Beer Fest

As an instant winning card game Beer Fest is enriched with three extra features called dancing on the tables, beer all round and munchies to enable the player reach the 5000x multiplier at most.

How to play Beer Fest

The new card is given after the first game has been finished.
The payouts are done for each card, provided that winning string is formed.
Just the highest winning string is paid.
-and+ buttons set the bet amount.
3 extra games are shown by clicking on the new card button.
The player decides on the game he wants to play.
The payouts of the games are not mutually dependent.
In case the game is finished with success, the player gets paid.
Win box displays the winnings.
Losing the game means that the player can start a new one.

Features of Beer Fest

Beer all round

The goal of beer all round is to predict who will be the winner of a drinking contest. If the prediction was right, the player gets a multiplier.

Dancing on the tables

The goal of dancing on the tables is to choose the dancing table for Fritz. The player will win a multiplier for the whole wagered amount on condition that Fritz completes his dance.


The goal of munchies is to predict the meal of the waitress out of three meals which cannot be seen. If right, the multiplier is given.
These bonus game allow the player to win as much as the x5000 multiplier.
The games are played according to the player’s preferences.

Rules of the Game

Betting can be done on one card at the time.
The player is the one that chooses the order of the games.
The player needs to complete one game in order to ask for second card.
The bonus amounts are displayed.
All wins are grouped together in a winning box.
All the multipliers that the player wins are used on the whole amount that’s wagered.
All payouts that the player receives will be in credits.
In case of technical issues, the games are cancelled.

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