Agent Destiny is the central character, who is solving a mystery, and we have to act as her aids in this mission. With rich symbols and a tasteful plot, Agent destiny is a raging game and is available online at Jackpot Casino. 

Basic Features

Agent Destiny intrigues its player with its classy plot and the 60’s theme. It revolves around cases and spies, and the music just takes the thrill to another level. The game houses 5 reels, 20 pay lines and 3 rows in the standard grid of 5 by 3. 

The symbols are creative and fashionable, with a scientist and madman functioning as the high valued symbols. The royal symbols of the deck of cards are the low valued symbols. Keeping in harmony, the most valued character of this game is Agent destiny who brings about great luck for the players and unlocks a series of rewards. The visual elements are well-designed, and the graphics play a great role in making the game rise to popularity. 

Special features

The madman and scientist bring the player great luck and rewards along with multipliers which can increase the initial stake by 1.5 to 2 times and is usually activated when the reels have 3 of these symbols appearing on it.

A giant “w” depicts a wild in Agent Destiny and is the prime attraction; it gets to replace other symbols leaving the scatter. It fetches great rewards, and with an increase in the number of wilds obtained, the multiplier also gained by the player increases. Thus, 3 or more wilds can fetch the player a 60x multiplier thus increasing the rewards substantially for the player.

Bonus Feature

Agent Destiny has loads of free bonus features usually offered in the form of free spins which are plenty in number. The wilds appearing on odd-numbered reels usually sets off these free spins which form a loop of rewards for the player. With each free spins rounds, the multipliers and rewards both increase so as to maximise the wins accumulated by the player.


Agent Destiny is a stellar game that has a unique, thrilling plot with great features resembling a comic book. The bonuses add to the charm of the game and make it amazing.

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