Double Lucky Line

Double Lucky Line slot game is a themed slot game with an Asian theme, a special reel arrangement and some great special features. This slots game is currently available at Jackpot Paradise casino. 

Basic features 

The Double Lucky Line slot game is very simple and basic. It comes with an Asian theme and a plain background of rich green against which the colourful and pretty symbols are available. The green changes to blue in the bonus round. The background music is in line with the theme, and the graphics are impressive. 

The layout looks like a 5×3 grid, but in reality, the game comes with 15 individual reels. Additionally, the central row designated as the double lucky line comes with double symbols. These are considered as two normal symbols when counting wins. Players are provided with 17 active pay lines and a betting range of 0.10 to 100 credits per spin. 

The game comes with a total of 8 normal symbols and 3 special symbols. Out of the 8 symbols, 4 are low paying, and 4 are high value. The high-value symbols are represented by cute dragons, frogs and tortoises along with the game logo which is the highest value symbol in the game. The low-value symbols include A to J card symbols. The unique reel mechanism results in a possibility of up to 10 symbol win for every symbol. 

Special features

Double Lucky Line slot comes with 3 special symbols – wilds, lucky wilds and free spins symbol and a random wilds feature where 2 to 6 symbols are transformed into single or double wilds. 

Both single and double wilds substitute for all other symbols on the board except for the free spins symbols while also forming wins on their own. The payout provided by the wilds symbol is on par with the highest paying symbol in the game. 

Bonus round 

The game comes with the free spins bonus round where 5 or more free spins symbol provide players with 10 free spins to start with and an additional free spin for every extra symbol up to a maximum of 25 free spins. The bonus round is exciting where the normal and double wilds make an appearance along with the lucky wilds symbol represented by a money tree. Every lucky wilds symbol not only adds an extra spin but transforms the place it lands into a double symbol reel. 


Thus, Double Lucky Line slot game is entertaining and exciting as it comes with many special symbols and special features. Try the demo version to get a feel of the game. 

Dragon Bonus Baccarat

Simple gameplay with an extended paytable makes the Dragon Bonus Baccarat a simple yet popular baccarat game. This version of the game is easy to play and is currently available at Jackpot Paradise online casino. Take advantage of the demo version to get to know the basic rules and the gameplay better. 

Getting to know the game 

The game of baccarat is known for its simplicity and its easy gameplay. Compared to other card games, this game doesn’t require that much mental homework on the players’ part. Everything about the game is simple; players have three betting options – player’s bet, banker’s bet and a tie bet. Once the players decide on their betting option, the cards are dealt. First, the player gets a card and then the dealer; this goes on until the player and the banker hands have 2 to 3 cards each. 

Once the cards are dealt the total is counted. Each card has a specific value: 

  • Number cards are considered on their face value (except 10 cards which have a value of 0)
  • The value of any Ace is 1
  • The value of any face cards is 0 

The hand with a total nearest to 9 wins. If both the player’s hand and the banker’s hand have the same value, it is a tie, and the bet is pushed. 

Now let us explore what the Dragon Bonus Baccarat version is all about. 

Understanding the Dragon Bonus Baccarat payouts 

The basic difference between the original version and Dragon Bonus Baccarat is just with the payouts. Where the reward system of the original version is simple – guessing who wins correctly and betting on it provides a fixed payout, the dragon bonus version is a bit more detailed. Apart from betting on the winning hand, players are rewarded on the winning margin too (except when it is a natural win). This extended paytable works as follows: 

  • If the winning has 8 or 9 points, the payout is 1:1
  • For all other hands, the payout depends on the margin of winning
      • 4 point margin pays even money
      • 5 point margin pays 2:1
      • Six-point margin pays 4:1
      • Seven point margin pays 6:1
      • Eight point margin pays 10:1
      • Nine point margin pays 30:1

    These margins pay if the players make the right bet irrespective of whether it is the players bet or bankers bet. 


