King of 3 Kingdoms

Set course for a trial in the Asian Kingdom with King of 3 Kingdoms as the game is available at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

Originally introduced by Net Entertainment, long back in 2011, King of 3 Kingdoms features a fresh concept. The game works on 5 reels and can be played over various tech devices like smartphones and laptop screens. The background aptly depicts the Asian Kingdoms. 

With a slot consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows and a staggering 243 paylines, the game is highly volatile, and the maximum payout can expand up to as much as 1840 times of the overall stake. 

The decorative slot features various symbols that can be related to the ancient Chinese civilization. Lower cader cards include the numbers 9 and 10 along with letters of the face cards from a deck such as Ace (A), King (K), Queen (Q) and Jack (J). Whereas, the higher paying cards constitute the ones with Soldiers and Three Kings. However, the most important one is the blue coloured card featuring the King as it gives out returns of up to 60 times the stake – the maximum in one go. 

Special features

The wild card in the game is very interesting as it lives up to the name. It displays a picture of a map showing the 3 Kingdoms. Except for the scatter, the wild card substitutes all other symbols in the reel as it appears only in the second and fourth reels. 

Another popular special feature is called the Re-trigger. With the help of a Retrigger in the game, the player stands a chance to earn more free spins. The maximum number of such free spins is 50 throughout the entire game. Generally, the rewards are relatively high in Retrigger as compared to other features due to the high frequency. 

Bonus features

Bonuses that can be availed by the players lead to exciting returns. These include free spins and spins with 3X multipliers. If the player gets at least 3 symbols of the dragon at any position in the entire reel, the free spin feature can be unlocked. The description of such spins is given as below :

  • 3 dragon symbols – 15 free spins
  • 4 dragon symbols – 20 free spins
  • 5 dragon symbols – 25 free spins 

All such free spins end with a 3X multiplier, which is a significant component of the game. The free spin bonus features can elevate the game to a great extent. 


King of 3 Kingdoms is one of the true classics ever given by Net Entertainment and continues to remain amongst the top choices of players even today! 

Space Enigma

Net Entertainment’s take over the space theme resulted in Space Enigma, which consists of modern graphics and a stellar theme. Find it at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

The backdrop of Space Enigma is instantly recognizable as it follows the theme of space along with a sky and some celestial bodies. 5 reels are a part of the slot which displays gemstones as a symbol. Distinctive colour coding techniques are used to differentiate the regular symbols from the special ones. The regular cards display blue, green, purple, pink and turquoise coloured gemstones. Whereas, the special cards come in either red or yellow colours. 

An interesting thing to notice is that Space Enigma pays both ways – right to left or left to right. In order to create a winning combination, five symbols have to be in accordance. This gives out 50 times the current stake in each line. As a result, this makes up for two times the amount as both directions are considered in the single reel. 

As the game has 10 lines, filling those up with wild symbols and making use of them at the correct time, the stakes can be further multiplied to an even larger extent, resulting in increasing the total payouts. 

Special features

Expanding wild symbols and respin opportunities form the special features of Space Enigma. The star symbol is treated at the Wild card. It is reserved for the middle reels of second, third, and fourth places. The star works in enhancing the existing combination on the screen and does not work on its own due to the limited allocation. 

The star symbol expands when it appears any particular reel and takes over the remaining places. At this point, respins can be availed by the players. If another star symbol lands in this, an additional respin is rewarded. The maximum number of respins allowed in one go is 3. 

Bonus features

As the stakes double up in case the player strikes a winning combination, payouts become noticeably higher than usual. By availing more respins, the player can take a shot at better returns as the payouts are done in two ways, therefore, by creating winning frames within the 10 paylines, one can make the best out of the game. 


A majority of the credits of Space Enigma being popular go to the appealing theme and background along with high volatility. Thus, the game is worth playing! 

Cashed In Stone

Set within an ancient and wild world, the theme of Cashed In Stone gives a tour of the prehistoric times to its players. 

Game features

The most prominent feature of the game is definitely the layout. It can be considered as a replication of the Jurassic times – where cavemen and dinosaurs had to co-exist. That can be stated as the reason behind a cute caveman being the mascot of the game. He adds a sense of humour to the overall environment. 

The rolling hills in the backdrop are pleasant to the viewers. The format includes 6 reels and 4 rows which lead to around 4096 different ways of winning at the game. The symbols vary from the truly basic ones of the letter A to prehistoric affiliations like a stone axe, a bone with meat, a necklace and others. 

Special features

The logo of the game can be considered as one of the most important features because of its power. Merely two slots filled the logo are required to take the stakes up to as high as 40 times the current one. The Wild symbol can substitute the regular ones to round off the payouts which is what makes it another important special feature. 

The Big Money Wheel is another special feature which gives high returns in terms of spins and multiplier depending upon what the arrow lands on. The total bet is multiplied by a certain number of times on the basis of the segment of the wheel landed on. Those multipliers have an option from 1X up to 5X. The second level Spin wheel has the same rules but the multipliers increase in that one. 

Bonus features

Reel modifiers, free spins and more scatter rounds club together to form the bonus features. They can be elaborated as under : 

  • Stacking Wilds – Any number of reels can be turned into Wild; these are removed along with the cascade if used as the part of a winning combination.
  • Smashing Wilds – The symbols are bashed by the Cavemen, which results in them turning Wild.
  • Multiplying Times – A win multiplier is displayed which leads to an increase in the winning cascade for a solo spin.
  • Cashing Drop – One randomly selected symbol is dropped in the game with a magnified size of 3X3.


Cashed In Stone is an apt game for anyone looking for something unique as the theme cannot be found everywhere. Interesting reel modifiers only add to the reasons behind this game’s popularity. 

