Pirate from the East

If you are looking for something different in a slots game, you should try Pirate from the East slots that are currently available at Jackpot Paradise casino. With a simple layout and some engaging features, this is one game you should definitely try. 

Basic Features 

The developers have managed to come up with a theme that is, in a way familiar as well as unique. The game revolves around pirates but with an Asian twist. Most of the features including the background which is a pirate ship, the background sound which feels like the sounds of the sea and the wind and the symbols are all related to the theme. 

Pirate from the East slots game features a total of 10 symbols out of which 5 are high value, and 5 are low value. Low-value symbols are A to 10 and high-value symbols include treasure chests, Asian spirits, pirate ships, weapons and tools. The treasure chest is the highest paying symbol in this game and provides players with 5 to 2000 coins for 2 to 5 symbol wins. 

A standard layout of 5 reels and 3 rows comes with 15 paylines. The betting range starts at 0.15 credits with a maximum of 75 credits per spin. 

Special Features 

The Pirate from the East slots game features the wilds, and the scatters as the special symbols. The wilds symbol is the male pirate who randomly appears on the board to substitute for other combinations, thus providing players with extra wins. Every time the wilds symbol is a part of the winning combination, a 3x multiplier is added to the win. 

The scatter symbol is the female pirate and 2, 3, 4 and 5 scatters anywhere on the board provides players with 2x, 4x, 15x and 100x payout respectively. Additionally, 3 or more scatters activate free spins. 

Bonus Features 

The Pirate from the East slots game comes with a bonus free spins mode. 3 or more scatters on the board provide players with three options to choose from. Each option has a number of free spins up to a maximum of 28 and a multiplier up to a maximum of 6x combination. Every time a scatters symbol appears during the free spins, which is quite frequent, one free spin for every symbol is added. 


Thus, we can see that every aspect of this slots game is engaging and enjoyable. Additionally, the not so common theme and the bonus free spins round makes the game a lot more entertaining too. 

North Storm

Featuring the famous Bonus Fall feature and a different, realistic-looking background, the North Storm slots is a bit different and thus more exciting compared to standard online video slots. Experience the unique features; play it at Jackpot Paradise casino. 

Basic Features 

Featured against what looks like a mountainous terrain with towering Viking stone statutes in the distance, in the midst of a big snowstorm, the playing board in the North Storm is a standard 5×3 grid with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed paylines. Players can start betting from 0.25 credits to 50 credits per spin. Wins are considered only from left to right, starting from reel number 1. 

Similar to any online themed slot game, this game also comes with both high paying as well as low paying symbols. The low paying symbols are the card symbols that look like runes, and the developers have surprisingly left out the A, using only K, Q, J and 10. The high-value symbols are the themed symbols in bronze, silver and gold, with the gold symbol being the most valuable one providing a payout of 2, 10 and 100 times the bet for 3, 4 and 5 symbol combinations. 

Bonus Features 

The unique aspect of the North Storm slots game is the Bonus Fall feature. It works in a way that is similar to cascading symbols but is more lucrative. In the base game winning combinations disappear which are then replaced by symbols falling from above. This can lead to more wins which trigger the Bonus Fall feature and the multiplier metre at the top. The meter starts at 1x and can reach a maximum of 5x with every bonus fall and is reset at the beginning of every new spin. The multipliers double during free spins. 

Special Features 

The North Storm comes with a wilds symbol represented by the dire wolf and a free spins symbol represented by a man in a mask with glowing eyes. The wilds substitute for all other symbols on the board except the free spins symbol and can reward players for 5 symbols on a payline with 100 times the stake. 

Free spins symbols appear only on reels 1-3, and 3 symbols in a line provide players with 8 free spins. 2 extra free spins can be rewarded with every bonus fall in case more 3-symbol line ups appear up to a maximum of 20 free spins. 


Thus, the special Bonus Fall feature and the free spins bonus along with great graphics make this a quality slots game and one that definitely is worth experiencing. 

Ankh of Anubis

Released by Play N’ Go gaming the Ankh of Anubis slots game comes with an Egyptian theme and some interesting special symbols and features. Check out the game online at the Jackpot Paradise casino. 


The main feature of the Ankh of Anubis slots is the Egyptian theme, and it seems to be slightly veering into the conspiracy world too. With the scatters symbol looking like the eye of the Illuminati and some flying space crafts in the background, we aren’t very sure what the developers are hinting at. 

Features of the game 

The game itself is very simple and comes with all the basic concepts one looks for in an online video slots game. The background is visually very impressive, and one can see the effort put into the almost life-like graphics. The music too is very subtle to begin with but picks up pace, especially hitting a high with consecutive wins. 

