Alchemy Blast brings about a very distinctive style of gameplay that takes the players on a visit to the lab of Lita Flamel. 

Game features

Developed by MicroGaming, Alchemy Blast is based on a genre and gameplay that only a handful of games have covered in their slots so far. For starters, the game does not follow a generic spinning format but works on an interactive mechanism that requires the players to remove the winning combinations from the screen. 

The game takes players into the lab of Lita Flamel, who is the master of alchemy and knows a lot about the deep secrets related to the same. The background features her lab, which can be seen filled with all kinds of animated equipment and occasional sightings of magical symbols. The basic idea of the game revolves around collecting the maximum possible matching symbols. 

There are individual element bars present on the top of the screen. Filling them is essential to gain the rewards. A 5X6 grid format can be seen, which highlights the symbols in different bright coloured bubbles such as red, blue, yellow, pink, orange, green, and so on. A few such symbols are common, whereas the others are rare. 

The common symbols offer a reward of up to 0.5 times the total stake in one round, whereas the rarer symbols offer a reward of up to 10 times the total stake. A ranking progression takes place throughout the course of the game, which can lead a player from the initial apprentice level to the master level in alchemy. 

Special features 

A special feature of the game includes the appearance of 3 elixirs. It is undoubtedly a unique feature that has not been spotted anywhere else. Before the spins begin, the player is supposed to click on the button present on the bottom portion of the grid in order to select the base elixir. 

By bringing a whole cluster underneath the grid, the player can secure further chances of collecting more and more elixirs. These 3 elixirs are as follows : 

  • Elixir of magic – The bottle of blue elixir represents the magic potion. One such elixir unlocks the mystery bonus, which presents a screen filled with vials. Clicking on one vial at a time can help the player earn a win multiplier or bring the game to an end. 
  • Elixir of wisdom – The bottle of pink elixirs represent the wisdom potion. Two of such pink elixirs unlock entry to the wisdom library. In that library, the player is supposed to collect wisdom books that reward the player with win multipliers while being beware of the curse book.
  • Elixir of immortality – The bottle of green elixirs represent the immortality potion. Three of such green elixirs unlock 5 free rounds where win multipliers can be earned through their multiplier symbols.

Bonus features 

One of the bonus features of this game is the free spins, which can be triggered by the elixir of immortality. Each of the free spins in the game is attached to win multipliers that can vary from 2X, 3X, and 5X, depending upon the multiplier elements blasted. 

Another bonus is the one related to the philosopher’s stone. When a cluster of such stones is blasted in one round, a giant win of up to 1000 times the total stake is awarded to the player. This stone can appear randomly over the slot and is not a part of the general pay elemental symbols. 

A rank progression feature of the game works on the basis of the stars earned by the players. Overall, 90 ranks are present in the game, in which earning a set of 3 stars takes the player on the next level. Completing bonus rounds can add one star to the current batch with the player. 

However, it is to be remembered that these ranks are not related to payouts or wins in any form. Even if the player reaches a specific rank, he is not given any special reward or prize. 


In conclusion, Alchemy Blast is amongst the very few original slots that can be enjoyed by all kinds of players as it offers everything ranging from relaxed gameplay to a thrilling design and high quality execution of graphics. 

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