Blackjack is the most played game. Evolution gaming is a world class producer of online table games. If you are a frequent player at Evolution Gaming, then you must have witnessed around 20 to 30 blackjack variants in the lobby. These blackjack games are somehow similar but have distinctive betting range. Blackjack offers you a wide betting range. This feature allows all the players to play. It may be those who wish to roll low and also the ones who are serious and bet high.

Blackjack B Live gives you the total freedom to set the audio and video settings according to your stake. All this can be accessed in the menu present in the frame. It also offers other mechanics that can be set right just from a click.

Blackjack B Live- Gameplay

Blackjack B Live offers the most exotic gameplay. The rules are quite simple and easy to understand. The main objective is to get the card higher card than that of dealer. The limit should not increase a total range of 21. If you get the initial hand as exactly 21, it is considered as the best hand.

The game providers have provided live dealers to host Blackjack B Live. These dealers are interactive and they chat with the players throughout the game. It keeps players engaged in the game. Just like all the other blackjack games, the players uses 8 decks of 52 cards to play. Seven players with one dealer acquire the seats on the table.

The cards in each jack have specific values. Face card worth 10, other numeric value from 2 to 10 worth equal to their face value. The Aces in the game have two value 1 or 11. One of the value is selected that is compatible to the hand.

Blackjack and Insurance

Dealing begins with the first player who is placed at the left of the dealer. The betting procedure continues clockwise and ends with the dealer.

If you are a regular blackjack player then you must be familiar with Blackjack feature and the insurance. The Blackjack feature is triggered when the very first cards hand sums exactly 21. Another option of insurance is also present. If the dealer holds an ace, then the player is provided an option to insure his stake. Insurance will take one half of the main bet.

Other features includes split, double down, side bets which are same in all blackjack games.

Summing Up

Blackjack B Live is the variant of one of the most played table games in the world. It justifies the reputation of blackjack and Evolution gaming with its payouts and features.

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