The Banana Drop slot is developed by the Crazy Tooth Studio while keeping in mind the idea to impart funny as well as fascinating features to this game. This wonderful game is available at Jackpot Paradise. 

Basic Features

This game is basically a standard slot game which has been given a little twist to appear more appealing. There are 6 reels in the game and each of it consists of 4 symbols. The symbols are of various types and each has their value, being divided into 3 categories, i.e. Lower value, mid-range and high value.

Lower value- slice of melon, pinnacle, coconut. 

Mid-range- Jack, King, Queen, ace. 

High range- Giraffe, hippopotamus, zebra, lion. 

The lion is of the highest value amongst all. However, it is important to note that the win value of each symbol is small, but it is still possible to win across many paylines on a single spin as the symbols are stacked. The setup of this game appears a little unusual with 6×4 reels offering 4096 ways to get the wins. 

The soundtrack which accompanies the game is a cool, relaxing echo of the wild environment. 

Special features

The most impressive thing about Banana Drop is its appearance which is comical and cheerful. The reels display the banana trees and the symbols on the reel contribute to give a trunk-like look to the tree. 

The top of the tree consists of bananas which are mainly linked with the bonus feature of the game. 

The animations are perfect and admirable, featuring a troupe of monkeys with cool and funky glasses making them look cute and filled with humor. 

Bonus features

The wild symbols could help you achieve the Falling Banana Bonus. During the game, the banana grows and starts accumulating at the top of the tree, once you strike the Falling Banana Bonus, the accumulated banana drops on the reel. A maximum of 3 bananas could be expected to fall. Each banana, in turn, features more benefits such as cash prizes. 

It is required to land 3 of the scatter symbols in order to hit the 7 free spins. A free spin is effective in adding 1 banana to the reel. The bananas added by free spins, stays there forever and adds value to your next spin reward. 

The scatter symbols are the ones which help you to add more gains, thus, it is important that you have more of these on your screen. 


Banana Drop is a fantastic slot game which consists of innovative features in the form of bright colored background, imaginative funny Symbols and the gentle soundtrack to intensify the joy while playing.  

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