Fields of Clover

Irish Beauty can be seen everywhere in the slot of Fields of Clover. Everywhere its greenery and scenery. In the long run, the game can be a real lifesaver with its lifesaver function which is embedded in its bonus function. 

About the Play

Fields of Clover should be better known as Irish Multiplier because of its Irish features. Everything has an Irish accent to it and it only keeps rising. The overall layout is minimal and greenish. The colour schemes are bright and vibrant like the Irish summer. The whole adventure of spinning the reel takes place in the wide plains of Ireland, a very picturesque place, filled with dense vegetation. The players can also see brick themed artefacts behind the slot structure. Finally, the grids are perfectly aligned to make the gaming output maximum and fun. 


The symbols here at Fields of Clover consist of 5 lower value 4-leaf clover symbols. Joining them are a harp and an emerald. This jewel is the top standard symbol, paying 5, 15 or 25 x the player’s total stake if they land 3, 4 or 5 across a payline. The pot of gold will be the wild. This is the key to most of the game’s best features and it will work at the Respin feature they trigger in detail below. It also is the most rewarding symbol giving the players 5, 10 or 50 x stake for 3, 4 or 5 on a payline.


The only basic feature here will be the Re-spin one. The pot of gold coins is the game’s wild symbol. This can land on reels 2, 3 and 4 only and substitute for all the standard symbols when it makes up part of a winning combination. These pots of gold also trigger the Respin feature. Land a pot of gold and it expands to turn the whole of that reel wild. If the players again land a new pot of gold on that respin, it too expands to turn the whole reel wild. Another respin is awarded, this time with 2 stacked wilds present. 


There are no negatives here. It’s a well-constructed play for everyone and anyone who loves greenery and Irish sentiments. 

Announced Bets European Roulette

European Roulette is a casino styled rolling table with elegant features. The players only have to roll to experience the wonders of this roll. When they roll, a lot happens according to the force and stability of the roll. More than anything, the rewards and other cool features get activated. So why wait? Hop onto this slot and experience the wonder! 


This is a slot that should be never missed. The slot is not at all congested and it can be vaguely quoted as minimal. The main moving part is the roulette itself. The slot has its own thematic formation which cannot be compared to any other backgrounds. There is this beautifully made 3D layout structure which consists of the Roulette itself. The graphics and sounds are also perfect. 

Symbols of Roulette

Here the symbols are not really symbols. They are numbers actually. These are Evens and Odds, 1-18 and 19-36 slots, 1st, 2nd and 3rd pocket 12’s, and red and black bets and the betting chips vary in size, from €0.10 to €1000. The players don’t have to confuse with such a layout. It’s actually simple to roll these numbers. With some basic maths, it’s pretty simple. 


Here the availability features/bonuses are somewhat scarce. This is because it’s roulette. Anyway, there are some possible ways to win the rewards. This is by placing the chips at the centre of a number in a straight manner. Betting this way has the highest risk, but it also offers the highest reward, with a payout of 35:1 ratio. In addition to this, the players can also choose to reduce their risk by placing their chips on the line between two numbers. In addition to this, there is this split bet, and it reduces payout odds to 17:1. Other types of bets include the street bet, the corner bet, the six-line bet, the column bet, the dozen bet, the red or black bet, the evens or odds bet and the 1-18 or 19-36 bet.


This is a slot with some unusual twists and turns. With the right calculation, all the bonuses can be acquired. 

Fire In The Hole xBomb

This one is a bit explosive when it comes to the category of rolling the slot. Here the slot arrangement is inside a mine and T.N.T explosives are all fixed in to make the break. Therefore, Fire in the Hole is more like an adventure slot to pass the time and win the rewards. 

The Game: Fire in the Hole

This is something extra for all slot enthusiasts. Fire in the hole is more like an extra when it comes to the graphics and background. This is more like a proper, well-built slot for maximum rewards. Speaking about the graphics, it’s much heavy and the precision which the developers have given is something impeccable. For such a slot, the complication is not at all a burden. Even babies can roll this one and make their day happy. 

Patterns of F.I.H

Here the symbols are following the same thematic pattern of a mine shaft. These will be pickaxes, climbing ropes, boots, bags and lamps. The lamp is the highest value symbol giving the players 0.75, 2, 4 or 7.5 x  total stake for 3, 4, 5 or 6 across a payline. The dynamite detonator is the wild symbol. It’s also known as the xBomb wild. 


