Treasure Heroes

Hunt for the treasure in a dark, secluded chamber with the ‘Treasure Heroes’ that draw inspiration from a classic video game style theme and design. 

Game features 

Treasure Heroes is a game that comes with a majestic gaming experience as it is set in a chamber filled with gold, jewels, and other highly valuable treasure. The whole concept behind this game involves breaking into the dungeon and stealing as much treasure as possible. For this purpose, two doors are present in the game – one of them is the entry door, whereas the other one leads the player into a special room. 

In between those two doors, the grid is present, which is similar to a tile layout on the floor with a 5X5 grid format. The magical and wonderful atmosphere is further enhanced with the strong nature of the music played in the back. Contrary to other popular slots that come with specified paylines, the returns in this game work on the basis of a cluster pay method. 

To set the payout in motion, a cluster of at least 6 matching symbols must be formed. The highest number of symbols that can be a part of the cluster is 25, as these are sufficient to fill the entire grid. The symbols are divided into categories based upon the highest potential reward that comes along with the full cluster of the concerned symbol. These can be stated as follows : 

  • Higher paying symbols include a treasure chest and a female character/hero that pay up to 1000X the total stake for a set of 25.
  • Lower paying symbols include a blue jewel/diamond, a dragon charm, a gold lantern, and a male character/hero that pays up to 250X the total stake for a set of 25. 

Special features 

The Wild card of the game displays a purple witch-like character. It can replace any of the standard symbols on the slot. Other than this, a special Moving Reels feature is a part of the game which can be stated as a cascading style mechanism in simpler terms. When a cluster is formed on the grid, the payout is made and then the symbols that lead to the reward are discarded from the grid. 

For this purpose, the first, third, and fifth reels shift in a vertical line, and the first, third, and fifth rows shift in a horizontal line. In other words, the whole grid relocates its existing position in order to make way for newer symbols on to the slot. This feature takes place repeatedly until the point where no winning combinations are formed. 

This twisting and turning of the reels and rows can be helpful to the players in terms of earning better returns. Being a medium variance slot that seems to be designed for casual players, Treasure Heroes offers a maximum payout that touches the height of 1925X the existing stake. 

Bonus features 

As locks are present on both ends of the screen, a key is required to escape from there, and this is provided by the scatter symbol. The bonus of the game, which includes free spins, is triggered by these scatter cards. Just 2 keys are enough to activate the bonus. When two keys land on the slot in one spin, they merge and form one giant key that unlocks the door on the right side. 

This door takes the players into another chamber where the secret treasure is stored. At the end of each of the free spins, a skeleton resting on top of the slot pulls a lever that causes either of the male or female character to spin in the reels. As a result, the particular symbol can get transformed into a wild card that stays sticky and remains in the same position for the entire duration of the free spins. 

A set of multiple such sticky wilds can be very advantageous. However, it must be kept in mind that the moving walls or moving reels feature does not work in the bonus rounds. Also, the free spins cannot be triggered again in continuation, and the player must obtain 2 scatter keys in the base game once more for the bonus to come into action. 


Thus, Treasure Heroes is a must play a game that will leave a lasting impression upon the players in regards to the theme, graphics, game design, and the decent level of payouts. 

Stacked Fire 7s

The fruits are here in the classic themed slot, but wait; some fire is here as well! This combination is a surely entertaining one that can be enjoyed at Stacked Fire 7s.

Game features

Inspired Gaming’s take on the classic, widely loved theme of a traditional fruit based video slot by adding a touch of the fire has given birth to this fun-filled slot of Stacked Fire 7s. It brings together the best of a classic retro style gaming experience and a modern fiery twist, which is a combination bound to entertain players. 

When the player enters the game, he is treated to a visual of a crackling fire rising up from the bot portion of the screen that forms the background. Over this setting, the slot is placed, which features 5 reels and 4 rows with a dark red colour in the back. Bright, polished icons appear on the slot, which makes up for the classic element. A notable element of this game is that all the symbols appear in a pair, that is said to be stacked instead of appearing individually. 

In total, there are 8 regular pay icons divided into two categories – higher-paying and lower-paying. The first set includes not one or two, but 3 separate lucky 7 symbols. One of them burns in fire whereas the other two are in red and blue colours. On the other hand, the second set of lower-paying symbols includes fruit symbols such as grapes, plums, oranges, watermelons, along with a bell symbol. 

