3 Devils Pinball is a neon-urban themed slot game with retro-ness and cute emojis as symbols. It cannot be seen as a rip-off from the others. As the name suggests, the game is all about monopoly and its retro layout. The slot, symbols, features everything belong to this genre. Now the debate is between 3 Devils Pinball and its competitors.

About the Game

Here everything has a party mood and the level of fun is at the top. The slot is built on some huge fanciful elements which can contribute to the players during the spins. Everything has a jolly theme to it and the navigation part is very easy and basic. The layout is more of a retro styled fancy with colours all over. There are emojis, cash bundles and other happy-happy elements throughout the game. The sound also is funky themed with happy cycles. 


When it comes to the symbols, everything is a monopoly styled. They consist of fire, some of them coloured in orange, others in purple or green, while the higher paying symbols show off several variants of the devil icon, along with a trident. Wild logos and scatters are deployed as well. 


The usual Wild feature will be the primary feature here. The players get a regular wild symbol that looks like a blue spiral, and also a 2x multiplier wild in this game. The wilds step in for all regular pay symbols to help the players form winning combos, and the 2x multiplier wild can only land on reels 2, 3 and 4. If the players land a win with more than 1 multiplier wild involved, each multiplier will boost the total win.

Bonus Features

The pinball feature will be the bonus here. The Pinball feature can trigger on any given spin, and this expands the grid with 4 extra rows and 25 extra paylines. With this, the players play with 8 rows and 50 pay lines and get a zoomed-out view of the whole pinball layout as the feature starts. The first ball is then fired from the right-hand side, and it will roll around the top area and end up burning across a payline from the other side. The balls leave wilds or 2x wilds in their wake, and when the last ball has been fired, the players get a new win calculation.


3 Devils Pinball never makes the players tired and sick. It’s a well-developed slot play with maximum reward functions. 

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