If you loved the Big Bang slot game from NetEnt then you are gonna love the fact that NetEnt has released a phone/tablet compatible version of the game called Big Bag Touch. With no compromises what so ever, the game is the perfect miniature version of the 2014 hit slot game. And what’s better than being able to take a break and playing your favourite slot game right on your handheld devices whenever you feel like it?

The Big Bang Touch version has been crafted so expertly by NetEnt that you will hardly notice anything missing from its desktop version. While most developers compromise either on animations or features for a smooth run of mobile slot games, NetEnt has worked its way through that issue and delivered a smooth running, high intensity, visually superb and highly engaging game through this one.

Visuals and Sound effects

If you have played the Big Bang slot game then you will know that the intergalactic space journey theme is so attractive mostly thanks to it’s wonderful graphics and realistic sound effects. NetEnt has done the very same job in the mobile version of this slot game where you get the same experience as the desktop version,but only on your finger tips.

With smooth sailing visuals the game is all about probing the deep blackness of space. The game is progressive in nature and the chances of you getting bored of drifting in space is quite low thanks to the multiplier feature that the game is famous for.

Progressive multipliers like never before

We have seen the progressive games having some feature or the other which makes them stands apart. In the case of the Big Bang Touch game, this stand apart feature is in the form of multipliers which are progressive in nature.

Being a space themed game, the odds of getting bored out is quite high. But NetEnt has done a great job in making the multiplier as a reference medium for the distance travelled and a measure of time for how long you have been on a streak.

The multiplier starts with a humble 1x, but soon keeps getting boosted to 2x, 4x,8x,16x and 32x finally!


Big Bang touch is in every way the best miniaturized and perfected slot game from NetEnt. With no compromises in features and graphics,the game also offers the same RTP it’s desktop version offers. It’s the perfect break for a stressed out day, right at your fingertips!

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