Knowing about the growing demand of the Blackjack games in the online casinos, Iron Dog Gaming has come up with a new Blackjack version called the 3D Blackjack. As the name suggests, this game is in 3D and the players will have an extraordinary experience while playing it. The game has 3D graphics and captivating sound effects. It is available to play on all kinds of devices including mobiles and tablets.

The Look and Feel of 3D Blackjack

The betting table of the 3D Blackjack game is green in colour with wooden edges and looks realistic. The automated voice keeps playing in the background announcing the rules of the game. There is a set of cards placed at the right side of the table and three places for the player to place their bets. There are rebet and rebet x2 options. The player will be able to place their bets with the coins that range from .5 to £500 per hand. There is also an option of doubling the bet if the player wants before the game starts or while the game is going on.

Features and Betting

Bettings in 3D Blackjack are done just like any other Blackjack game. There are three places where the players can place the bets. The players have a choice to play in one place, two places or three places. The audio of the game will ask the players to place the bet as soon as the game starts.

Click on the chips given at the bottom of the screen and click on the place where the bet has to be placed. Now click on the deal option. Two face-up cards will be dealt to the player and two will be dealt to the dealer. Now the players can hit or stand their cards. There is also an option to double the bet. Once all the cards have been dealt, the cards of the dealer will be revealed and the winning player will be rewarded. Insurance pays 2:1 and Blackjack pays 3:2.

To Sum Up

3D Blackjack is the perfect choice if someone is looking to enjoy a unique game of blackjack. The players can enjoy playing three hands at once and the graphics of the game are really attractive. The gameplay is smooth and easy to understand. The game also provides an information section which lets the players know all the rules of the game. All in all, this is a must try for the Blackjack lovers.

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