Special features 

The Wild cards of this game are very easy to spot as, rather than making use of a symbol to represent the wild, the word itself is taken as the Wild card. Big, bright, glowing letters spelling out the word spin on the middle three reels over the slot and substitute the standard symbols that appear on those reels. 

The maximum payout of the game reaches a considerable 2500X the total stake, which can be unlocked by creating combinations of higher paying symbols as well as with the help of the multiple features in the game.

One such feature is called the gamble feature that appears on the top right corner of the screen over the slot. It can be either turned on or off by the player as per his wish and liking. Usually, it is apt for such players who have a tendency to roll the stakes high. This feature provides two options that can be stated as follows –

  • Gamble on all the wins.
  • Gamble on only those selected wins, which provide returns of at least 5X the stake.

The results can be classified into two parts as well. First of the two can increase the total return by 1/3rd, 2, or 3 times, whereas the second one offers a spin wheel, which can reward a random number of free spins to the player. 

Bonus features 

The free spins are a bonus feature of the game. They can be unlocked by the special bonus symbol of a bright yellow star that appears with subtitles. This star lands only on the reels one, three, and five. When all three of these reels secure a star symbol each, a bonus of 8 extra spins is awarded to the player. Those free spins feature only the wild card and the three lucky 7s, which increases the winning chances considerably and can help the player in earning better rewards. 


In conclusion, Stacked Fire 7s is a game that guarantees a unique combination and a nostalgic feeling to the players who have the experience of playing in classic fruit-themed slots. 

Alchemy Blast

Alchemy Blast brings about a very distinctive style of gameplay that takes the players on a visit to the lab of Lita Flamel. 

Game features

Developed by MicroGaming, Alchemy Blast is based on a genre and gameplay that only a handful of games have covered in their slots so far. For starters, the game does not follow a generic spinning format but works on an interactive mechanism that requires the players to remove the winning combinations from the screen. 

The game takes players into the lab of Lita Flamel, who is the master of alchemy and knows a lot about the deep secrets related to the same. The background features her lab, which can be seen filled with all kinds of animated equipment and occasional sightings of magical symbols. The basic idea of the game revolves around collecting the maximum possible matching symbols. 

There are individual element bars present on the top of the screen. Filling them is essential to gain the rewards. A 5X6 grid format can be seen, which highlights the symbols in different bright coloured bubbles such as red, blue, yellow, pink, orange, green, and so on. A few such symbols are common, whereas the others are rare. 

The common symbols offer a reward of up to 0.5 times the total stake in one round, whereas the rarer symbols offer a reward of up to 10 times the total stake. A ranking progression takes place throughout the course of the game, which can lead a player from the initial apprentice level to the master level in alchemy. 

Special features 

A special feature of the game includes the appearance of 3 elixirs. It is undoubtedly a unique feature that has not been spotted anywhere else. Before the spins begin, the player is supposed to click on the button present on the bottom portion of the grid in order to select the base elixir. 

By bringing a whole cluster underneath the grid, the player can secure further chances of collecting more and more elixirs. These 3 elixirs are as follows : 

  • Elixir of magic – The bottle of blue elixir represents the magic potion. One such elixir unlocks the mystery bonus, which presents a screen filled with vials. Clicking on one vial at a time can help the player earn a win multiplier or bring the game to an end. 
  • Elixir of wisdom – The bottle of pink elixirs represent the wisdom potion. Two of such pink elixirs unlock entry to the wisdom library. In that library, the player is supposed to collect wisdom books that reward the player with win multipliers while being beware of the curse book.
  • Elixir of immortality – The bottle of green elixirs represent the immortality potion. Three of such green elixirs unlock 5 free rounds where win multipliers can be earned through their multiplier symbols.

Bonus features 

One of the bonus features of this game is the free spins, which can be triggered by the elixir of immortality. Each of the free spins in the game is attached to win multipliers that can vary from 2X, 3X, and 5X, depending upon the multiplier elements blasted. 

Another bonus is the one related to the philosopher’s stone. When a cluster of such stones is blasted in one round, a giant win of up to 1000 times the total stake is awarded to the player. This stone can appear randomly over the slot and is not a part of the general pay elemental symbols. 

