A dark matter

Be a part of the trip that involves exploring deep forests and matching symbols to win at ‘A Dark Matter’. It can be found at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

A Dark Matter is a game based in the outskirts of a suspicious town of the Victorian era. An intense soundtrack is played to fill the silence in the back against the mystery-filled background image of a few trees and a small cottage set in the deep forest areas. 

A horizontal options bar is present near the slot which contains the bet setting and allows the player to set, increase or reduce the bet amount. Similarly, a vertical bar is also present which provides options like engaging Autoplay and the number of times the wheel should be spun in Autoplay. Coming to the slot design, it also features a dark base for the 5 reels and 5 paylines. 

A combination of matching symbols leads to payouts in this game. These symbols can be either the minor ones – 10, A, K, Q and J; or the major ones – faces of five main characters. 

Special features

A few special features of the game include variations of the Wild card. Except for the scatter symbol, the wild card can be a substitute for all other existing symbols and are very useful in situations where newer combinations need to be formed. They scroll and appear in the second, third and fourth reels only. 

Sometimes, the Wild cards appear in a stacked format in the second and fourth reels. If the entire reel is filled with them, the adjacent reel, that is the third one gets converted into a wild reel. This action is called Invading wilds and stays limited up to taking over the third reel in the base game. Whereas, in case of free spins when the invading wild occurs, the total earnings of that round increase up to 2 times. 

Bonus features

Free spins with multipliers are the bonus feature of the game. These are triggered by the Scatter card. When the player lands at least 3 of such symbols, he earns 12 free spins in one go. If the scatter symbol appears again in the given free rounds, one additional free spin is awarded to the player. There is no limit on this additional spin and it lasts until no scatter symbols appear anymore.

Whenever the player earns a particular sum in the free spin round, it gets the benefit of a 2X multiplier thereby, doubling the previous amount. As a result, the upper limit of payouts any player can reach is a massive 2400 times of the total bet. 


Thus, A Dark Matter is an exciting game with an unusually exciting theme and a great concept for bonuses. 

9 Masks of Fire

Unlock bonuses and special rewards in the 9 Masks of Fire take advantage of multipliers on the way. The game can be played at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

Developed by MicroGaming, 9 Masks of Fire is a game offering a unique theme that can be traced back to the tribal roots of African civilizations. This is done to give the players a new experience. The background uses a deep red coloured wallpaper with traditional tribal designs imprinted in the top and bottom portions. 

Over it, the slot is placed, which contains 5 reels and 3 rows. Classic African symbols can be seen in the base game format such as –

  • Bar signs
  • Dollar signs
  • Cherries
  • Single-digit of 7
  • Double digits of 7 

A minimum of three similar symbols has to be in one line so that the spin can be considered as a winning round. Also, there is a triple number digit of 7 which gives the maximum return out of all other symbols. 

Special features

The special features of the game can be elaborated as under: 

Diamond wild card – The wild features a card of a blue coloured diamond and ‘Wild’ written below it. This card replaces all other symbols and is useful in generating better combinations. 

Two Scatter symbols – Unlike regular slots, the game has multiple scatter cards; not just one, but two. One of them is a Mask, whereas the other one is a traditional African symbol. Talking about the first one, the player has to collect the Masks appearing on the screen within the range of 3 to 9. It can either be a normal-sized symbol or a few stacked ones. The rate of returns on those masks ranges from 1X to 2000X of the existing stake of the player, in proportion to the number of Masks. 

Bonus features

The bonus feature of the game includes a free spin wheel with multipliers. The second scatter symbol showing Shields and Spears is the one that activates the access to the bonus wheel. When three of such cards land in the second, third, and fourth reels, the bonus wheel is unlocked and the player gets a chance to earn additional free spins. The number of those spins can vary somewhere between 10 to 30. 2X and 3X multipliers are also present in this feature which further gives a hike to the original returns. 


Thus, 9 Masks of Fire is a great game based on a tribal theme, and the players can have fun with the features. 

