The Astro Legends slot is made by Foxium and appears to merge sci-fi themes with snappy 80s culture. It is as futuristic as all get out and features a couple of characters one rarely gets to see outside of a Comic-con meetup!
Check it out below.

Get Highly Lifted By The Astro Legends Slot!

One of the more noticeable things about the Astro Legends slot online is the reel shape. There are 22 independent reels in attendance here, only there are designed in a weird hexagonal shape. This feature essentially allows lots of leeway for the formation of winning combos.

The featured graphics are both futuristic and funky. The setting is a planet with no one in sight save for a lady in a catsuit, wearing an afro and jamming with a keyboard-guitar instrument combo. The audio effects are well in keeping with the theme and are synth-laden.

The Astro Legends is a cluster pays slot. Wins are formed when 5 and up matching icons appear on the reels and bets per spin range from 10p to ₤100.

Different multiplier values that enhance wins are available in this slot online. These are however applicable only in areas highlighted in red, with the maximum multiplier value set at 5x.

Bonus Features

Sonic Respin- this can be triggered after a win and at random. It results in the winning icons being stuck in position while the reels spin up again. Should a new win cluster form, it is frozen in place along with the former one while the reels spin again. This feature ends only when all possible locations have been filled up or when no new wins can be formed.

Lyra Spirit Bonus- this is a 7-round bonus feature that gets activated once players have accumulated 100 points in the Stardust Collection bonus. In the Lyra Spirit bonus, Lyra changes into a wolf, with players being obliged to select a path for her to race on.
Should this path be blocked a life is lost. Gems can be collected along the featured paths, with these making possible successively bigger wins. In the end, if players make it through to the 7th level, a multiplier of 20x is applied to their wins

Final Thoughts

The Astro Legends slot is difficult to pin down but is by all accounts a rather impressive game. While its looks might not be to the liking of all, overall, this slots online is a solid performer with guts and class!

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