American Roulette

Inspired by the standard American roulette, this game has 00-36 pockets across the wheel and extra features, including the neighboring bets as well as betting layout, which can be adjusted to the player’s liking. The aim of American Roulette is to try to guess the number on which the ball will stop.

How to Play American Roulette

Up and down keys adjust the size of the coins.
By clicking on the betting position, the bet is placed.
By clicking on the desired bet, the amount for betting is increased.
Holding the key shift and clicking on the desired bet will delete it or lower the betting amount.
By clicking the spin button, the ball gets dropped.
The win box shows the amount that the player has won.
The neighboring bets can be placed by clicking on the straight up bet key and then on neighbor key. This betting is not possible in a regular mode, only in an expert one.
Expert mode has additional features that the regular one lacks, such as Autoplay (the player can play several games in a row automatically), neighboring betting and customizable betting layout.

Features of American Roulette

Bet layouts that can be customized
There’s a range of 8 layouts which the player customizes to his preferences for one game at most.

Rules of the Game

Neighbor Betting

A neighbor bet has the straight-up betting number as well as two neighboring numbers on both sides. The player finishes betting on 5 numbers.
The player places 2 bets by default, but he can change this by clicking on the options.
The player places 5 chips.

Outside Betting

Outside bet is any bet made outside the table’s layout, i.e. Red and Black. Outside bets include: even-money betting (on eighteen numbers with odds 1:1), column betting (on the vertical column with odds 2:1) and dozen betting (on twelve numbers with odds 2:1).

Inside Betting

The bet placed on the number between 00-36 is considered the inside bet, which includes the following bets: straight-up (1 number with odds 35:1), line bet ( 2 rows next to one another with odds 5:1), street bet ( 3 numbers one after the other with odds 11:1), square bet (a block of four numbers with odds 8:1), box of five bet (5 numbers with the odds 6:1) and split bet( 2 numbers which are found one after the other with odds 17:1).

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