Ocean’s Treasure

A sea bed based theme caters to the needs of a wide range of players as it is very exciting to play slots with features like free spins, multipliers, and so on. It can be found at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

The basic idea behind the entire set up of Ocean’s Treasure is recreating a nautical theme and it reflects in the format as well as the layout of the game thoroughly. The layout involves a bright aqua blue as the central color and a variety of marine life and heritage in varying proportions. The glory of Atlantis is easily recognizable throughout the game. 

Interesting features like stacked wilds, 12X multipliers, and free spins are mostly what the players look forward to. 15 payline consisting of 3 rows and 5 reels are displayed in each round at levels of medium volatility. The jackpot can expand as high as up to 1200 times of your current stake! 

Two major Wild features are Nereid and Trident, each leading to benefits that can be availed by the players in various ways. When those features cover the entire reel, they reward the player with additional free spins and bonus rounds. 

Mystic beasts, Gardens, and seaweed form a majority of the background in the game, adding to the aquatic theme. The display cards feature the alphabets along with special cards such as keys, bottles containing letters and compass. 

Special features

The most distinctive part of the entire game is the frequency of free spins. When three Treasure chests appear consecutively on the first, third, and fifth reels, the player becomes eligible to claim ten free spins. The benefits of such free spins are reaped in the later stages as level 5 onwards, the same multipliers shift from smaller numbers and provide bigger numbers such as 7x, 9x and 12x. 

The Multiplier feature can be noticed just a bit above the game reels. The Gold and Diamond chunk card is considered as the top symbol as it brings the higher value of the multiplier, and the player can claim up to 100 times of his stake. 

Bonus features

A bonus or free spin feature is very useful in the game as it leads to advantages of multiplier wins of up to 12x. The player is awarded two free falls every time the Trident wild is displayed on the roll. Each time the meter multiplier increases, the next level is achieved.


Ocean’s Treasure is definitely a game worth playing due to its outstanding features like quick pace and multiplier levels that come with free spins. 

Wonder Woods

Who said you need to visit a circus to add magic in your life? Wonder Woods is one of the most trending online games, which aims at adding a spark of magic in the lives of its users through the vivid trail of nature park created in the game, in order to combine the thrill of gaming with the purity of nature. With a laid-back background score with subtle symbols trying to lift up the spirits of the game, Wonder Woods is all about combining magic with nature, to allow the user to take charge and explore the various facets of the game. 

Gaming structure

The game comes off as a basic fruit slot with random bouts of the explosion against the natural backdrop. The game has a vibrant ambiance to it, which is further highlighted by the mesmerizing background with a dominance of electronics to lend an aesthetic touch to the entire theme. Spread over 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines, the organization of the reels is in such a manner so as to provide transparency between the user and the gaming backdrop. The initial rounds of the game are usually carried out in the daylight. However, the inclusion of bonuses triggers the nocturnal elements of the game with a bundle of surprises. 


The essential aspect of this game is the usage of the mystery symbol. It acts as a gateway to multiple symbols when it lands in numerous positions. The formation of the winning symbols will be facilitated by the wilds, which can act as a replacement for the missing symbols. They are also key features in winning combinations if they are organized in a structure, similar to the payline, pop up 20X, the way jackpot does. As the game progresses, the stakes go high, and with the inclusion of frees spins, one could achieve three to five symbols, which are sufficient enough to get 8 to 12 rounds for free. Mystery symbols also transform into sticky ones and are present throughout the duration of the game. 


The game is a juxtaposition of a magical forest that is filled with magical fruits, royals and three logo symbols, all being executed in a smooth and easy manner.  It has an extremely well-balanced blend between the classic and the modern, with a well-designed theme.

The Wolf’s Night

Play in the thrilling slot in The Wolf’s Night and aim to win consistent rewards. The game is available at Jackpot Paradise.  

Game features 

Developed by Net Entertainment, The Wolf’s Night features high quality graphics and an intense take on the horror-themed slots. Beginning with the background first, the wallpaper features a scene of the forest with dried trees and empty streets on a full moon night along with a cottage and wolves nearby. 

A trusted 5 reels and 3 rows format is used in the slot with a total of 10 paylines. The slot does not have its own existence as the symbols appear on their own which means that the slot is transparent and merges with the background. Goth inspired letters and characters are used as symbols that include the minors of A to J as well as certain other characters related to the wolf story such as a nurse, a gravedigger, a soldier, and a clairvoyant woman. 

Out of these, the scarred soldier symbol is the most significant as it gives out the highest returns on the stake, which is 50 times for 5 symbols in a row. 

Special features

A distinctive feature of The Wolf’s Night is that the game contains four different wild cards, each having its own importance. The wild features a man turned into a wolf with red glowing eyes. The total wild cards are as follows –

  • Standard wild
  • Expanding Wild
  • Spreading Wild
  • Wild with multipliers 

These cards come into action more in the free spins round than in the base game. Yet, they are extremely helpful in order to multiply the total winnings by a certain value.

Bonus features

When the Scatter symbol of a werewolf on the full moon night appears on the slot, free spins are activated. The player can earn 10, 20 or 30 such additional spins on the basis of 3, 4 and 5 scatter cards respectively. In order to take advantage of these free spins, the player must give a Wild card in a pre-decided manner. A selector arrow moves between the four cards, and when the player presses the ‘stop’ button, the card on which the selector has landed is to be used.

Pick and Click is another important bonus feature available in the base game. A special bonus symbol of a hunter holding a crossbow appears on the first, third and fifth reels trigger the bonus round of Pick and Click. The players are then supposed to select one of the three features which yield a reward of returns ranging from 5 to 50 times the original amount.


A simple yet modern approach can be seen in The Wolf’s Night, which makes the game entertaining for all sorts of players.