Blackjack and 21 actually refer to the same game. Previously, the game was referred to as 21 but came to be christened Blackjack when it was introduced to North America and the blackjack hand became required for a win.

While it might not look it, blackjack is actually a game that’s almost as old as the hills! It a community game that involves players and a dealer. Instead of seeking to outsmart each other while the dealer presides over the proceedings, blackjack players instead try to defeat the dealer by the simple expedient of having a hand of unassailable value- 21.

Its simplicity has helped make blackjack the most played casino game on the planet, with its popularity resulting in the speedy proliferation of lots of variants. One of these exactingly follows standard Blackjack rules and is made by Evolution Gaming. Called Blackjack C Live, it is simple, sweet and eye-catching.
Read up on it below.

Scoop Up Some Real Sweetness On Blackjack C Live!

Blackjack C Live is your typical live dealer game. These dealers are some of the prettiest around, are well trained and have an encyclopedic knowledge of Blackjack rules and terms. They sit before the blackjack table, which is in a plush studio. The action is broadcast in HD format and looks quite sweet on screen.

The table here sits 7 players, with more participating in gameplay activities by enabling the Bet Behind option. Other gameplay options include Hit and Stand, with these being used to improve the value of the hands that were originally dealt.

8 standard decks with 52 cards apiece are used during gameplay, and the rules require the dealer to stand on every 17. Players can double down the initial cards they receive, but can only split those initial cards that prove to be of identical value.

A split per hand is the maximum allowable and only one card can be added to a split Ace. Doubling down after splitting is forbidden and the payouts include Insurance 2:1 and Blackjack 3:2. The card values are identical to that found in standard blackjack.

Side Bets In Blackjack C Live

The side bet options in Blackjack C Live offer no surprises. They consist of the unholy duo of the Perfect Pairs and 21+3. These can pay off staggering amounts when they hit.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack C Live offers fairly standard fare that tastes great just the same!

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