Blackjack has always been a hot option for all the card game lovers in casino. Jackpot Paradise presents its exclusive Blackjack Lobby by Evolution Gaming and gives a range of options to master this table game. The user interface is fantastic enough to simply make it a delight to play.

The extensive Blackjack Lobby offers a Variety of Bets

There are 7 seats at the table in this live card game. When you have to wait in order to be seated at the table, the bets can be placed on the hands of already seated players. The moment you get seated at the table, the bets can still be placed behind the fellow players in case they are on winning streak.

The dealer and hostess/host will welcome you with amazing music to this 7 player poker game. You are going to enjoy this for sure with bet behinds and chat windows. The massive Blackjack Lobby at Jackpot Paradise offers a lot of classic Poker action, have extensive VIP options and HD Streamed videos.

The perfect pairs as well as 21+3 side bets are also included in many of the games. The 21+3 bet is a bet on first 2 cards (up cards) along with first up card of the dealer. On the other hand, the Perfect Pair is a bet on the up cards having a mixed colour, same colour or same and mixed suites.

Additional Benefits You Can Rely Upon

There are various features to take advantage of here and each one of them has been carefully built. The games also have a pre-decision technology and due to this this being used, the game will keep humming along. As per your requirement, you can choose stand, hit, split or even double down when you are waiting for your turn. But when it is your turn, you will have to make an immediate move. You can also sweep the table along with chatting with friends.

Closing Thoughts: Blackjack Lobby Game Review

This superb creation from Evolution Gaming can be tried from all the devices ranging from mobiles, tablets and computers as well. What’s your take? The exciting side bets or betting on the hands of other players. Overall, Blackjack Lobby has a lot of entertainment options with Blackjack Professional Series, Blackjack VIP B, Blackjack A, Live Blackjack Party and more which are full of action which won’t leave you disappointed for sure.

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