Multipliers are the ruling class here. The bomb symbol is wild and replaces everything apart from the bonus symbol. When an xBomb wildlands, the xBomb Wild Multiplier feature comes into action. It explodes and destroys all the adjacent symbols apart from bonus symbols.

Bonus Features

Ah! The good old free spins. These are triggered by landing 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols. It will take around 200 spins on average to activate it. The feature starts with 2, 3 or 4 rows of the game area unlocked respectively. The reels here are made up of blanks and coins. Each coin awards a cash prize and also resets the totally free spins tally to 3.  


Proceed to roll here without any sort of hesitation. It’s much fun as a roller coaster ride. With the right set of turns, a lot can be gained. This is the Fire in the Hole.

Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine

Truth to be told, nothing here is fancy at all. It’s a simple slot with simple features. The best one can do is to roll their luck and win the extras. No more, No less. Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine slot is a minimal, splash feel-giving slot with zero ornaments. What’s next will be the question and that leads to the ultimate slot. 

About the Game

The slot of Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine is pretty simple on its own. Nothing futuristic can be seen here. It’s a well-mixed slot of lush green fun and minimal elements. Nothing is complicated here and even the basic players can spin something and earn the same. Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine slot is known for its jungle theme and buddha fantasies. There is nothing flashy here. It’s a plain old slot play with minimum twists and turns. The game is known for its jungle-themed background and cold buddha pattern. The sync between the symbols and the theme is extremely perfect. 

Patterns of the Slot

The slot’s symbols are made up of A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 royals as the low-value symbols. The higher value ones include a bonus coin, a gold coin, a buddha idol and rubies. There is a buddha wild symbol that substitutes for all symbols, except the scatters. 


The golden medallion wild will be the primary symbol here. it pays the same as the highest value buddha statue symbol. Central to the action is the randomly triggered Action Reel, which sits on the top middle position between 2 statue heads.

Bonus Features

Re-Spins and their fun are here. This is actually a horizontal top bonus reel that will open at random times and trigger 1 of 2 features. If the Action Reel displays 1, 2 or 3 flames, these will mark an equal number of positions on the regular reel set. The Blazing Wild Streak feature is triggered when the Action Reel displays either a 1x, 2x or 3x Respin symbol.


This slot is great gameplay made up of minimal features. Nothing here is complicated and it’s pretty simple to win. Anyone can roll these slots and win the max. 

Hell’s Kitchen

This is one of those slots with no complications. No negatives can be seen here. The famous Gordon Ramsay’s setting is flawless in all its levels and can be seen as a perfect slot. Now experience the wonders of Ramsay’s kitchen at Hell’s Kitchen which is in Las Vegas and turn everything upside down. 

About Hell’s Kitchen

Come to Las Vegas and enjoy Hell’s Kitchen with all its elegance. This one takes the players to the lit city of Las Vegas as the setting is Gordon Ramsay: Hell’s Kitchen in Caesars Palace. With led lights above each of the 5 reels, there is this intense feel to the slot which sums up the chef’s temper and personality. As the players spin the reels, they will hear Gordon’s infamous catchphrases and swear words. 


Here the symbols include the famous program’s memorabilia. These are A, K, Q and J royals. In addition to this, the higher value symbols are represented by Gordon’s signature dishes. Here the players will find a sticky toffee pudding, Gordon Ramsey’s signature cocktail, Hell Kitchen’s spicy burger and the Beef Wellington. The Beef Wellington symbol will be the most expensive giving the players 2.25, 4 or 10 x the total stake for 3, 4 or 5 in combination. The Gordon Ramsay: Hell’s Kitchen symbol will be the wild and can appear anywhere on all 5 reels. 


Basic Wilds will be the primary feature here. Gordon himself throws knives or plates at the reels which then fix a wild triggering. 5 to 7 wild symbols are added randomly to the reels. This dramatically increases the player’s chances of triggering a winning combination. 

Bonus Features

Free Spins alert! These are triggered when 3 or 4 Gordon Ramsay scatter symbols appear on the reels. They can appear on all reels bar reel 3. 3 or 4 scatters will give the players 10 or 15 free spins respectively. In addition to this, there are multipliers too. 