A rank progression feature of the game works on the basis of the stars earned by the players. Overall, 90 ranks are present in the game, in which earning a set of 3 stars takes the player on the next level. Completing bonus rounds can add one star to the current batch with the player. 

However, it is to be remembered that these ranks are not related to payouts or wins in any form. Even if the player reaches a specific rank, he is not given any special reward or prize. 


In conclusion, Alchemy Blast is amongst the very few original slots that can be enjoyed by all kinds of players as it offers everything ranging from relaxed gameplay to a thrilling design and high quality execution of graphics. 

9 Pots of Gold

Bright, attractive game design and the much loved Irish theme are combined with entertaining players in this game called 9 Pots Of Gold.

Game features 

The Irish/Leprechaun theme is used as a base in the game, and a pleasant pair of gold and green colour can be seen everywhere from the background filled with shamrocks to the slot, which contains a 5X3 grid and 20 paylines. The character of Lucky Lad Flynn brings the game with a maximum potential of 2000 times the total stake. 

A bar symbol, a shamrock leaf, the hat of a Leprechaun, and a golden harp constitute the lower-paying category, whereas three 7 symbols are a part of the higher paying ones. This includes a single, a double, and a triple set of 7s, which is the highest paying symbol, giving a total of 37.5X the current stake for a set of 5 symbols in a row. A combination of any kind of 7 symbols can form on the slot to trigger a payout. 

Special features 

A mushroom acts as the Wild card, which can land anywhere on the reels and replace all symbols except the gold pot and the free spin symbols. Moreover, it doubles up as a paying symbol as when a combination of 5 mushrooms in a line is created, the returns increase up to 125X the current stake. 

One of the other special features is known as the Pot Pays scatter win. A pot filled with gold is used as the scatter symbol, and it triggers this feature. A win multiplier prize is given when 3 or more gold pots land on the reel in the following manner :

  • 3 pots – 1X
  • 4 pots – 5X
  • 5 pots – 15X
  • 6 pots – 40X
  • 7 pots – 100X
  • 8 pots – 500X
  • 9 Pots – 1000X 

Bonus features

Free spins are given to the player as a bonus, but the manner of doing so is quite exciting. A bonus wheel of free spins is presented before the player when the bonus icon of free spins lands on all three central reels. This wheel is made up of different segments, each of it containing a specific number of free spins attached with a win multiplier. 

If either of 10, 12, 15, and 20 free spins are earned, a 2X multiplier becomes active at the end, whereas if 25 or 30 free spins are earned, a 3X multiplier becomes active at the end of the spins. 


Offering a laid back gaming experience to the players instead of involving high levels of risk is one of the characteristics of 9 Pots Of Gold that makes it worth playing. 

Robin Hood Shifting Riches

Join Robin Hood and his team as they go on a quest for riches in the forest in Robin Hood Shifting Riches.

Game features 

Set in the Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood Shifting Riches offers a majestic backdrop to the players. The theme is based on the much loved central character of Robin Hood and his friends. Huge trees with orange leaves and a sunlit path can be seen in the background. The slot is made up of 5 reels and 3 rows featuring 20 paylines that function in a left to right manner beginning from the first reel. 

Character symbols, including Robin Hood and his friends such as Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marion, and the Guard can be seen appearing on the slot. Other than them, low-value symbols are also a part of the game, which include card royals of A, K, Q, J, and 10. The Robin Hood symbol offers a payout of 50X against a set of 5 in a row. 

Special features 

The logo of the game appears as the Wild card, which acts as a substitute for the other regular symbols, except the scatter and bonus symbols. The highest level of earning a player can reach in this game goes up to 5260 times the total stake, which is considered decent. 

One of the special features is called the Shifting reels. It is a usual concept used in many games now, but it was originally introduced by Robin Hood Shifting Riches. In this feature, when a winning combination is created, and a win is triggered, the existing symbols that were a part of the combination are removed from the grid by the shifting movement of the reels. The player can use multipliers that come up with this feature as they can increase the total wins by up to 2, 3, or 5 times. 

