A simple game with a huge following among conventional casino players, Baccarat is also popular online. This card game isn’t anything new to the casino world and has been around for thousands of years, even before the casino as we know them have become popular. But the increase in popularity that Baccarat now enjoys is very recent and its popularity has shot to great proportions with the advent of online casinos. As such, a number of popular game developers have provided enthusiasts with various versions of the game, among which Baccarat Pro from NetEnt is preferred by many. 

Simple and exciting gameplay

The best aspect of playing Baccarat is that it is a very simple game. All players have to do is bet on the possible outcome of the hand. Basically, this is a player vs dealer game where the aim is to get the highest total that is as close as possible to the total of 9; the value of all the cards in hand are tallied and the hands of the player and dealer are compared. There is a possibility of three outcomes; either the dealer wins or the player wins or there is a tie if both have the same total. Hence, in the game of Baccarat, we can bet on the dealer winning, the player winning or the game being a tie.

When it comes to betting, NetEnt offers three versions of the game:

  • Baccarat Pro where the betting is from 1.00 to 100.00
  • Low limit Baccarat where the betting is from 0.10 to 10.00
  • Baccarat Pro High Limit where the betting stakes are high limit

Playing Baccarat online and winning

Generally, most casinos online not only offer the above three variations of Baccarat, but they are also those that provide the demo or play-for-free versions. This being a simple game, players can start playing after looking at the various rules on which the game depends. The best way to get started is with the demo version. Once you are familiar with the rules and the gameplay, you can upgrade first to the low limit version and then to the Pro version. Once you start getting consistent wins and you are confident about your gameplay, you can then play the high limit game and enjoy maximum winnings. To enjoy the game of Baccarat at the fullest, you can also opt for the Live Baccarat games that most online casinos offer.


The game of baccarat is simple and exciting and worth playing. Baccarat Pro from NetEnt is great and is currently available at Jackpot Paradise online casino.

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