    Thus, looking at the above payout and the extended paytable concept, it is obvious that Dragon Bonus Baccarat is a lot more profitable compared to the original and thus more exciting to play.

Witch Doctor Goes Wild

Witch Doctor Goes Wild is an interesting slots game that comes with a scary theme and amazing special features. Check out the game at Jackpot Paradise casino online. 

Game features 

The theme and the central figure in the Witch Doctor Goes Wild slot game is the witch doctor. The background, the ambient noises, the symbols and the background music are all themed, and the whole game is designed to look like a quality cartoon with the witch doctor as the central character. The graphics in the game are especially impressive and improve the entertainment quotient of the game manifold. 

The layout is 6 reels with 4 rows and a total of 10 active paylines. The game comes with a cascading reels machine, and the witch doctor is always present on the side of the board encouraging players. A betting range of 0.40 to 100 credits per spin is available. 

10 colourful symbols are provided against a plain background out of which the 6 card royals are the low-value symbols and the remaining themed symbols including the witch doctor symbol, the cauldron, the sharp spear and the scary skull are high-value symbols. The scary witch doctor symbol with eyes following every move of the player is the highest paying symbol on the board providing players with 1x, 2.5x, 12.5x and 25x the stake for 3, 4, 5 and 6 symbol combinations. 

Special features

The wilds is the only special symbol available in the game which apart from substituting for all other symbols in the game also provides wins on its own; the payout is the same as the witch doctor symbol. 

Bonus features 

Finally, the Witch Doctor trail is the most exciting aspect of the Witch Doctor Goes Wild slots game. In the base game every cascading win and consequent ones after activating a step on the trail as a result of which players are awarded 1 to 2 wilds, stacked and mega wilds with the ultimate reward being 7 free spins.

During the free spins mode, the witch doctor trail awards 3x to 70x multipliers along with magic wilds and 2 to 6 extra free spins for every consecutive cascading win. The witch doctor trail is reset every time the cascade ends. 


Thus, the Witch Doctor Goes Wild is an exciting slots game with an engaging central character and amazing special features like stacked wilds, mega wilds, magic wilds, multipliers and free spins. 

Mega Cherry

With a popular theme, simple layout and minimalistic gameplay, the Mega Cherry Slot is easy and entertaining. It is now available at Jackpot Paradise casino both in conventional as well as the mobile compatible format. Check out the demo version to experience the game. 

Basic features

Basically, Mega Cherry Slot seems to be Inspired Gaming’s latest take on the famous fruit slots. Fruits are the central theme of the game and care has been taken to ensure that no other aspect takes the player’s attention away from the theme. This is evident in the simple, almost minimalistic background of dark purple which is an ideal backdrop for the colourful symbols. The background score is also lively and pleasant. 

The setup is very simple – 5 reels with 3 rows and 10 active paylines. Betting can begin from as little as 0.10 credits with a maximum at 60 credits. The symbols are the central aspect of the game; a total of 11 symbols are available, which are both low value and high value. There are 7 low-value symbols which are the various fruit in the game like berries, melons, plums, oranges and most importantly silver-coloured cherries. The high-value symbols are white, red and blue lucky seven symbols in addition to the game logo which is the highest value symbol in the game. 

Special features (No wilds or scatters or other special features) 

The Mega Cherry Slot game doesn’t come with the common special symbols that we have come to expect with online video slots. Instead, it comes with a special bonus symbol that only appears on reel 5. The silver cherry symbols also play a special part in the game and appear only on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4. When there are 6 or more cherry symbols in view in conjunction with one bonus symbol, the Cash Collector Bonus is triggered with 5 free spins. During free spins, players collect silver and gold cherries and gold coins which are paid cumulatively at the end of the free spins. 

Bonus features 

Mega Cherry Slot also comes with an interesting bonus called the Spin Chance. This is automatically triggered when the player’s credit falls below the bet value where the player can wager the remaining balance for a chance at an extra spin. 


