Blackjack has emerged out to be one of the most played and enjoyed game in the card business played around in casinos all around the world. The online casino market hasn’t been lagging behind as well! Seizing the opportunity of its popularity, a lot many blackjack games are released on the market that belongs to the classic genre or are variations of the standard game. Evolution Gaming (One of the market leaders for online casino game software provider and developer) comes up with a live version of the classic game called ‘Blackjack I Live’ that brings in the fun of playing this game with 7 other players from around the world, as well!

Key features offered in Blackjack I Live:

Blackjack I Live is almost similar to its standard classic counterpart, in terms of gameplay. The rules and methods of scoring a win are still the same as that of the original classic game. However, the inclusion of 7 real-life professionals from around the world and a dealer sitting by the table and the possibility of interacting with them on a virtual online setup, surely does sound intriguing to try out! Another interesting feature added to the game is the ‘Bet Behind’ feature that allows players to bet on the hands of other players as well. Every player, however, is also given the liberty to disallow this opportunity, by making slight changes in the game settings as well.

Payouts offered in Blackjack I Live:

The payouts are as similar as observed in standard gameplay. It includes a plethora of opportunities that allows players to secure wins. However, ones that stand out among the rest are the Suited Trips (100:1), the Perfect Pair (25:1) and the Blackjack win of course (3:2)! Players and especially newbies might find the details of the rest of the payouts in the gameplay as well.

Final thoughts about Blackjack I Live:

This game can be equally enjoyed by professional gamblers and newbies alike. It is offered in the high quality steady interrupted stream which could be a priority for some players when considering the most optimum live online casino game to select from a huge selection to select from! The game will rise up to the expectation of such people who are trying to seek more than just normal gameplay!

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