‘Birds on a Wire’ is a video slot game with a different theme, something you will not have seen before. A game with a sadistic humour, with birds getting electrocuted often, this game has a fresh theme and a completely new layout for a slot machine.

‘Birds on a Wire’ is an action-packed entertainer!

This slot game is very lively and unique. There are no regular looking reels here, all you will see is wires and birds sitting on them – which comes with a twist of electricity! Accompanied by appropriate background music and sound effects for every action, the sense of humour is kept alive throughout. It is a 17 paylines slot with scope for endless entertainment and smiles.

And it is not just the theme that is unique, even the bonus features are interesting and enjoyable. The wild symbol here is a big black bird. It can replace all symbols or birds, with the exception of the bonus symbol. The most prominent feature of this game is the Cascading reels. Here, on hitting a winning combination, the birds that are fluttering on the screen will explode into thin air! It may sound nasty, but the animations are funny. The birds that exploded will fall down, and a flock of fresh birds will arrive to their place.

Now that you will have new Birds on a Wire, you will also have the chances to win again. This saga continues till you do not get any more such combinations. Every win comes with a multiplier, and increases with every subsequent win – going up to 5x.

There are also free spins to watch out for! The scatter symbols lead to the free spins, and they are the cats covered in a paper bag! With free spins, you get huge multipliers too! Starting from 4x, the multipliers keep on increasing to 8x, 12x and the highest being 20x.


A unique concept till now, Birds on a Wire is surely a game to watch out for. With thousands of online and mobile slot games available, this game surely stands out in the crowd. Recommended for people who like a touch of humour in their gambles, this mobile slot is a must play! It has an excellent interface for all mobile devices, whether you have an Android or iOS device. Play now from your mobile devices only on Jackpot Paradise.

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