Blackjack Professional Series Standard is an online casino game produced by NetEnt. This blackjack variant is designed to suit casual players or low rollers. The minimum limit is 10p while the maximum limit is £5 in this 3-hand online blackjack variant. There are amazing graphics and animation on display in this casino game coupled with a soothing jazzy tune in the background. Players can play at different gaming speeds and there are Rebet and Double Jack features on offer.

Blackjack Professional Series Standard Low And High Roller Options

What makes the Blackjack Professional Series Standard different from other blackjack variants out there is the fact that players have two gaming options. This blackjack has been designed to meet the demands of both low and high rollers alike.

The low roller option entails that a betting limit as low as 10p per session is allowed while the upper limit is £5 per session. However, for the high roller option players can bet with a minimum of £25 per session and a maximum of £500 per gaming session.

Standard Gaming Option

While there is the choice of a low or high roller option in Blackjack Professional Series Standard. Players can also play with the standard gaming option which equally satisfies both low and high rollers. In the standard gaming option, the lower betting limit is £1 while the upper limit is £200.

In addition, the standard gaming option comes with a 3-hand session. Players will be allowed to “Split” their hand a single time and if their hand consists of a pair of similar cards, then they will be able to “Double” their bets.

The Double Jack Side Bet

In Blackjack Professional Series Standard the Double Jack Side Bet comes with the same betting limits as the standard gaming option. You can place this bet once a standard bet has been placed and prior to the dealer dealing cards. With a pair of “Jacks” playing cards, you will emerge victorious in the Double Side Bet of this blackjack game.

If you have a pair of “Jacks of Spades” the reward is a multiplier of 100x your staked amount. You will also earn a victory when the first playing card you are dealt by the dealer during a standard game is a “Jack”. Players will receive a multiplier of 10x their staked sum.

To Sum Up

A great gameplay with a user-friendly and interactive interface with the live dealers make Blackjack Professional Series Standard a game to invest in. The Double Jack Side Bet is not a bad betting option as well, as you can earn a 100x stake multiplier for a couple of “Jacks of Spades”

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