Microgaming (Skillzz Gaming) has developed Battle Mania, a game with RPG and slot together. The clash or the battle begins after choosing several options like islands, teams, bet, game mode, and bet. All these are optional since everything is preset in this game. But if you want to modify, you can click on them and change it accordingly.

Battle Mania Gameplay

As you drive into the game, you will notice that there are no reels like you see in slot games; rather you will notice 5 RPG characters. Battle Mania game moves on with these 5 characters battling against the enemy monster characters to win coins. First of all choosing the island, team, and betting option according to your will is the right option.

There are five islands in Battle Mania to choose from. They are Forest Island, Swamp Island, Desert Island, Volcano Island, and Treasure Island. Each one has their own bonus feature like for Forest Island – boss fight; Swamp Island – The villains’ wave (2 stones needed to unlock); Desert Island – 5 free battles (5 stones needed to unlock); Volcano Island – Lava stones pick (8 stones needed to unlock); and finally Treasure Island – Opens in 12 games.

How to play?

In order to select your team in Battle Mania game, you need to choose the one that gives higher wins. Out of Heroes of Light, Islands Guardians, Champions of Balance, Dark Fury, and Heavy Fighters, Islands Guardians stands out with more wins and Heavy Fighters as higher wins. Each of these contains 5 characters who are ready to battle against the evil monsters. Each character has a special skill which can be checked upon clicking on to the character before battling. So choose your team and battle out against the evil monsters!

Battle Mania begins its battle between 5 chosen characters of yours against the evil monsters. The evil monsters die when they are hit to damage their 5 points. You will win money only if you defeat those monsters. The best part of it is the dragon jumping down before the heroes and they have to defeat it to win huge prize money.

To Sum Up

Battle Mania is not a regular slot game with reels that you usually see in a slot game. This game has 5 heroes battling against the evil 5 monsters and the slot reels are like cards over here. Each card can either turn up as nothing (skull symbol) or with diamond(s) to defeat the enemies and that looks impressive.

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