21 or Blackjack as it is more popularly known has been around for quite a while. It has been present in one form or the other for centuries and was once the rage in the royal European courts of the period.

It is arguably the most glamorous casino game around, with even super spy James Bond frequently featured playing it on the silver screen for the highest possible stake. It is a game that’s quite easy to understand and enjoy and does not require too many complicated strategies.

The game of Blackjack usually involves multiple players and a dealer, with players competing against the dealer instead of seeking to one-up each other. The objective in view involves getting a hand that’s of better value than anything the dealer might currently hold. Such a hand, however, cannot be over 21 in value.

Like nearly all casino games, Blackjack has scores of variants, if not more. These all aim at delivering an otherworldly experience that their competitors will be unable to match.

Blackjack E Live is one of the newer blackjack variants around and involves a live dealer. Read up on it below.

E Is The Limit With Blackjack E Live!

Like any live dealer game, Blackjack E Live makes use of a live dealer. These dealers are usually female and apart from being well trained, are incredibly attractive. They are helpful, courteous and make a point of constantly smiling.

The setting in Blackjack E Live is a studio and not any two-bit studio either, as this is one of the more stylish and classy players that are likely to see. The action on hand is streamed straight to players in HD format and is invariably smooth and lag-free.

A maximum of 7 players are assured seats at the blackjack table here, though an unlimited number can place wagers by using the Bet Behind option. 8 decks with 52 cards each are employed and the rules stipulate that the dealer must always stand on 17s.

Players can split hands that are of the same value, with one split being permitted per hand. They can as well double down on their initial cards and add one card only to a split Ace.

The Insurance side bet is available any time the dealer appears about to form a blackjack hand. Other side bet options are the 21+3, Perfect Pairs and the aforementioned Bet Behind.

Standard payout rules apply in Blackjack E Live, with face cards being worth 10 apiece. Cards 2 to 10 feature their face value, with Aces being worth from 1 to 11 depending on which is more advantageous to the player.

Gameplay In Blackjack E Live

Once players choose their preferred bet sizes and wager accordingly, the dealer deals out the cards. Players get a couple of face-up cards, while the dealer has a single face-up and a single face-down card. Gameplay then proceeds, with players being able to Hit, Stand or Double Down as needed.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack E Live offers fairly standard thrills, with the lush live studio, HD stream and dealers being a top draw. Overall, it’s easily worth investigating, chips in hand!

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