Arctic Fortune

Enhanced with an additional feature, called free spins, Arctic Fortune is a five-reel slot game that offers 500 coin slots and 1024 paylines that a player cannot (de)select as they are enabled for good. With a scattered symbol and a wild one, the payout, which is directly linked to the type of symbols a player gets, can be quite big.

How to Play Arctic Fortune

The field spin is used to start a game and spin the reels.
The field coins is used to raise the amount of coins a player wishes to wager in a game.
The field bet max is used for setting the bet amount to its upper limit. The game will be started automatically after pressing this field.
The keys up and down are used for selecting the size of the coins.
The win field shows how much a player has won; the winning will be seen at the reels.
The payout table displays how many coins has each winning string reeled in.
Game settings can be customized regarding the game and sound settings.
Game statistics is displayed for a player to see. It is reset after each game. The most valuable three wins are displayed together with the amount of spins played.
Some casinos offer the expert mode, which has additional features, including the Autoplay. The player can use the Autoplay to play a sequence of games automatically, without having to interact with the software. He needs to set the betting amount prior to clicking the Autoplay.

Features of Arctic Fortune

Arctic Fortune

This symbol is used to replace all the others, but for the scattered one.
It is found solely on the second and fourth reels.
It cannot form the winning string on its own.


This symbol can appear anywhere across the reels. It can form a winning string, if there are 2+ of them. 3+ of them trigger a bonus game called free spins.
It cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.

Free Spins

If there are 3+ scattered symbols of the map across the reels, this feature is activated, providing the player with the chance to earn as many as 40 free spins, x6 multiplier and 9000 coins at most. All he needs to do is hit the spiders, the blue hiding the free spins, the orange hiding multiplier and the giant spider hiding bonus randomly.
This feature can be restarted while a player is using the free spin mode. If this happens, additional free spins won are combined with the remained ones.
The player wins all the bonus amounts that he uncovers.
The rules applying to the bet and paylines here are identical to the rules that apply to the spin which triggered the feature in the first place.

Rules of the Game

1024 paylines are set permanently. They cannot be (de)selected.
All winning strings have to start from the first reel, but for the scattered symbol strings.
Each spin is multiplied with the 50 bet multiplier.
A payout table displays the amount won per winning string. The amount a player receives is directly proportional to the amount he staked on the payline.
The amount won is multiplied with the amount staked in order to calculate regular winnings.
Different winning strings are paid per each payline. If multiple winning combinations using different symbols appear on any payline – they all get counted. If multiple winning combinations using same symbols appear on any payline only the most valued combination is used.
Bonus wins and scatter wins are appended to regular payouts.
10 coins can be wagered for each payline.
The amount won in credits equals to the amount of coins that a player has won multiplied with the size of the coins, i.e. Coins won X Size of the Coins= Total Credits
In case of malfunction, the games and pays are cancelled.

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