It is one of the most interesting versions of the classic Blackjack game. It comes with a lot of new features which has drawn attention from hard-core Blackjack lovers .Blackjack has many versions and Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multi hand is the best twist seen in a long time. The players have given it a thumbs up and it is seeing a surge in its patronage. Unlike the classic you get higher chances of winning. That is one big reason for its soaring success.

About the Developer of Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multi hand

It is a version of classic Blackjack developed by NYX (Next Gen) gaming which is touted to be among the best online game developers of all times. They are based in Australia. It started way back in the year 1999. Next Gen Gaming always develops the most technically advanced and fun online slot games. They have many popular games under their banner.

About the Game

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multi hand offers a fun- filled gaming experience where the dealer and the player play head-to head. The player rushes to get the 21 value hand before the dealer. The players get to play with a 6 deck shoe. The player can play multiple hands if he wishes to. A player can bet on 3 hands simultaneously and hence, get three chances to make it before the dealer and win the game. Also, if the dealer busts, the player wins.

A player can place a bet between one to ten thousand. After deciding on the bet, the game begins and the player can split, stand, double or hit. He can also ask for insurance.


It can be played for free or can also be played using real money. Playing with real money makes this game a real intense one. The beginners can play the game without lower bets while the experienced lot can put more money on line. The betting range has a wide spectrum. The basic rules and regulations of Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multi hand are exactly the same as traditional Blackjack game and so, the players don’t have to unlearn old tactics. They can simply upgrade their skills.

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