Thus, this is a slots game that comes with simple gameplay, a popular theme and not so common special features, all of which make it a game worth experiencing.

Gold Money Frog

The Gold Money Frog slots game comes with an Asian theme and a simple layout. It is filled to the brim with engaging and fun special features. Check out the game at Jackpot Paradise casino online. 

Basic features of the game 

The Gold Money Frog slots game comes with a simple Asian theme. The theme isn’t overbearing but actually makes for a pleasant and soothing experience. The graphics are great, and the background score is also good. The main character of the game is a Chinese good luck symbol and hence seems apt for a game of slots.

Featuring a standard 5×3 layout with a minimum of 20 active paylines people can start betting from as little as 0.20 credits to a maximum of 40 credits per spin. The game features a total of 8 symbols which include both low value and high-value ones. The low-value symbols are the card royals while the high-value ones include a tortoise, which is one of the highest paying symbols in the game, koi fish, coins and lotus symbols. 

Special features

The Gold Money Frog slots game also comes with a number of special features like the Paylines Charm Bonus, Money Pond Bonus, Jackpot Chance Wheel, Mystery Pot, etc. that increase the excitement of playing the game. 

The game has just one special symbol which is the golden money frog which acts as both the wilds and a bonus symbol as well as triggering a number of other special features of the game. 3, 4 or 5 symbols on a payline provide up to 500 times the bet while also acting as the wilds symbols substituting for all symbols on the board. 

3 or more golden frog symbols also trigger the money pond bonus where players have to move a frog from one side of the pond to the other. Players have to help the frog jump from one lotus leaf to another, thereby collecting multipliers. If the frog manages to make it to the other end, more bonuses are triggered. If the frog jumps into the water, the bonus round ends. 

Paylines charm is another bonus that is randomly unlocked by the golden money frog where extra 10, 20 or 30 paylines are activated for that single spin. 

Bonus features

Gold Money Frog slots game also comes with other bonus features too like the three progressive jackpot chances and fortune wheels etc. which are engaging and exciting. 


Thus, this slots game is equal parts simple and equal parts feature-rich making it enjoyable to play. It makes the list of the slots games you need to definitely try this year.


The unique Spinball slot from Tom Horn Gaming is based on the original Pinball machine that was an extensive hit in conventional casinos for many decades. Check out the modern version at Jackpot Paradise casino online. 

Basic features 

The theme of this game is the popular pinball game, the various versions of which are already popular. Spinball is the slots version of the original. The layout is very simple and comes with a pinball machine. There is a small ball inside and paddles at the bottom; players have to use the paddles at the bottom to ensure that the ball stays inside the machine. Different areas of the machine have different components, and when the ball strikes against the various components, the players are awarded the respective payouts. 

Thus, it is obvious that the design is quite unique and nothing like the online video slots that we are used with reels, rows, symbol and paylines. Players get wins depending on their ability to keep the ball from falling down and operating the paddles in such a way that the ball strikes the areas that the player prefers.

Overall, the look, the design, the quality graphics and the familiar music reminiscent of the original game playing in the background all add to the experience, excitement and nostalgia. 

Special features 

Though this unique slots game comes with special features, they are unlike any other and are helpful in maximizing wins. There are two special features available in the game: 

  • Bouncers that are available at the top of the machines and provide 2 times the bet
  • Boosters that are available at the left side of the machine and provide 3 times the bet. 

Bonus features 

The Spinball slot game comes with the popular free spins bonus, but unlike in the normal slots players have to earn the free spins. 5 free spins are awarded every time the pinball enters the free spins zone located at the top right of the machine. So, every time the player needs free spins he/she simply has to manoeuvre the ball into the free spins zone. 


Thus this slot game comes with a unique and nostalgic design and yet has all the features that make slot games as popular as they are. If you ever played the original this modern remake is definitely worth checking!