The Ankh of Anubis comes with a non-conventional 3-4-4-4-3 setup, where the 5 reels come with 3 rows at the two extremes and 4 in the middle with 576 ways to win. Wins are only considered from left to right. Betting starts with a minimum of 0.10 credits per spin, with a maximum of 100 per spin and with a chance to win a maximum of 1500 times the stake. 


The game comes with 8 symbols out of which A through to J is the low-value ones and themed symbols including the Ankh, a scarab, bracelet and amulet are the high paying ones. Anubis is the highest paying symbol providing 20, 8 and 4 times the best for 5, 4 and 3 symbols respectively. 

Special features 

The special symbols include Anubis himself as the wilds, and the Illuminati-like pyramid as the scatters symbols. Rather than appearing with the other symbols, random wilds appear randomly substituting for other symbols and resulting in wins. Two or more wilds on a reel fuse to form a mega wild. 

Bonus feature (no other bonus feature) 

The Ankh of Anubis comes with free spins mode as a bonus feature. Free spins are activated when 3 or more scatters appear on the board providing players with 10 free spins. Scatters can appear during free spins too providing 3, 4 or 5 re-spins. The Ankh symbol is collected during free spins, and 5 symbols result in random wilds on the board. 


The Ankh of Anubis is a simple slot game and comes with an attractive background and features that make it very entertaining. The free spins bonus feature is something you should certainly look out for. 

Finn’s Golden Tavern

When it comes to online video slots, we are used to a standard design. We expect a few reels with a few rows. The wins are considered only horizontally and then we expect some special symbols, like wilds and bonus/scatters etc. Well, all this has been turned on its head with the Finn’s Golden Tavern slots game as it comes with unique features. Check out the game at Jackpot Paradise casino. 

About the Finn’s Golden Tavern slots 

The Finn’s Golden Tavern is an Irish themed slots game from NetEnt and comes with a central character Finn, who is an Irish. Throughout the game, we are also provided with a pirate theme, with the wilds sporting an eye patch and things like a compass, knife, dice and pipe in the background of the board. Some of the symbols like the rum bottle and the bell also indicate to the pirate theme. 

What makes the Finn’s Golden Tavern different? 

One look at the Finn’s Golden Tavern and you will immediately understand that it is different. Let us look at some of the aspects that make it different: 

  1. The layout: NetEnt has decided to experiment with the cluster pay mechanics, where the standard layout has been kicked out, and now winnings can be had either horizontally or vertically for 3 or more symbols on the board.
  2. The background music: The background music is so different in this game; in the beginning, it feels like there is no background score at all but as we keep realizing winning combinations, the music doesn’t only become apparent it also becomes a lot faster thus amping up the excitement quotient of the game.
  3. The Wilds: Probably one of the most happening wilds we have ever encountered, the cure pirate star symbols carries the whole Finn’s Golden Tavern slots game. Firstly the wilds symbol isn’t just randomly provided, but it is rather created with each win. The wilds symbol created is available for only that spin and disappears with every new spin. When the wilds symbol is a part of the winning combination, it bursts, taking the adjacent symbols with it. And finally, if it forms combinations with the golden coins, it transforms into one contributing to the total bonus!

Thus, we basically feel that playing the game for free and getting used to all the features is advisable rather than just jumping into the for real money version!

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Named after the popular casino strip in Vegas, the Vegas Strip Blackjack game is simple and enjoyable. The online version for the game provides players with access to both the demo as well as the for money versions. 

About Vegas Strip Blackjack 

Taking the popularity of this version of blackjack into account, Microgaming decided to provide players with the online version so that they can indulge in their favourite game from anywhere in the world. And just like the original, the online version too comes with simple gameplay and easy to understand rules. 

The rules to play the game 

The rules to play Vegas Strip Blackjack are very simple and easy to understand. Here are some of the major rules in a gist: 

  1. Just like any blackjack game, this is a game of the player vs the dealer rather than the player vs player.
  2. The main aim to win the game is to get a total that is greater that of the dealer but at the same time not over the value of 21.
  3. Every card is assigned a specific value; the Ace is the highest value card with 11, but it can also be taken as 1 as per the players choice. The picture cards are assigned with the value of 10 and the number cards have the value corresponding to their number.
  4. Players are dealt face up while one of the dealer’s cards is face down. Players have to decide their next move depending on their hand and the dealer’s card.
  5. Players can do one of five things: hit, stand, split, double down or take insurance. Buying insurance regularly and taking insurance when the dealer’s card is an Ace isn’t advised as it inflates the house edge putting the player at a disadvantage.
  6. The best way to win at Vegas Strip Blackjack is to get a natural blackjack which is possible only during the initial deal and when the player gets an ace along with a 10 value card. 