Lucha Rumble

Be a part of the wrestling scene in the streets of Mexico with Lucha Rumble and play for fun. The game can be played at Jackpot Paradise.

Game features

Developed by Eyecon, Lucha Rumble is based on a Mexican wrestling concept – something which has never been seen earlier. Everything in the game is filled with fun and excitement as the wrestlers go against each other to claim the title. The video slot comprises 5 reels and 4 rows and follows a very bright colour scheme. It is very appealing to the eye and is loved by the players. 

The payouts are considered in a left to right order for the general cards, except the scatter symbols that do not take the direction in the account. The playing symbols on the reel feature five wrestlers with heavily decorated masks – something which depicts Mexican culture the finest. Latin American elements of Hot sauce, a pinata, and ancient Mayan treasure are also present in the game. The total return a player can win in the game is 100 times the total stake.  

Special features

The Wild symbol shows a kind of wrestling belt that spells ‘Wild.’ Whereas the scatter symbol is represented by the logo of the game. The wild card can land on either of the middle reels, which is 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Other than the scatter card, it can replace all cards on the slot at the given point. When the player scores a win which includes a Wild symbol, the return gets an advantage of a multiplier, which can be either 2 times or 3 times of the current bet.  

Bonus features

Two kinds of bonuses are available in this game which is called the free spins bonus and bonus prize. The free spins bonus gets triggered by the scatter symbol. As mentioned earlier, the game logo card acts as the scatter symbol and landing a specific number of these cards can lead to multiple free spins in the following ways :

  • 3 scatter symbols – 10 free spins
  • 4 scatter symbols – 20 free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols – 25 free spins 

A gold symbol is present in the game which appears in the first and last (fifth) slot which is the card for activation of the bonus prize. An animated wrestle of the players occurs on the screen and a certain random value of the multiplier is awarded to the player. 


Thus, Lucha Rumble is a game offering a distinctive theme and excellent quality graphics, which makes it worth playing. 

Sweety Honey Fruity

Gamble with fruity symbols in the Asian markets as Sweety Honey Fruity takes the players to China. It can be played at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

An authentic Asian theme can be found in the game as it is set within Chinese temples. The background features the interiors of such a Chinese temple as well as the slot design is based on the entrance of a holy place like a monastery. 

The video slot works on the basic mechanism of a 5X3 grid featuring 15 fixed bet lines. Small hints of music are played in the background whenever the reels are spinning and when the player strikes a winning combination. Deck symbols of 10, A, K, Q and J are used to display the lower-paying cards whereas bright and exotic fruits represent the higher paying ones. The fruits carry the theme of the game and displayed appropriately in terms of graphics. These include pineapples, watermelons, honey melons, star-fruits and dragon fruits. 

Special features

The special feature in this game is a Chinese character that translates to ‘fruit’. It is the Wild card and comes along with a 2X multiplier. It lands only in the central reels, that is – second, third and fourth. It has the power to replace all other cards remaining in the slot and at the end, the multiplier increases the earnings by 2 times. 

Bonus features

Sweety Honey Fruity offers free spins with multipliers as the bonus feature. Unlike the regular games, there is no specific scatter card or feature that unlocks the free spins. But, a combination of a certain number of fruits is what gives the players access to those free spins. Despite the type of fruit, free spins can be availed in the following manner if the symbols match with each other:

  • 3 fruits in a row – 1 free spin
  • 4 fruits in a row – 2 free spins
  • 5 fruits in a row – 5 free spins

This way, the frequency of free spins is very high in this game which keeps the players hooked till a long time. It is noteworthy that such spins come along with multipliers as wells. The payout at the end is doubled due to the 2X feature. When the player runs out of free spins, his total win is calculated and added to that of the roll that led to additional spins.


In conclusion, Sweety Honey Fruity is a refreshing game with low to medium volatility, apt for players who wish to satisfy their sweet tooth!

