Big Bad Wolf

It is a slot game that boasts of three extra features, called wild pigs, swopping reels and free spins as well as one wild symbol. The aim of Big Bad Wolf is to receive the winning combo on one out of 25 pay ways by spinning 5 reels. There are also 25 coin slots available. How much a player earns is proportionate to the winning combo type that he gets.

How to Play Big Bad Wolf

Total bet button sets the betting amount to its maximum.
Spin starts the game.
Win box shows the winning amount.
The winning combos are highlighted.

Features of Big Bad Wolf

Wild Hive

As a wild symbol, it is used to replace all the others, except for the pigs-turn-wild and scattered symbols. It forms the winning combo when at least two of them are found across the pay way.

Swooping Reels

This feature is triggered by any winning. Once the winning combo is formed, the winning combo symbols disappear after they have been paid for. Then other symbols shift and take their position. In case these new symbols form a winning combo, the whole process is repeated again.
This feature can be triggered while in the free spin mode.

Wild Pigs

This feature is triggered by any winning. Once the player gets two winning combos one after the other, then 1 pig is transformed into wild. Once the player gets 4 winning combos in a row, then 2 pigs are transformed into wild and once the player gets 6 winning combos in a row, 3 pigs are transformed into wild.

Free Spins

This feature is triggered when at least three wolves are found scattered on reels. The player is rewarded with ten spins to use for free, during which he needs to find moon. This symbol begins the blowing down the house game. Three moos bring two extra free spins, whereas six of them bring two free spins and a multiplier that will double the winning.
This feature can be restarted while in the free spin mode once three wolves are displayed. The extra free spins are grouped together with the ones that remained.
The betting/pay way rules valid for the triggering spin apply here as well.

Rules of the Game

One coin at most can be staked.
All the symbols are paid starting from the 1st reel, i.e. they follow left-right rule. This rule does not apply to the scattered symbol.
The pay tables show how much a player has won from every string, which is directly linked to the amount that the player staked.
How many credits a player receives is directly linked to the number of coins won which is multiplied by the coin size he has chosen.
Malfunction cancels all the games and payouts.
Pay way winnings are calculated through a multiplication of the amount that the player wins with the amount that he stakes on every pay way.

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