What this slot has in store for us is something unconventional. The layout and symbols are not something that we see every day. It consists of a very lit layout and a Greek background and the Aureus himself. The play gets started with the roll and it transforms into something unique and quirky. Roll to experience. 


Aureus is an epic themed slot with a lot of massive features. The royal structure of some high castle and their props can be seen from the introductory page itself. The slot is actually royal-classical themed gameplay. No one knows when the battle is going to charge. That’s the mode of the challenge here at Aureus.  When it comes to the background, the game has a real Roman touch. Here in this majesty, the symbols lie on a beautifully designed Pantheon styled slot machine with transparent reels that allow the red skies and royal landscape in the background to remain visible.


Here the game is placed inside a royal setting. Within these settings, the symbols as numbers rest. Alongside regular symbols, the reels contain special brackets that may land on any spin to surround the symbols. The so-called collection areas are created when opening and closing brackets line up on the same row of the grid, highlighting the special area on the grid.


There are multiple features here. On any spin during the base game, one or more of the following symbols may appear on the reels, and if it lands in the collection area, a corresponding feature will be awarded:

  • Multiplier Coin – multiplies prizes in all collection areas by 2x-5x.
  • Upgrade Coin – upgrades all low and medium coins to high and awards an additional high-paying coin.
  • Collect Column Coin – collects all coin symbols on the respective reel.
  • Collect All Coin – collects all coin symbols on the grid.
  • Respins Coin – awards 2, 3, or 5 Respins.

Bonus Features

Respins and their spins will be the bonus here. During the Respins feature, the triggering collection area remains active for the remainder of the bonus and pays out on each spin.


Nothing hard is there to roll here. It’s just the perfect balance of rolling and luck. Aureus is for all.

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