When it comes to mobile slots there are many different kinds of games with different rules and features. Games also come in a variety of themes such as the Egyptian themed mobile slots game Anubis. This game is great for anyone who loves slots and wants to play it on their mobile device. The Egyptian theme keeps things fresh and exciting and really helps to draw the player into the game. There are several different slot symbols in this game such as: Jack, King, Queen, Scarab, and Pharaoh. The jackpot symbol, which is also known as the Wild Symbol, is represented by an “x.”

Payouts and Features
One of the most important things when it comes to slots is the payout and how much you are allowed to bet. The good thing about Anubis is that it allows the player to choose how much to bet in a range from 0.10 to 25.00. This gives the game a lot of flexibility and lets players decide for themselves how much is enough to wager.

In addition to the standard slot mechanics, Anubis offers some exciting bonus features. Players who get a jewel symbol will be awarded a bonus game and multiplier symbols. The game also features a “double or nothing” feature whenever the player spins a winning combination. This helps keep the game fun and exciting while playing.

The jackpot itself consists of a 1000 coin base assuming the player is using one coin per payline. In total, the game has five optional paylines. The jackpot is awarded by getting five Wild symbols.

The payout is also really good at 94.20% which is enticing enough to keep players trying for bigger wins. This adds to the replayability of the game.

Using the interface is also fairly straightforward. Players will find several buttons on the right side of the screen such as the start button (which initiates a roll) as well as buttons to show lines and configure bets. The display also shows a player’s bet and credits as well.


In the end Anubis is a slot game that has a lot to offer but still remains streamlined and easy to use, even for newcomers. Its simple interface is easy to navigate and its generous payout percentage makes it easy to get into the game and play while on the go. The iGaming2Go software that the game runs on is stable and preforms very well on most devices.

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