Avalon II

Avalon II is a 150 coin slot game that has 5 reels, wild, scattered and expanding wild symbols as well as three additional features, called merlin, grail and paytable achievements. The aim is to get the winning string on one of 243 pay ways which cannot be (de)selected. How much a player wins is directly linked to the combo type he gets.

How to Play Avalon II

-and+ keys next to the coin size field adjust the coin size.
-and+ keys next to the coins field adjust the betting amount.
Spins starts the game.
Win box shows the payouts per winning combo.
The winning combos are highlighted.
The highest winning combos are set as achievements and are not cleared after exiting the game.
Some casinos are equipped with expert mode, which has an Autoplay option. This option allows the player to play a set of games without interacting with the software.

Features of Avalon II

Avalon II

As a wild symbol, it is used to replace all the others. The symbols that it cannot replace are Lady Lake and grail. It forms a stack of symbols. It also forms a winning combo on its own, provided several of them are displayed.
It is not counted as achievement when it is used as a wild symbol.


This symbol is displayed randomly. It also provides the player with a multiplier which can be used on the wager of that spin or on the whole amount wagered.

Bonus games

This feature is triggered when three grails are scattered across the reels. The player can then play eight games free of charge. The player goes on a quest to find grail and return it to Avalon. He needs to select paths, with every path bringing a new game. Eight games are: Avalon Isle (the player can earn a multiplier by spinning four wheels), hall of shadows ( the player fights with the knight and gets a multiplier), Morgana’s keep (the player is awarded with twenty spins free of charge , throughout which rolling reel feature is activated), dusky moors ( this a matching game where a player can earn as much as a x8 multiplier), forest falls (a player is rewarded with twenty spins free of charge throughout which Avalon II acts as a trailing wild), woods that whisper ( the player uncovers multipliers that are hidden randomly), misty vale ( fifteen free spins are provided throughout which the player has the right to select an additional wild, multiplier symbol) and lake legend ( the player rolls the dice to win multipliers).
The betting/pay way rules of the triggering spin apply here as well.

Lake Lady

This is a wild, expanding symbol which can be found only on the 3rd reel.
It does not form a winning combo by itself.
It is not counted as achievement.
It cannot replace the grail.


It forms a winning combo provided at least two of them are displayed.
It also triggers a bonus game when three of grails are displayed.
The wild and expanding wild symbols cannot replace it.

Rules of the Game

If malfunction occurs, the games are cancelled.
5 coins at most can be staked.
243 pay ways cannot be (de)selected.
Every coin staked gets multiplied with 30.
Scattered payouts are decided by multiplying the type of the winning string symbols with the entire amount that a player has placed as his regular bet. Scattered winnings and bonus winnings are combined with the regular winnings.
Multiplying an amount that the player wins with how much he wagers on each pay way determines the pay way winnings.
How much a player has in credits is calculated by using the amount of coins multiplied by their size. Coins turn into credits: Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.
All symbols pay from left to right, i.e. from 1st reel, on a payline in a regular mode, except for the scattered symbol.
The player receives payouts from multiple winning combos from every pay way. In case the same symbol is used for multiple winning combos, then he gets money only from the most valuable one.

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