The Aztecs established a civilization that lasted for centuries and was one of the most accomplished in various fields of human endeavours. They built magnificently towering temples, worshipped a host of usually bloodthirsty gods and goddesses and were eventually vanquished by the conquistadors of Spain in search of unimaginable treasure.

Numerous modern artworks have been made extolling their achievements, as well as video games, cartoons and slots like the Amazing Aztecs slot. The latter comes from the stables of Just For The Win, has fun and cartoonish graphics, as well as a bonus feature that’s unlike what you might have been used to.

Do read on for more details.

Amazing Wins With The Amazing Aztecs!

The Amazing Aztecs slot has five reels, three rows and a total of two hundred and forty-three ways that players can create wins. With no payline structure in place, all that’s necessary for a win is to form matching icons adjacent to each other in a left to right direction.

The featured reels are coloured blue, formed from fancy stones and what looks like either a dragon or crocodile is present on the top reels. A total of five high-value icons are present. These comprise the game’s logo, as well as a quartet of characters.

Playing cards comprise the low-value icons in attendance and for some reason, no wild icon or bonus icons are supported.

Bonus Features

Giant Respin- this Amazing Aztecs bonus is sometimes triggered when players form a winning spin. Players can look forward to a golden light showing on the borders of an icon on the third reel, and when this icon lands on any one of the winning icons the giant respin is activated.

This results in giant copies of that same icon in a 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 format being placed on the reels. A respin is then ordered, during which players can look forward to that particular icon possibly helping out with a sizable win.

Final Thoughts

The Amazing Aztecs slot is easy to love and quite playable. The featured icons are cartoonish and lovable, the theme is one that most players can relate to and wins come often enough to keep players hooked on the onscreen action. Overall, this slot definitely has a lot to offer and is worth spinning up and getting lost in!

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