Bangkok Nights

Bangkok Nights is a five-reel slot game equipped with two additional features, choose and win and free spins, which enables the return of 95.12 % on average. How much a player earns is directly linked to the winning combo type he gets.

How to Play Bangkok Nights

The keys down and up are used for adjusting how many pay ways the player wants, as well as the amount he wants to bet. In addition, a max key is used if a player wishes to set the lines and bet to their maximum automatically.
A select lines field is also used for raising the number of pay ways.
Spin field is used to spin the reels.
Autoplay field is used to set several games in a row (500 at most) without interacting with software.
Paytable is used to show how many coins a player has won per one winning string.
Balance, bet amount, number of pay ways, winning amount and the entire amount wagered is displayed.

Features of Bangkok Nights

Free Games

This feature is triggered when at least 3 clubs are displayed from left to right. The player is then rewarded with twelve spins free of charge, throughout which the winnings are tripled.
The bet and pay way rules of the triggering spin apply here as well.
This feature can be restarted while the player is using it.

Choose and Win

This feature is triggered when two girls are displayed on the 1st and 5th reels simultaneously. The player then needs to choose one of the girls so that he will be given a prize. He does not have to accept the uncovered prize. He can choose another girl, but this time he cannot take the first prize.
This feature is allowed in the free spin mode.


A player can use this feature if he wishes. He just needs to have at least one winning to start it. The point is to guess either the right colour, which will duplicate the winning, or the right suit, which will quadruple it. The limit for using this feature is 5 in one game.

Rules of the Game

20 pay ways at most can be selected.
The highest winning string is the only one that’s paid.
All symbols follow left-right order in order to form the winning string, including the scattered one. They also need to appear on the pay way in a row, but for the scattered one.
The paytable displays how much a player has earned for every string. Paytable is used to make the payouts.
Pay way wins are determined through a multiplication of the amount that the player won by the amount wagered on every pay way.
Scattered winnings are determined through a multiplication of the winning combo type by the whole amount that a player has placed as his regular bet.
Scattered winnings are combined with the regular winnings.
The symbol of the girl is used to replace all the others, but for the symbol Club, which is a scattered symbol.
In case of malfunction, the games are cancelled.

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