Blackjack Professional Series High Limit has obtained a wider recognition as the most entertaining casino gambling game. This game has built up a great reputation and thus it is gaining the attention of the casino lovers all over the globe.

Blackjack Professional Series High Limit has brilliant graphics and provides the players with a thrilling gaming experience and if they are fortunate enough, they can secure huge wins. The min bets begin from £25.00 and range up to £500.00 per round ideal for high rollers.

How to Play Blackjack Professional Series High Limit?

Blackjack Professional Series High Limit is played using four standard decks and before each round, the cards will get re-shuffled. The player, as well as the dealer, are dealt with two cards and if the total value of the first 2 cards is 21, then the players will win the Blackjack hand. And, if not, the players have to draw the cards until they get twenty-one. However, if the player exceeds twenty-one points, they receive a BUST and will lose the hand.

Likewise, if the dealer exceeds twenty-one, then he will lose the hand and the player will win. Also, the dealer will now have to stand on 17 but the players can still draw the cards after that also.

Before the cards get shuffled, the players can select to play one to three hands against the dealer. Interestingly, players also have an option to place the side bet. This side bet option can be exercised only on the 1st two cards of the Blackjack hand, and it offers a max win up to 100x times of the bet.

Next step is to pick the chip amount and hit at the rectangle placed in front of the green coloured table on the game screen. Once players hand shows up on game screen, they have the option of following actions:
Stand – refuse the additional card and twig with what they have
Hit – get an additional card
Split – split 2 cards into 2 different hands for generating extra chances to win
Double – double the stake if satisfied with your hand
Insurance – Pay only the half amount of the initial bet again so as to insure yourself from the dealer i.e you will win even if the dealer succeeds in getting Blackjack with 2 cards.

To Sum Up

Blackjack Professional Series High Limit provides a wide variety of options along with a fast-paced action. The players can watch the action in real time. This online casino variant has professional as well as pleasing dealers and streams action in a high-definition quality

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