Bonus features 

The free spins come as a bonus feature of the game, which is triggered by the money bag symbol. When such symbols land on the slot, they go straight into the treasure chest, and once this treasure chest contains at least 4 money bags, the free spins are given to the player. 

The player has to start off with 10 initial bonus spins, which can be later increased when 2 or 3 free spins symbols land on the slot. This gives 5 and 10 extra spins, respectively. Through the shifting reels feature, multipliers can be used to increase the total earnings. 


With the use of certain original features and a refreshing theme, Robin Hood Shifting Riches is a must-play game that offers a decent payout range and an exciting gaming experience. 

Blown Away

The boat lands on a tropical island with a variety of animals in this Robinson Crusoe inspired fun and exciting game called Blown Away.

Game features 

By taking the sea and sailors as the key inspiration for the slot, Blown Away has been developed by keeping a refreshing theme in mind. This theme revolves around the animals that have been stranded on an exotic island as the boat landed there due to a storm in the sea. 

This island can be seen in the background along with the sea. The slot follows a standard grid size of 5 reels and 3 rows. 25 paylines work across the reels that trigger a payout when a combination of 3 or more identical symbols is created. The symbols, too, are very innovative as instead of using human characters, animals are used. 

Such animals include a seal, a penguin, a monkey, a lizard, and the bird, a seagull. The lower paying symbols are also a part of the game, which include 6 card royals of 9, 10, A, K, Q, and J. The maximum potential of the game is 900 times. 

Special features 

One of the specialties of this game lies in the fact that there are not one, but two wild cards. The first one features a seal. It works in this game as a substitute that can replace the standard symbols except the scatter and the second wild, which in turn, helps in the formation of better winning sets. 

The second wild icon features a tornado. This one works in triggering a special Respin feature. This icon can appear only on the last reel, which is the fifth one, and when it does the lower value symbols on the slot – the royals are removed one by one, beginning from the lowest and going up to the higher ones. 

Bonus features 

The bonus feature includes free spins. These can be activated by the scatter cards featuring the boat. When 3 such scatters appear on the slot in one spin, 10 free spins are awarded to the player with an extra benefit of a win multiplier of 150X. 

Moreover, when the Cows are collected through the tornado symbols appearing during the bonus rounds, the multiplier can boost the wins up to 7 times. This way, with the help of multipliers and the tornado respin feature, the player can secure chances to earn better rewards. 


Thus, Blown Away can be classified as a fun and jolly game that offers thrilling features, an entertaining theme, and gameplay of medium volatility to players, which makes it worth playing. 

Prison Escape

The crooks are here, trying to break free from the clutches of the guard in Prison Escape. Play in the exciting slot and have fun with the features. 

Game features 

Set up on the basis of a prison theme, the game features a transparent slot over the backdrop of the prison grounds. A basic format of 5 reels and 3 rows can be seen in the slot, and in total, 20 bet lines work across the reels. The cartoon-style graphics are very entertaining and make the gameplay even more interesting. 

The symbols are very inviting and represent the theme charmingly. They can be divided into 3 categories which are as stated below: 

  • Lower level symbols – Royals of A, K, Q and J in a strong metal style
  • Middle-level symbols – A van and spotlights
  • Higher-level symbols – Characters of a guard and two crooks 

The game logo is the most lucrative symbol, giving returns of up to 20 times the stake in one spin.

Special features 

The Wild card can replace the regular symbols on the second, third, and fourth reels during the base game, and it can appear on all five of the reels during the Blueprint Bonus. Another feature called the gamble where two prisoners have to slide down a zip line thereby, activating the Blueprint Bonus feature. 

The gamble feature cannot be turned off, but the player can set a limit on the same in such a manner that it can be applied to only those wins where the total returns exceed 5X. A Spin Chance feature also exists in the game, which is quite similar to the gamble feature. 

Bonus features

The Blueprint Bonus can also be activated through the scatter cards and when they land on the first, third, and fifth reels. A new set of two prison rooms appears in the place of the original slot. Two crooks are present in the room, which move as per the dice rolled by the player. Causing them to land on the guard square twice can end the bonus round. During the bonus, various special items have to be collected as per the mode, which is as follows:

  • Workshop – Collect the tools and avail the stake multipliers that come along with them.
  • Warden’s office – Collect the keys to the lockers and win free spins or multipliers.
  • Control room – Collect the joysticks and win up to 6 or 12 free spins with 2 and 4 sticky wilds, respectively.