  • 2x Multiplier feature: wins are doubled
  • 3x Multiplier feature: wins are trebled


This slot has zero complication and zero lags. It’s one of those perfect fancy slots with fancy layouts. For a better gaming experience, this one should be rolled. 

Gimmie Gold Megaways

Here every element has that old fashioned thematic structure. The main attraction will be the wild west theme and the structure. It’s not at all complicated to roll the symbols. Even with the basic rolls, a lot can be achieved without breaking any sweat. So why wait now? Enjoy right away! 

About Gold Megaways

Gimme Gold Megaways is made for pure fun and fantasy. The layout is much perfect and futuristic. Even though a bit of cliche is there, it’s not that bad to roll this one. The background here carries this wild west pattern with cactuses and other dusty relics. The imagery here is very simply done. It’s bright, colourful and nice and clear. Without any hesitation, the players can easily roll this one. Its that simple. 

Patterns of the Slot

Here the patterns are A to 9 royals in a classic American-style font alongside symbols relating to the mining theme. When it comes to the values, the shovel and pickaxe, a cart full of gold coins and the grizzly prospector are the expensive ones. The grizzly prospector symbol will be the highest paying. The players just have to land 6 of this bearded character in combination so that they get an award of 50 x the total stake. There is also a wild that replaces all the standard symbols and marks a new set of rewards. 


The cascading feature will be the primary feature here. This is triggered by the barrel symbol. Land 4 bonus symbols on the same spin and the players can look forward to 12 free spins in the Free Spins feature.  This cascading continues till a new combination kicks in. 

Bonus Entries

 Ah, the Free Spins. These are triggered by the barrel symbol. Land 4 bonus symbols on the same spin and the players can look forward to 12 free spins in the Free Spins feature. In addition to this, 2 extra free spins will get added for each addition scatter with a maximum of 80 free spins possible.


Heres to a nice slot with vibrant features. The more the players spin, the more they receive the rewards.

Fire Forge

Fire Forge is perfect in every sense and it makes the players yearn for more powerplay. The slot is interesting and minimal and this is what makes the players come again and again for more rewards. With the correct planning, anything can be achieved here. 

About Fire Forge

Fire Forge is a smart slot with high profile features and bonuses. The minute you start rolling, the rewards start to flow like Niagra. The layout and background have this brown and golden hue with cold coins on the corner. Everything is rustic in nature and it’s free of complication. A metallic clang heralds each spin which gives the game plenty of heft. The music and animation elevate the total gameplay into something high and powerful. 

Symbols of Fire Forge

Here the symbols include 4 lower value gemstone symbols alongside a flask, a lamp, a metal glover and an anvil. The hammer will be the most expensive symbol. This pays 0.32, 1.4 or 4.8 x the player’s total stake if they land 3, 4 or 5 in combination. In addition to this, the Fire Forge logo will be the wild. This substitutes for all symbols bar except for the scatter. Wild can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. These symbols can appear stacked and fill the whole of the reels if they appear on reels 3, 4 and 5.  Finally, the Molten Dwarf symbol is the scatter. 


The all-time favourite Free Spins will be the basic feature here. The Molten Dwarf Head triggers this feature. There are unlimited retriggers available here. The winning system will be like: 

Option Free Spins Initial Free Spin Multiplier Increase
1 12 1x Increases by 1 with each free spin
2 6 3x Increases by 3 with each free spin
3 3 6x Increases by 6 with each free spin

Bonus Features

Something called the Rolling feature will be the bonus. This triggers like a combination roll. With each roll, a winning combination is created and it makes the whole reward table flourishing. 


The main attraction here will be the layout and graphics. For maximum payouts, keep an eye on the symbols and the scatters. 

Cat Wilde in the Eclipse of the Sun God

Cat Wilde in the Eclipse of the Sun God is a piece of a huge adventure cake with extra toppings and creme. The players just have to ensure that they are rolling instead of watering their mouth in this hot jungle savannah. 

About the Gameplay

Cat Wilde in the Eclipse of the Sun God makes the players come to the tip of their seat to roll this adventurous slot of Aztec culture. This is not like any other Aztec themed slot play. It has varied styled rolls and other superb features. The background of the play has this jungle setting with lush greenery and other hybrid features. The slot is not at all complicated and anyone can easily roll without hitting any obstacles. 