A simple game with a huge following among conventional casino players, Baccarat is also popular online. This card game isn’t anything new to the casino world and has been around for thousands of years, even before the casino as we know them have become popular. But the increase in popularity that Baccarat now enjoys is very recent and its popularity has shot to great proportions with the advent of online casinos. As such, a number of popular game developers have provided enthusiasts with various versions of the game, among which Baccarat Pro from NetEnt is preferred by many. 

Simple and exciting gameplay

The best aspect of playing Baccarat is that it is a very simple game. All players have to do is bet on the possible outcome of the hand. Basically, this is a player vs dealer game where the aim is to get the highest total that is as close as possible to the total of 9; the value of all the cards in hand are tallied and the hands of the player and dealer are compared. There is a possibility of three outcomes; either the dealer wins or the player wins or there is a tie if both have the same total. Hence, in the game of Baccarat, we can bet on the dealer winning, the player winning or the game being a tie.

When it comes to betting, NetEnt offers three versions of the game:

  • Baccarat Pro where the betting is from 1.00 to 100.00
  • Low limit Baccarat where the betting is from 0.10 to 10.00
  • Baccarat Pro High Limit where the betting stakes are high limit

Playing Baccarat online and winning

Generally, most casinos online not only offer the above three variations of Baccarat, but they are also those that provide the demo or play-for-free versions. This being a simple game, players can start playing after looking at the various rules on which the game depends. The best way to get started is with the demo version. Once you are familiar with the rules and the gameplay, you can upgrade first to the low limit version and then to the Pro version. Once you start getting consistent wins and you are confident about your gameplay, you can then play the high limit game and enjoy maximum winnings. To enjoy the game of Baccarat at the fullest, you can also opt for the Live Baccarat games that most online casinos offer.


The game of baccarat is simple and exciting and worth playing. Baccarat Pro from NetEnt is great and is currently available at Jackpot Paradise online casino.

Treasures of Lion City

The Treasures of Lion City slots game is engaging and exciting as it comes with many amazing special features. This slots game is currently available at Jackpot Paradise casino. 

Game features 

This slots game comes with a very unique and never tried before theme. It is based on the city in China which was submerged in the 20th century to facilitate building a dam. The objective of the game is to find hidden treasure in the submerged city. 

The basic design is very simple; we have a themed background which looks like an underwater cave. The background score is very exhilarating. The developers opted for a standard 5 reels, 3 rows layout with 25 active paylines. Players can start betting from 0.25 credits up to 50 credits per spin. 

The symbols in the Treasures of Lion City slots game are very attractive and come in three tiers – low, medium and high-value symbols. The low-value symbols are the 4 card royals and pay a maximum of 12.50 to 10 times for 5-symbol combinations. The medium value symbols are the blue and green crystals with a maximum payout of 15x and 27.50x respectively. Finally, the high-value symbols are the portion bottle, the dragon and the treasure chest that provide a maximum payout of 30x, 37.50x and 45x respectively for 5-symbol combinations.

Special features 

The most valuable symbol in the game is the golden Chinese symbol that is the wilds and is the only special symbol in the game. The wilds symbol not only replaces for all other symbols on the board thus resulting in winning combinations, 2, 3, 4 and 5 wilds on a payline award 1x, 2x, 7.50x and 50x respectively making it the highest paying symbol on the board. 

Bonus features 

The Treasures of Lion City slots game comes with one of the most exciting bonus features. It features a rolling reels machine which comes with an extra Win Meter. The rolling reels feature is activated with every win; winning combinations disappear which are then replaced by symbols falling from the top. With each cascading win the win meter at the top is activated; 1, 3 and 5 cascades transform the high-value symbols into wilds while 7, 9 and 11 symbols activate 3x, 9x and 27x multipliers progressively. The win meter is deactivated with every new spin. 


Finally, this is a fun and feature-filled slots game that makes playing it enjoyable and entertaining. It is currently compatible with mobile devices too.