NextGen’s A Dragon’s Story is an overwhelming slot! This slot on Jackpot Paradise is something you cannot afford to miss! A grasping storyline and amazing theme, it has everything you need in a perfect slot machine. It is a story about a dragon Ruff, and how Sir William attempts to steal away all his gold. Now it is your job to save the entire dragon’s wealth and keep it safe. And you do not do it for free, you are showered with gold!

A Dragon’s Story is a highly rewarding slot!

This slot offers nine ways to win and a handful of bonuses. While you will enjoy the gameplay of A Dragon’s Story, what will make an impact are the mesmerizing graphics here! You get to enter Ruff’s Den every time you spin here on A Dragon’s Story. The animations are amazing and you will see a lot of gold around, depicting the riches of Ruff. There are 25 paylines in all, and the bets can be placed by selecting the coin value from the range of 0.01 to 2 coins per spin. Whether you believe in playing safe or are a more of risk taker, this slot is for all with that coin value range!

This slot has a very basic gameplay. All you need to land on a win is match three to five symbols and you can hit 200 times your bet. The value of win differs with the type and number of symbols. For instance, the burnt armour symbol can get you 250 times your bet, catching 5 Sir William symbols can get you 500 times, whereas, gold symbols will only make you wealthy with 1000 times your bet.

The fun part of A Dragon’s Story begins with its bonus features. The scatter symbols are the Jewels here. They not only have the power to give you 2500 times your bet, but three of them also trigger 10 free games and double prizes. These free games can also be re-triggered. Next are the wild symbols, which are represented by the Wild Dragons. And they are not just the regular substituting symbols; they give you up to 2000 times your bet.

To keep you entertained is also the SuperBet feature! Here, the wild symbols become more powerful by turning into Enhanced reels. You can bet as much as 50 coins to enhance all the five reels! If you are not willing to aim that high, you can go for other options like betting 35 coins to enhance 2nd and 4th reel, and 25 coins to enhance the third reel. What else do you need?!

A Dragon’s Story is surely one of the best slots you will ever come across! The theme, the gameplay, the graphics, everything is simply amazing about this slot!

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