About the Symbols

Here the symbols include A to 10 royals alongside a compass, a key and a skull. Cat Wilde is the best of the standard symbols, paying 1.25, 5 or 37.5 x the player’s total stake if they land 3, 4 or 5 in combination. The golden sun god will be the wild. This substitutes for all the standard symbols. If the players land five wilds, the reward of 50x will get activated. 


The usual multipliers will be the primary feature here. Here the multiplier activation comes as a standard 1x. The very next subsequent cascade wins take that multiplier up to 2x, 6x and 10x. Following a winless cascade, the multiplier reverts to its original 1x setting. 

Bonus Rounds

The bonus will be the free spins. The moon goddess symbol activates this feature. Each time a Moon Goddess scatter lands scatters are collected in a meter. These scatters are wild during the free spins. This would be like: 

Scatters Collected Multipliers Extra Free Spins
5 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 20x +5
10 3x, 6x, 12x, 18x, 30x +5
15 4x, 8x, 16x, 24x, 40x +5
20 5x, 10x, 20x, 30x, 50x +5


This is a pretty amazing slot with amazing features. Nothing can be seen as a problem here. Its pretty massive as well as fun. 

Solar Wilds

This starry slot is made for fun and features. The layout itself is made up of sparkle and other goodies. With its very basic layout, rolling the slot here is not at all a complication for the players. With the right amount of calculation, anybody can make a huge lot with such a slot. 


The colours scheme for this game is something which should be talked about. It’s a pure-bliss kind of hue here at Solar Wilds. With an outer space theme, there’s an energetic, electronic soundtrack playing while you spin. Such a platform is made just for rolling and gaining features. The music and soundtrack are also good for the whole rolling process. 

Here the symbols are placed on starry sky background with sparkles all over the slot. These are made up of stars, nebulae and solar clouds, the reels feature 7 brightly coloured celestial objects and planets. The best-paying symbol will be the yellow and orange orb which will get the players a payout equal to 5, 20, or 50 x their total stake if they manage to land 3, 4 or 5 of them on a payline. Expanding wilds will be the primary feature here. The glowing sun-liked orb within the hexagon will be the game’s wild symbol. As usual, this substitutes for all the standard symbols when it makes up part of a winning combination. The wild can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 only. When a wild does land, it triggers the game’s only extra, the Wild Respin feature. First, the wild expands to fill the whole of the reel. A payout consideration is then made with the stacked wild in position.

Bonus Features

Re-Spins will be the bonus here. This might not seem like a bonus. But believe me, it is. This feature will continue here and go for a respin with the expanded wild locking in place. If the gamers manage to land a wild on 1 of the other 2 reels, the process is repeated. The new wild expands and a payout calculation is made. With this, another respin will be awarded, this time with 2 stacked wilds in an array.


There is nothing to add here. It’s a perfect slot with the perfect set of features. 

Highland Reels

Here it’s all about Highland Reels and the features are well-lit. The players just have to roll to gain rewards. With a very bright cartoon themed layout and some high-profile graphics, the game of Highland Reels is fixed for the adventure. With this, the gamers won’t take any chance to stop the roll. 

About the Slot

Highland Reels is all about precision rollings and straight forward features. The layout is glitch-free. With a green, sunny Scottish theme, the slot surpasses all the typical theme layouts of a scot-themed slot. As soon as the players start the game, they will notice the purple reel canvas set on a green land field. The players can also see two Scottish characters ready to welcome the roll. 

Patterns of the Slot

Here the symbols are typical and simple in nature. They are  A-10 royals along with a stone and a stump. The stump is the most rewarding symbol, paying 1000x for 5 of a kind. The throwing metal ball and the moustached Scott are the two scatters symbols in the game, while the golden cup is the wild symbol. There are two wilds also which can fetch a huge some. 


Something called the Hammer Throw will be the main feature here. This is triggered when the players land 3 or more metal ball scatters on the reels. The feature begins with two Scottish men standing in front of 12 targets. The player here also gets to select one target at a time to reveal a pair of matching multipliers. As for they are concerned, this is more than enough to start the play. 

Bonus Features

Caber Toss, which is something special will be the bonus here.  This feature gets triggered when the players land 3 or more of the Scotsman scatter symbol. They get one toss for each scatters and will have a minimum of 3 tries to pull the reward. On the ground, there are 5 targets, and each reveals a multiplier prize of up to 100x or 10 free games. 


With the right amount of calculation, anyone can score a win with such a layout. That’s the power of Highland Reels.