Thus, Vegas Strip Blackjack is a simple game and comes with standard, straightforward rules. Though it is easy to play, learning the basic rules and getting to know the basic blackjack strategy is essential to ensure that you maximize your wins every time you play!

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the popular casino games preferred for its simplicity and low house edge. And just like any casino game blackjack too comes in many variations. One of the simplest and easiest versions of the game is Vegas Downtown Blackjack and is especially preferred by people who are into card counting. 

About Vegas Downtown Blackjack 

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is the most preferred blackjack version, especially in case of card counters. It is generally played with just 2 decks of playing cards which is one of the biggest reasons for it being suitable for advantage play and also for it enjoying one of the lowest available house edges. With a house edge of just under 0.4% and simple, player-friendly rules, this game is especially suitable for someone who is just starting to play blackjack. 

Basic Rules of the game 

This game comes with very simple rules, like: 

  1. It is played with 2 decks which are shuffled at the end of every game
  2. The aim is to get a score that is more than the dealer without going bust
  3. Players start with two cards face up and they can either hit, stand, double down, split or take insurance
  4. It being a hole card game the dealer is allowed to check for blackjack in case his up card is an Ace or a value 10 card. In such a case both the dealer’s cards are revealed, and the game ends
  5. Players are allowed to opt for insurance in which case the payout is 2:1
  6. The payout is 3:2 in case of blackjack 

Splitting the hand 

  1. Players are allowed to split two ideal cards or two cards of identical value
  2. Players are allowed to split only 3 times, which means one player can only play 4 separate hands
  3. When splitting aces, only one card is dealt 

Doubling down in Vegas Downtown Blackjack 

  1. Players are allowed to double down after a split
  2. Players are allowed to double down regardless of the values of their cards but are required to place another bet that is the same as the initial bet.


Vegas Downtown Blackjack is one of the simplest of blackjack variations and playing with just 2 decks is definitely an advantage. It is also an ideal game to practise and use the trick of card counting!


Ivory Citadel

Though developers frequently come out with different types of interesting slot games every so often, once in a while, we get some that totally captures our attention. One such slot games that are currently available is Ivory Citadel! Developed by Just for the Wins in association with Microgaming, this slots game might look simple on the outside but comes with a number of engaging features. It is currently available to play and is compatible with mobile devices too. You can access the game at Jackpot Paradise casino online. 

About the Ivory Citadel slots game 

Themed slots are quite popular these days, and the Ivory Citadel is a themed slot too. Based on the wildlife and the beauty of the West-Asian jungles, this game comes with very good visuals and graphics and an intriguing and mesmerizing background score. The background is thick jungle and waterfalls while the symbols are all the various wildlife that we expect inhabit an Asian jungle including ferocious tigers, scary snakes, awe-inspiring bulls and elephants, etc. The Elephant symbol is actually one of the special symbols and provides players with free spins. The game logo is the highest paying symbol on the board and shares the highest paying spot with the wilds symbol, both of which pay $8 for 5 symbols on the board. 

The highlight of the game 

The highlight of the Ivory Citadel slots is certainly the special features and the free spins mode. Apart from the special symbols which are the wilds and the free spins symbol, represented by the awe-inspiring elephant, the game comes with one other special symbol/feature. This is the mystery symbol; the mystery symbol appears in both the main game as well as the free spins mode and is represented by a question mark. At the end of each spin, the mystery symbol randomly turns into a specific symbol, which can be anything except the wilds and the free spins. Since all the mystery symbols change into the same symbol, the player has an improved chance of getting winning combinations. 

Bonus Features 

The free spins mode is another highlight of the Ivory Citadel slots. In the free spins mode, the mystery symbols not only become sticky symbols but when one of the reels fills up with three mystery symbols, they turn into sticky wilds. The sticky symbols and the sticky wilds stay for all the free spins.

Legend of 9 Suns

The best aspect of the Jackpot Paradise casino is certainly its section of slots. Known for its comprehensive list of interesting, engaging and popular online slot games, we aim at providing players with only the best. Currently, the most popular slots game in the Asian themed slots genre is the Legend of 9 Suns that is available in both mobile as well as online format. To check out the game, visit the Jackpot Paradise and experience other similar, popular and entertaining options too! 

About the Legend of 9 Suns slots game 

The Legend of 9 Suns is your typical Asian themed slots games and more specifically comes with a Chinese theme. In fact, it also comes with a rather handsome central character too who can be very beneficial as you get into the game. The central character is the great archer Hou Yi and he plays numerous impressive parts in the game. Firstly, he is the highest-paid symbol in the game providing players with 50 coins for five symbols on the board. Additionally, he also appears in the random 9 Suns feature providing players with great bonuses, like a number of wilds, multipliers, etc. Thus, the central character truly plays a big role in the game. 

