It is not really difficult to find the American Roulette game online, however, what is difficult is to find is a good live Roulette game online. Hence the American Roulette Live has been introduced for the fans by one of the most famous developers in the gaming world, Evolution Gaming. This is one of the best live versions of American Roulette where the players can have an engrossing gaming experience and also win some amazing rewards.

Look and Feel Of American Roulette Live

The American Roulette Live game has a red betting table and a wooden roulette wheel. There is a racetrack betting table also given for the players to place side bets. The players are able to enjoy the game from different angles and can zoom in and out at any time they want. The quality of the video is very high and the players can adjust it according to their internet connection. The game is available to play on all kinds of mobile phones and tablets. This is a double zero version of the game.

The Rules and Features

The rules and the features of American Roulette Live are similar to the other Roulette version with some differences. The first one is the double zero. The player selects a chip to place the bet on the betting table. Once the player has placed his bet, the dealer rolls the dice in the wheel and the winning number takes home rewards. The number is shown on the screen and the wheel can also be seen from different angles while rolling.
There is a special five-bet feature where the players can bet on five fields with just one chip. The players will also be able to see a statistic and hot/cold number tracker where the players will be able to keep a tab on their progress. There is also a help section as well as a reality check feature. The dealers are also really helpful and will explain to you anything that you can not understand.

To Sum Up

Evolution Gaming is one of the most trusted gaming platforms that is available to the players and this American Roulette Live proves it once again. The live table is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the player and gameplay goes on pretty smooth. The video quality provided is excellent and the player will surely have a unique experience with this game.

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