Big Break

This 5-reel slot game is equipped with 150 coin slots as well as some extra features, including surf’s up and free spins. The aim is to have the winning combo on one out of 15 available pay ways. The amount the player will receive is proportionate to the winning combo type he gets.

How to Play Big Break

Down and up buttons set the size of the coins.
Win box shows the amount that the player wins.
The reels are spun using the spin button.
The pay ways are selected using the lines button.
The betting amount is set using the coins button.
The betting amount is set to its maximum using the bet max button.
Autoplay option, available only in an expert mode, sets a number of plays to be played automatically, without the need to interact with the software.

Features of Big Break

Surf is up

This feature is triggered when orangutan, gorilla, lemur, gibbon, and macaque are found throughout the reels and pay way. The player then needs to block five surfboards which flash and hide bonus amounts randomly.
This feature cannot be unlocked while in the free spin mode.

Free spins

This feature is triggered when at least three munky wax symbols are found scattered throughout the reels. The player is then rewarded with fifteen spins which he can play for free. The symbols of gorilla, gibbon, orangutan, macaque and lemur serve the purpose of the scattered symbol, finishing the winning combo when two of these are found on the reels that are one after the other.
Big break acts as a wild symbol in both scattered and pay way winnings.
This feature can be restarted while the player’s using free spins. The extra free spins are grouped together with the ones that remained.
The surf’s up cannot be unlocked during this feature.

Big Break

As a replacement symbol, it is used to substitute all symbols, except for the scattered one, wild multiplier, fruit and animals.
It cannot form the winning combo by itself
The winning combo formed with wild multiplier and the wild winning combo throughout one pay way result in both payouts, provided that the symbols used in the winning combos are not the same.

Lucky Break

As a wild multiplier, it doubles the winning combo, provided that it is utilized as replacement in the winning combo. It can appear only on the fifth reel and it pays from right to left.
It cannot replace the symbols of big break and munky wax.
A wild multiplier winning combo and the wild winning combo throughout one pay way, each paying in different direction, result in both payouts, provided that the symbols used in the winning combos are not the same.

Munky Wax

It’s a scattered symbol that forms the winning combo when at least two of them are found throughout the reels. It also serves as a free spin activator, provided that three of them are displayed.
It cannot be replaced by the wild and wild multiplier.

Rules of the Game

The player can wager ten coins at most.
Only the highest payouts are considered per picked pay way.
All winning combos follow left-right rule. This rule does not apply to the wild multiplier winning combos which pay right to left.
The total sum that has been gambled is used to multiply scattered winnings, which are then grouped together with pay way winnings.
The amount of coins won is multiplied with the coin size to determine how much a player won in credits.
Amounts won are received in coins.
Pay way winnings are calculated using a multiplication of the amount that the player wins by the amount that the player stakes on each pay way.
A malfunction cancels all games.
The player can receive dual payouts per pay way only when there is a wild multiplier winning combo and wild winning combo, each formed from using different symbols, throughout one pay way.

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