Raiders are fully equipped to rob the bank vault here at Action Bank Plus, which offers fairly simple yet exciting gameplay and retro theme. 

Game features 

As the name quite suggests, Action Bank Plus is a game set in a bank vault and is based upon a classic, retro theme, and game design. Although the layout might not be as promising and colorful as the rest of the slots available online, the overall payouts and gameplay are gripping for all players. The game can be accessed through different tech devices such as smartphones and laptops. 

The background seems to be the wall or door of a vault as it shows a bland silver-colored set of solid lines. The slot covers this background with 6 reels and 4 rows format. There are 4096 open bet lines in the game. From this setup, the sixth and last reel holds special importance, which will be discussed later on. 

The set of symbols in the game is limited up to merely 4 regular pay classic symbols that include a lucky 7, a bar, Xs and 0s. Here, the zero only acts as a filler symbol, which means that it has no betting worth and functions only to fill the space in the reels. A minimum of 3 matching symbols must be in a row in order to trigger the payouts which are mentioned as under:

  •     7 symbol – a set of 6 in a row pays 20X
  •     Bar symbol – a set of 6 in a row pays 5X
  •     X symbol – a set of 6 in a row pays 2X

Special features 

Although the game is not filled with fun and exciting features, the limited few options are interesting enough to grab and maintain the attention of the players. One of these is the wild card of the game, which displays a joker wearing a colourful three-tailed cap along with subtitles. 

This icon can appear only on the middle reels of 2 to 5. It acts as a replacement for the regular symbols of bar, 7, and X. Other than that, the joker also comes into action during the bonus rounds. 

Bonus features 

As mentioned earlier, the sixth reel has its own significance. It comes to the player’s benefit as it triggers the bonus feature of the game – free spins. As this reel is detached from the rest of the slot, it can host any symbol, and when it gets fully stacked with the zero symbol, they get converted into a vault-door like an icon.

When this happens, the player is supposed to select one of the vaults from the given 4 in order to reveal the number of free spins, which can either be 5, 10, 15, or 20. If a zero symbol appears on the slot during those spins, an additional bonus round is added to the current number of spins, which can be taken up to a maximum number of 20.

In addition, if the Joker wild card appears on the second to fifth reels, it can swap out a regular pay symbol for better winning chances. During the bonus rounds, the first reel can also hold bonus symbols such as double 7s, bars, and Xs (counted as two of the original symbols). 


Thus, among the other new games that claim to be a part of the classic category, Action Bank Plus is undoubtedly one of the most worthy slots owing to its easy and vintage themed slot and decent winning potential. 

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