The Paradise fortune wheel comes at the end of this bonus, and the player can spin it to unlock rewards of up to 1000X the existing stake.


Therefore, Prison Escape can be classified as an entertaining slot that offers both high and medium variance to the players in regards to the use of features throughout the course of the game. 


Enter the enchanted Wilderland, a slot filled with a distinctive theme and fun elements that can instantaneously gain attention from players. 

Game features 

Right from the beginning, a vibrant theme made up of magical components can be noticed. The graphics are very inviting and depicts the fairy based theme throughout the game. The background shows an image of the night sky with stars in the distance and an elven fairy on the right side. The reels are kept transparent for certain symbols, and the slot works on a grid format of 5 reels and 3 rows. 

The 20 active paylines can be activated by combinations of 3 or more matching symbols in a row. The symbols are as follows –

  • Lower value icons include card suit symbols such as spade, diamond, heart, and club – designed in such a manner that they appear like leaves.
  • Higher value icons include symbols such as a flower ring, a pendant, a set of bow and arrow, a fox, and an elven fairy – all of which come encased in a Celtic frame.

Special features 

Wilderland is filled with unique wild cards that come in a number of 5, at various points in the game. One of them is the regular wild, which acts as a substitute for the standard symbols in the free spins and the base game both. 

The middle row is highlighted in the base game and is called the Activation Zone, which becomes a host for the Walking Wilds. This happens when two wild cards appear on the slot side by side in the central row. These wilds are turned into the special Walking Wilds. 

A standard wild, a 2X wild, a scatter wild, an expanding wild which comes in a stacked format are among the various icons appearing on the slot.

The Magic wild feature can cause the stack to land on the fifth reel again in case it drops off the grid. 

Bonus features 

The bonus of free spins can be availed by the player with the help of scatter symbols. When at least 3 symbols appear on the slot, this bonus is given to the player. During the free spins, a special Walking wild symbol is placed on the fifth reel. Depending upon the number of scatters triggering the bonus, additional Walking Wilds and even 2X wilds can appear on the slot. 

In the course of the bonus spins, the entire grid is covered up by the Activation Zone, which means that the wild cards in any two reels next to each other can unlock the Forest Treasure feature. The Magic wilds, too, can appear anywhere on the slot. 


It can be said that Wilderland is a slot offering more than just attractive visuals. The array of features and a variety of wild cards only add to the majestic gaming experience in the well-presented theme and game design. 

Druids Dream

The game is sprawled across 5 reels and 4 rows. There are40 fixed paylines, which have been included in the game to allow the players to rake in the huge cash bonuses that are accessible at myriad points during the game. There are various wild symbols and wild charges in the game that provide the players with re-spins and sticky wilds. The stacks of wilds have been formulated to lead the players to the nudge feature that, in turn, provides another scatter. The free spins feature is instrumental in giving sticky wilds and additional free spins.

Basic layout

There are various bonus features in the game. The disappearance of the 2 druids along with a stack of wilds leads to the activation of the wild charge feature, that had the potential to award re-spins and nudges in the game. The free spins feature of the game is also responsible for awarding the sticky wilds and myriad extra spins.


The scatter symbols are the highlights of the game and include the 2 druids which are usually found in the mystical forest. The appearance of any of the druids is enough to activate the wilds charge feature, especially when they come with a stack of wild symbols. The usage of the druid’s magic leads to the wilds awarding re-spins, while they remain on the reels along with the scatter.

Special features

The nudge feature can be activated during the re-spins feature to allow the players to land a second scatter, or at least hope to. The action to the druid’s dream is caused by the wild symbol since these wilds land as a stack on reels 2 or 4 along with a scatter symbol to trigger the wild charge feature. Free re-spin in the re-spins feature is provided by the charged symbol. The scatter symbols and the wilds tend to stay in the same position until this feature ends.

Bonus symbols

The nudge feature can be activated by the stack of wild symbols appearing on reels 2 and 4 along with a scatter symbol. The nudge and the re-spins feature can be activated together if a stack of wilds land along with a scatter symbol.


There are various creative incorporations in the game, which make it a visual delight and aids in providing a unique experience.