The slot of Age of Conquest is something like a concept gaming idea. Much of the first impression will be like the game is from some other universe. But the slot is actually real when it comes to the features and gaming aspects. Nothing here is a concept. It’s true to the end. 


Age of Conquest is an epic themed slot with a lot of massive features. The royal structure of some high castle and its props can be seen from the introductory page itself. The slot is actually royal-classical themed gameplay. No one knows when the battle is going to charge. That’s the mode of the challenge here at Age of Conquest. 

When it comes to the background, the game has a real utopian touch. A castle can be seen in the background with mist and fog covering most of it. Then it’s the meadows and the warriors. Two flame stakes can be seen on each side. The active slot is built out of a wooden structure with gold brackets. 

Coming to the symbols, there are multiple high and low ones. The low ones are gold braced and the latter are lanterns, swords, eagles and horses and a princess. The most lucrative symbol is the floppy-haired prince which pays 1, 5 or 15 x of the total stake. Rolling these symbols inside the royal-themed slot can be always a treat for the players. 


The main and minimal feature here is the free-spin one. These are triggered by the golden scatter symbols. The spins can be controlled from one to twenty-five as per the players wish. 

Bonus Features

The Wild Reels Feature is the only bonus feature here at Age of Conquest. It is the diamond symbol which controls this feature and it can reward huge numbers. Once active, the whole of the reel will be wild for the following 2 spins.


The visuals are terrific and the whole setting has a royal theme. There is nothing to add here and it’s a beauty slot of Conquest. 

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