Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna has 5 reels and forty five coin slots as well as 9 pay ways which can be (de)selected. It is enhanced with additional features, mask picking and volcano, to help the player earn some real money. The payout that the player gets is directly proportionate to the type of symbols found in the winning combo.

How to Play Big Kahuna

Spin starts the game.
Max bet sets the betting amount to its maximum.
-and+ keys set the size of the coins.
Select coins sets the amount for betting.
Win box displays the amount won.
The winning combos are highlighted.
Line number sets the amount of pay ways.
Select lines raises the amount of pay ways.
Autoplay sets a number of plays that are played automatically. This option is available only in the expert mode.

Features of Big Kahuna


This is a wild symbol, used to replace all the symbols of the fruit.
It can form the winning string on its own, if several of them are displayed.


It is a scatted symbol found anywhere across the reels. It forms the winning combo when at least two of them are displayed.
It cannot be replaced by kahuna.

Mask Picking

This bonus game is triggered when 3+ masks are displayed on the pay way. The player can then earn 4 375 coins, by selecting tiki masks, there are 20 of them, each hiding a bonus amount. The collect button ends the game. If the player stumbles upon the collect button, the consolation is given. The uncovered bonus amount doubles the bet that’s placed on the pay way.
All bonuses uncovered are paid out to the player.


This feature is triggered when 3+ volcanoes are found in a row across the selected pay way. The player gets the chance to earn as much as 2500 coins by choosing one out of five fruit servings, each hiding a random bonus amount.

Rules of the Game

Five coins at most on each pay way are allowed.
The player receives the winnings only from the highest paying string.
Winnings from the scattered strings and bonus games are combined with the regular winnings.
Paytable displays the amount won for each string, whereas the whole sum that a player receives will be directly linked to how much he wagered on each pay way.
The amount that the player won in coins is multiplied by the amount that he staked for each payline in order to calculate the regular winnings.
All symbols need to be on the pay way, ordered in a line, and starting from the 1st reel, in order to be able to form the winning string. This is not valid for the symbol of the monkey.
The amount won from the scattered symbol string is multiplied by the amount placed as a regular bet so to calculate the scattered winnings.
Coins covert to credits through this formula: amount of coins x coin size = credits.
The games and pays will be cancelled, in case of malfunction.

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