Lady Earth

Lady Earth is a peaceful slot game with a nature-focused design. It is an unusual game with unique features. It is currently available at Jackpot Paradise.

Basic features

 Accompanied by very captivating design, Lady Earth has an astrological and spiritual theme. It is a brand new collaboration between Microgaming and Crazy Tooth Studios. The game has 5×5 reels getting 51 active lines, a combination that might be unique to it. Surrounding the grid, there is a dark blue universe with a mystical lady watching the progress. The symbols used in the games are original and have a rudimentary elemental feel to them.

You have to play with the usual paylines by forming combinations left to right with matching symbols needed in fixed positions. The game introduces the concept of passive symbols. These will not pay when they appear so they can be considered as blockers. 

One can place a bet ranging from $0.20 to $300 per spin. There is no any Jackpot round in the game. The maximum payout is 450x your stake, which is considerably low.

Special features

The main selling point of the Lady Earth game is the Respin Insanity feature that follows a winning combination. The game takes the symbols, which are part of the win and forms a respin area around them. The symbols enclosed within that area will respin. If one of the new symbols match another one on the outside of the area going through a respin, then those extra positions are also included in the respin.

Bonus features

The Lady Earth icon is the one acting as a scatter and whose presence on reels 1, 3 and 5 will get you into the bonus feature. The bonus round is a 3×3 grid picking game made up of 5 levels. You may reveal credits, tokens, 2x multipliers or skulls by choosing one option from the grid in each round. Skulls stand for GAME OVER, so you need to avoid them. The aim is to try and find as many credits and multipliers as possible to win money.


Lady Earth is a fun game for casual players but not so much for individuals who are looking for big payouts and excitement. There are not enough features in the game bringing it down a notch. Old-timers might not enjoy it much.