Big Top

Big Top is equipped with 5 reels, 9 pay ways and 9 coin slots as well as one wild and one scattered symbol. The aim is to win that lucky combo which will result in the payout. How much a player earns is directly linked to the types of symbols found in the winning combo.

How to Play Big Top

Line number is used to choose how many pay ways a player wishes to use in the game.
Select lines is used to raise the amount of pay ways.
-and+ buttons are used to choose the coin size.
-and+ in the coin field are used to adjust the bet amount.
Bet max is used to raise the bet amount to its maximum.
Spin is used to spin the reels.
Win box is used to show how much a player has won from a winning string, which will be highlighted across the reels.
Expert mode has additional features, including Autoplay, which allows a player to play a number of games automatically without interacting with the software. The player needs to set the betting amount prior to activating the Autoplay option.
Game statistics are recorded only for the current game.

Features of Big Top

Scattered Monkey

This symbol is a scattered one and it can form a winning combo provided three of them are displayed. It cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.

Wild Clown

It is a wild symbol as it replaces all the others. A symbol that it cannot replace is a scattered symbol.
It is displayed solely on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels.
It cannot form a winning combo on its own.

Rules of the Game

One coin at most can be wagered for every pay way.
The player receives the payout only from the most valuable combo found on the pay way.
All symbols need to start from the 1st reel and be lined up one after the other. This rule does not apply to the scattered symbol.
The scattered wins are grouped together with the pay way winnings.
The amount won is multiplied by the amount staked on each pay way to calculate how much a player has won in coins, for regular winnings.
The whole amount that is staked is used to multiply the scatter wins, which are combined together with the pay way wins.
The player gets the payouts in coins
In case of technical issues, the plays are cancelled.
Coins convert to credits by multiplying the coin size with the number of coins.

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