Boom Pirates

Boom Pirates focuses on the humorous front of the pirate niche and gives a great experience to the players. It can be found at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

With Boom Pirates, Net Entertainment marks another milestone as this game aptly depicted adventures of the pirates in an uncommon theme along with cartoon-style or animated graphic design. The unique layout and engaging theme only add to the fun in playing the game. 

The action-filled format of the game has a video slot containing 5 reels and 4 rows. However, an important thing to note here is that this number of reels and rows can be increased by several methods if the player wishes to do so. The reels can expand from 5 to 9 whereas the rows can expand up to 6. As a result, the paylines also witness a significant increment, that is – from 1024 in the first scenario to more than ten million in the second one. 

Special features 

New and innovative features are a part of Boom Pirates which can be described as below : 

  • Wonder Ways – As stated earlier, the feature that enables the player to increase the size of the slot by adding extra reels and rows is termed as ‘Wonderways’. A massive grid of 9X6 can be unlocked this way, which also boosts the chances of winning. Whenever the player desires to expand the board, he can enable this feature which shoots cannonballs at the slot thereby, adding the required number of places in each reel. 
  • Foxify – Another distinctive feature of the game is called ‘Foxify’. Although it can be availed only in the base game, it is highly sought after. When enabled, this feature adds a dash of bet by doubling the previous/existing amount.

Bonus features

Quite similar to the special features, two major bonus features are also a part of this game. They are elaborated as under:

  • Free spins – The availability of additional spins in any game are quite common, and so is the case with Boom Pirates. Two Scatter cards containing the words Yo and Ho are present in the format. When the player obtains a minimum of three of them anywhere on the first, third and fifth reels, 10 free spins can be achieved. Those free spins are played on the larger grid of 6X9. 
  • Swashbuckling attack – When the player loses a string of spins consecutively, Captain Mary swings onto the grid and changes a few symbols, which lead to the formation of a winning combination containing 5 similar cards in a row. 


Boom Pirates surely stands out from its counterparts in terms of presentations and volatility, which makes it exciting to the players. 

Furlong Fortunes Sprint

Race the horses as Inspired gaming presents a concept of slots meeting horse races in Furlong Fortunes Sprint. It can be played at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

As the term ‘Sprint’ is mentioned in the name, the game suggests a combination of racing and gambling. Furlong Fortunes Sprint features a horse race theme throughout the game, which is reflected right from the background to the slots. A captivating soundtrack is played in the back which gives the true feel of a horse race. 

The loading screen features a racer with his horse, and the background in the base game displays a lush green garden, probably outside of the race track. The slot contains 5 reels and 3 rows and 20 paylines. Theme based characters are used as symbols in gameplay. Those symbols include the regular minor cards of A, K, Q and J along with the game logo and horse riders in three colours (red, green and yellow). 

Special features

The Wild card is a special feature. It contains a silver-colored horseshoe on a red background. Its importance in the game is high not only due to the fact that it matches the theme in the most apt manner, but also because it can replace all cards except the coins in a given slot. 

In the Boost screen feature, all the players are given the coins in a random manner. Such coins have a particular multiplying value assigned to them. When a particular player’s horse wins the race, his earnings can be increased by multiplying the current bet with the value on the coin. 

Bonus features

The Golden coins are considered as the bonus feature in Furlong Fortunes Sprint. When at least 6 coins land in the slot in one spin, the player earns a Race day bonus of 3 free spins. The coins remain in the same position while other symbols change. In such a respin, the player gets 3 chances termed as ‘life’ to land more free spins. The reels form newer combinations this way, and each time a coin appears, the lives left with the player resets to 3. If not so, by the end of the third spin the chances finish, and the player returns to the base game. 

Furthermore, by maintaining a race streak, that is, by winning more than one race back to back, any player can expand his earnings up to 1000 times the current odds. This is called the Streak bonus. 


Thus, a feature-rich slot, easy gameplay, and a fresh theme are what makes Furlong Fortunes Sprint popular among players and totally worth playing.