Sleek Graphics On Display

Monster Madness comes with very detailed graphics. The monsters are all exquisite and well created. The background of this online slot features a beautiful view of a city overlooked by smokey skies giving the effect of a monster alien invasion. The monsters are all clearly defined as well, they are far from scary, but rather cute looking and cuddly even.

The Wild symbol is a stylish graphic which appears to be a circular target comprising of smaller blue coloured circles with “Wild” written out under the graphic symbol. By landing three of these Wild symbols in the reels, a player is awarded a 60x stake multiplier.

Triggering Free Spins In Monster Madness

You can trigger the Monster Madness Free spins by landing three identical Scatter symbols represented by a Big Green Coloured Eye symbol. A total of 5 free spins will be awarded for this feat. You may also has the 3×3 reel set completely covered by Scatter symbols in which case you will receive a 200x stake multiplier reward.

There is a Scatter Wild symbol which may show up during the free spin round and earn you a prize of double your expected payout or even earn you an additional free spin to get you playing, winning and boosting your payouts.

To Sum Up

You are sure to be both entertained and richly rewarded when you play Monster Madness. Earn as much as 200x your total bet when you play the free spins round with Scatter icons on the reel set. In all, players will be thrilled while earning a decent return.

Black Mummy

Egyptian-themed slot games are really common in the world of online casino games and Black Mummy is an addition to it. The slot game is filled with pharaohs and some tombs to give the player a feel of the ancient egypt. It has 5 reels and 5 paylines which makes it really simple in structure. Players will be able to play the slot on their smartphones and tablets. The slot has been designed by a fairly new online casino game developer Tom Horn Gaming and can be played at the Jackpot Paradise Casino.

Be Aware Of The Black Mummy

The design of Black Mummy is simple but the colours used in the design makes it look really interesting. Players will see a black background to the reels and golden coloured pillars on each side of the slot. There are a lot of symbols for the players to make a winning combination in 5 reels. These symbols include an eye, a pharaoh, a gold ring, an ornament, the slot game logo and some small value symbols that include A, K, Q, and J.
Players will be able to adjust the size of their bets from 10p to £25. There is an autoplay option also given for players in which they can set the number of spins they want to set for automatic spinning.

Slot Game Special Features

People who are looking forward to enjoying a lot of special features will be disappointed because Black Mummy does not have any scatter or bonus symbols. However there is a wild symbol which is a mummy. This symbol can be used as a substitute for all the other symbols on the reels. Any win that is made with the wild symbol is given a 3x, 4x or 5x multiplier. Players have to land 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbols along with the wild to win these multipliers.
There is another special feature for players which is the gamble feature. The gamble feature gets activated once the player makes a winning combination. Players have to play a guessing game of cards and they stand a chance to double their wins.

To Sum Up

Black Mummy is an interesting slot game with smooth gameplay. The only drawback in the slot is the absence of special features such as scatter and free spins. The wild symbol adds a good touch to the gameplay and the sound effects make gaming more interesting.

Book of Tattoo

Book Of Tattoo is the perfect fit for anyone that loves having ink of their skin as well as playing a video slot game. This is a slot by Fugaso and comes with 10 active paylines, 5 to 6 reels and 3 rows. You can learn more about this slot by reading through the slot game’s review below.

Playing Book Of Tattoo

With a token amount of £0.04, you can start a game of Book Of Tattoo today. This video slot is perfect for low stake players, with a maximum allowed bet of £100 per spin. Once you have placed your respective bets, you can then “Spin” the reels to get the game started. By clicking the “Spin” icon you will begin a gaming session.

Players can also explore the “Autospin” feature in this online slot. With this feature, they can play a certain number of spins without any interruptions. There is also a Sketchbook icon which acts as both a Wild and Scatter symbol in this video slot. As a Wild the sketchbook will displace every other icon seen on the reels.

The Sketchbook Free Spins Of Book Of Tattoo

Players can trigger a free spins feature. To achieve this they only need to land at least 3 of the Sketchbook Scatter symbol in view on the reels. By so doing a total of 10 free spins will be received. Just before the free spins commence a randomly selected symbol will transform to an expanding symbol. This expanding symbol will occupy an entire reel to boost your chances of landing combo wins during the free spins round.

The Extra Bet Feature

There is also a 6th reel which you can also activate in this slot. However, to activate the 6th reel, you will need to make use of the Extra Bet feature. The extra bet feature allows players to place additional bets using the 6th reel in Book Of Tattoo. With additional bets placed and a 6th reel spinning, your chances of earning combo wins and improving your payout is significantly boosted.

To Sum Up

Book Of Tattoo is simple to play, intuitive and offers dynamic gameplay. Players do not need to place massive bets to play with its low entry bet of £0.04. You also have an extra bet option with a 6th reel available to increase your chances of winning.