The basic gameplay 

The set of Legend of 9 Suns is quite standard; it comes with 5 reels and 3 rows and an attractive 25 paylines, which is certainly slightly more than the normal. The background is stunning and certainly scenic with the bright sun and a lot of red and green, providing players with a pleasant outlook. The background music too is very pleasant and is in tune with the Chinese theme on which the game was built. Players can start playing from as little as 0.25 credits with a maximum cut off at 25 credits. The wins are considered from left to right, except for the scatters! 

The special features 

For a standard game like Legend of 9 Suns, it does come with a number of special features that result in making the game a lot more fun to play. Apart from the standard special symbols, the wilds and the bonus, the game also has two extra special features which are the 9 Suns feature and the Spin ‘N Win Bonus. Both these features are randomly activated and provide players with bonuses like extra wilds, multipliers and free coins. 


The well-designed game makes it entertaining for the players. The special features and bonus features offer the chance of winning fabulous prizes. 

Santa vs Rudolf

One of the latest Christmas themed slots game to be available online Santa vs Rudolf is engaging and entertaining. It is currently available at Jackpot Paradise. 

About the Santa vs Rudolf slots 

Basically, a Christmas themed game, the Santa vs Rudolf slots comes with an interesting backstory. At the beginning of the game, we are informed that the naughty Rudolf has secreted Santa’s cap and without it Santa can’t start on his Christmas night journey of distributing gifts to the kids on the good list. So, we as players have to help Santa find his cap that completes his attire by playing the game. So, all through the game, we find both the central characters at loggerheads, and we the players reap the benefits of them waging war as free spins. 

Playing the game 

Since Santa vs Rudolf is a Christmas themed slots game, you will find all the Christmassy elements in the game. Whether it is the central characters or the background and the decoration or the symbols all reflect the very theme. 

The symbols are the classic Royals with a few high-value ones that include Santa’s belt, his sledge, reindeer, snow globes, etc. And the best thing yet about the game is that it pays both ways and in case you manage to land all the five symbols in a row you will get double payout of 10x. 

Santa and Rudolf are the wilds 

The main figures in the game and the wilds of the game are Santa and Rudolph. The developers have decided to go for two wilds and have totally done away with scatters. So, players of Santa vs Rudolf get only wilds as the special symbols. 

Santa will land on reel 5 while Rudolph will exclusively land on reel 1 and each will trigger a respin after which they will move by one reel on the same row. And when both meet in the middle, they clash, and players get awarded free spins!

Bonus Features

One of the most exciting feature of the game is the Santa and Rudolph meters that flank the board. When each of these meters is full Santa, as usual, gives gifts in the form of lucrative bonuses while Rudolph triggers free spins. 


Thus, the Santa vs Rudolf slots game isn’t just a great themed slot but makes for an entertaining and lucrative slots game experience too!

Playboy™ Gold Jackpots

The popular Playboy™ Gold Jackpots slot game comes with a great theme and amazing features. Both the demo as well as the real money versions, are available at Jackpot Paradise casino. 

What is the Playboy™ Gold Jackpots? 

The Playboy™ Gold Jackpots is a themed slots game and as the name suggests it is based on the popular Playboy magazine. Microgaming has an exclusive contract with the Playboy magazine and has released three slots games based on this theme till date, the last of which is the Playboy™ Gold Jackpots. So, as expected, it is based on an adult entertainer but has been designed in a way that it can be accessed by people of all age groups (18 and above). The design is classy albeit pretty and sexy! 

About the game 

Visually the game is very pleasing; the red and gold combination works great, and the Bunnies who are the Playmates add much more colour to the layout. Basically the Playboy™ Gold Jackpots game is 5-reels and 6-rows with as many as 30 paylines. 

In any slots game, the symbols are the ones players engage the most with; hence they are expected to be bright and exciting. The symbols of Playboy™ Gold Jackpots are eye-catching; the low-value symbols include stars, diamonds, spades, clubs, etc. while the high-value symbols are some of the playmates of the game. Specifically, four of the bunnies Stephanie, Gia, Hiromi and Carly are used, with Stephanie being the most value out of the four. 

The special symbols and features 

Special symbols which are the wilds and scatters in any slots games are also Bunnies in Playboy™ Gold Jackpots. The special features of the game include the Jumbo Blocks that provide free spins and Wheel Bonus that provides free spins or multipliers depending on where it stops. The Wheel Bonus in free spins is even more powerful and can result in jackpots and mega wins too!


Thus, this is a simple slots game that comes with a visually impressive layout and captivating special features. All the various aspects of the game are well designed and make the game worth experiencing.